Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2656

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Chapter 2656: Level 6 Spiritual Lord

“Shao Xiao, are you saying…” Cheng Fang stared at Shao Xiao.

Shao Xiao said solemnly, “If I’m guessing correctly, the beast is much stronger than before!”

Cheng Fang asked, “What do you mean by stronger…”

Shao Xiao said, “It’s probably a Level 6 Spiritual Lord…”

“Oh my god!” Ling Hao cried out. “If that’s the case, we have no hope at all!”

“That’s right. Without Shan Jingfei’s help, we’ll…”

“Now what?” Everyone looked at Shao Xiao.

Shao Xiao looked at Ling Hao with a severe expression on his face.

“Why are you looking at me?” Ling Hao was confused.

Shao Xiao said, “You’ve already been poisoned.”

Ling Hao patted his chest. “Don’t worry. We have Ye Han, don’t we? She gave us the antidote earlier. What can possibly happen?”

There was an indescribable look in Shao Xiao’s eyes.

Ye Han was equally confident. “Don’t worry. My pills are Master-level ones. If the Magic Vine Beast really is a Level 6 Spiritual Lord, we must leave now!”

She then turned to leave.

Shao Xiao asked Ling Hao, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Ling Hao nodded. “I feel fine. It’s quite cool. It’s as refreshing as wearing mint leaves on my face.”


Shao Xiao said, “If that’s the case, let’s get out of here now. We can’t fight a Level 6 Spiritual Lord magical beast.”

The others nodded as well.

Feng Wu suddenly spoke just as the others were about to leave.

“Ling Hao, if you don’t want to die, stay where you are.”

Everyone looked at her.

Ye Han snapped at her, “Feng Wu, what’s that supposed to mean? Are you saying that my antidote doesn’t work on Ling Hao?!”


Feng Wu turned her cold gaze on Ye Han.

Because no one’s life had been in danger before, Feng Wu couldn’t be bothered to talk to her and had let Ye Han play her petty tricks.

However, she was serious now.

Her glare made Ye Han jump.

“Feng Wu, what are you talking about?” Feng Wu’s stare made Ling Hao uneasy.

Feng Wu said coldly, “The toxin has reached your heart! You say you haven’t been poisoned? Don’t be stupid!”

“What? How’s that possible? Didn’t Ye Han say… Ouch! My chest hurts!” Ling Hao pressed his hands to his chest, crouched down and curled up on the ground.

Shao Xiao glared at Ye Han. “Didn’t you say the toxin has been neutralized?”

Ye Han trembled. “I already did it…”

Shao Xiao said, “Does he look like he’s alright?”

Ye Han panicked. “I…”

Shao Xiao said, “Help him!”

Ye Han said, “Of course!”

Just then, a greenish creature jumped into sight.

“It’s the Magic Vine Beast! Watch out! Wang Zhi, attack!”

Shao Xiao charged at the beast.

Cheng Fang hadn’t recovered from his previous injury, and Ling Hao was poisoned. Shao Xiao believed that he and Wang Zhi were the only two people who could fight the beast.

However, things went from bad to worse.

Shao Xiao realized something in despair.

“The Magic Vine Beast has evolved! It’s a Level 6 Spiritual Lord now!”