Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2637

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Chapter 2637: Feng Wu’s Reign (1)

“I give up…” Filled with despair, Shan Jingfei admitted defeat.

Feng Wu withdrew her sword.

The teachers didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Mr. Yin said, “Feng Wu, you won! I can’t believe it!”

Feng Wu gave him a little nod.

Mr. Yin had been kind to her the whole time, so Feng Wu smiled at him.

She then turned to Mr. Yang of Class B.

He was the most astonished of them all.

Shan Jingfei was the top student of Class B, and Feng Wu had defeated her in two strikes. It was enough to prove her capability.

Mr. Yang didn’t hold any grudges against Feng Wu, so he wasn’t going to make trouble for her.

“You’ll be in Class B, then.” Mr. Yang gave the final verdict.

He only felt a little embarrassed.

Feng Wu wanted to graduate sooner, so she looked at Gongsun Mu.

Gongsun Mu smiled wryly. “Feng Wu, you can only skip so many grades at one time.”

Feng Wu finally gave up trying and sighed. “Fine.”

The teachers were still trying to digest the information when Feng Wu left.


Mr. Yin said to Mr. Wang, “Feng Wu has gone to Class B, just like that.”

Mr. Wang didn’t want to say anything.

Mr. Yin sighed. “We were discussing if she should go to Class C or Class D, but she went directly to Class B.”

Mr. Wang’s face turned even darker.

Mr. Yin shook his head. “A real genius will eventually be discovered.”


Mr. Wang’s expression was livid.

Shan Jingfei couldn’t stand all the discussion and was about to leave, when someone knocked on the door.

“Hello, I’m Huo Shan. May I challenge Miss Shan Jingfei?” Huo Shan asked with a smile.

Many eyes followed Feng Wu after she left the office.

“Which class do you think she’ll be in?”

“Didn’t Mr. Wang say that she’ll be in Class D?”

“But Mr. Yin said Class C would take her.”

“Look, she’s so calm. If it really is Class C, she should look thrilled.”

The rumor got around, and soon, every student in Class D and Class E thought that Feng Wu was going to Class D.

In Room 2001.

“Xiao Wu, are you going to Class D?” Zi Ling asked nervously.

Feng Wu shook her head.

Zi Ling was relieved. So, Xiao Wu would remain in Class E.

Class D.

“Is Feng Wu coming to our class?”

All of Class D was astonished by the news.

Feng Wu had defeated virtually all the students in Class D.

Moreover, she had done it all by herself. That was how terrifying Feng Wu was.

The fear of being dominated by Feng Wu filled their hearts.

“Damn it… Why is she coming to our class? Why can’t she stay in Class E?!” Wu Lingyue felt as if she would never see the sun again.

In Class C.

Many students were interested in the event and discussed it among themselves.

Meng Le, the top student of Class C, frowned when he heard the discussion. “She’s just some newbie in Class E. Why are all of you so concerned?”

“Meng Le, they said that Feng Wu might join our class.”

Meng Le smirked. “I’m sure she’s not good enough!”