Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2617

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Chapter 2617: Lost Again (2)

“That’s ridiculous! 45 people?!”

“They’re ranked from 11th to 55th in Class D!”

“At that level, the 45 of them can probably defeat Mr. Luo of our class.”

“It isn’t a fair match even if they win!”

“Before, it was 50 of us who used to fight one student in Class D. Things have turned around!”

“But no matter how capable Feng Wu is, she’s not invincible. She’s only 14 years old. How is she going to fight all those older students?!”

“I protest this decision!”

Mu Qianqian looked at the players on the stage and asked nervously, “Boss Feng Wu is going to lose, isn’t she?”

Before she knew it, Feng Wu was her “boss.”

Sun Jingyu also thought that Feng Wu had almost reached her limit, but then she recalled how Feng Wu had struck Mr. Luo unconscious with a single blow, so she said, “I don’t know about that. Somehow, I feel that Feng Wu will show us a miracle again.”

Pei Si said, “No, there won’t be any miracles today.”

Everyone looked at her.

She said, “The 10th of Class D is a Level 4 Spiritual Lord who has reached perfection in their cultivation level, and the 55th is an intermediate Level 4 Spiritual Lord. There’s no way that Feng Wu can defeat all of them. It’s just not going to happen.”

Mu Qianqian said, “The Class D students are so capable!”


Zi Ling wrung her hands, feeling worried.

However, Chaoge smiled.

“They’re only Level 4 Spiritual Lords.”

The other students looked at her in resignation. Only Level 4 Spiritual Lords? She made it sound like that wasn’t difficult enough.

They were still discussing among themselves, when someone cried out.


The 45 students had formed a circle, trapping Feng Wu in the middle.

They slowly closed in.

“It’s a formation!” Sun Jingyu, who had been confident about Feng Wu until then, shouted in surprise. “It’s a battle formation used specifically by the military! This is bad!”

The others asked her about it.

Sun Jingyu said, “This is a powerful formation that can double the effectiveness of their attacks!”

“Isn’t there a way to break it?” Zi Ling asked anxiously.

Sun Jingyu said, “The 45 people must have a leader. Once that person is incapacitated, the formation will stop working. Otherwise, Feng Wu will…”

The Class E students grew nervous.

They hadn’t expected things to go this far.

Feng Wu was much more capable than they could ever imagine. She had defeated all her opponents so far, which only further raised their expectations. They were even considering the possibility that she could challenge the top student of Class D.

“We were asking too much of her.”

“Feng Wu has already done a great job. If she had fought them one at a time, she would have made it to the top three of Class D.”

“That’s right. We can’t ask for too much…”

While they were trying to lower their expectations of Feng Wu, Feng Wu made her move.

She looked up to find Wu Lingyue hiding from her.

Wu Lingyue tried to hide behind another student.


Feng Wu smiled.

The next second, she jumped into the air.