Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2607

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Chapter 2607: Shocked (4)

Lei Bao’s eyes glinted coldly.

It had cost Wang Junwen quite a few points to convince Lei Bao to join her in battle. Since he had taken the reward in advance, he thought he should see it through.

Now that Wang Junwen was dead, he couldn’t return the points and had no choice but to fight Feng Wu.

He stared at her. “Let’s do this.”

Feng Wu was far more capable than Lei Bao and could easily kill him, but she didn’t want to create any unnecessary trouble.

Wang Junwen had it coming, but Lei Bao was a different story. After all, killing people should be avoided if one could help it.

Feng Wu casually exchanged a few blows with Lei Bao before kicking him off the stage.


The crowd was shocked when Lei Bao was defeated.

“Did Feng Wu win the battle?”

“Lei Bao is a capable fighter even in Class D, and he just lost the battle to Feng Wu!”

“Oh my god! Feng Wu is such a hidden treasure!”

Earlier, when Feng Wu became first on the billboard, Lu Qi and her friends tried to convince themselves that it was a mistake with the system. Now, however, they couldn’t deny the fact that Feng Wu had defeated Lei Bao.

Lei Bao lay flat on his stomach on the ground, too baffled to move.

He had lost.

How did that happen?

A student from Class E had defeated him.

Had this world gone insane, or had the students of Class E made unexpected improvements?

The students of Class E weren’t helping either.

“Is Class D getting weaker?”

“Why do I feel that they’re not as tough as before?”

“Am I correct to assume that if I go up there, I can kick some of them off the stage as well?”

“There I was, wondering how tough Class D was, and here they are, having lost a five-on-five battle to our class!”

The third and fourth players in Wang Junwen’s team were utterly embarrassed. They picked up Lei Bao and were ready to leave.

“Wait.” Feng Wu stopped them.

Yu Hong said, “Feng Wu, you’ve killed Wang Junwen. What more do you want? You need to back off!”

Feng Wu glanced at him. “What’s your relationship with Wang Junwen?”

Yu Hong said, “I… I was her boyfriend.”

Feng Wu said, “Good. Pay up. Wang Junwen promised each of us 1,000 points; we’re ready to receive what we’re owed.”

Yu Hong’s cheeks flushed in frustration.

Students of Class D could earn points a little faster than those of Class E, but the points were still as valuable to them as to everyone else. He didn’t have 5,000 points to spare.

“I don’t have so many points!” Yu Hong flushed.

Feng Wu crossed her arms and smiled at the four students of Class D. “You don’t have them, you say? In that case, no one is leaving.”

Everyone else was goggling at the four people, and Lei Bao couldn’t stand the humiliation. He gritted his teeth and said, “I have them!”

He paid all 5,000 points for his teammates.

After that, they practically fled the scene.

The students of Class E were still trying to digest the information.

Feng Wu had won the battle.

Not only that, she also killed Wang Junwen.

What was more, she defeated Lei Bao.

Moreover, she received 5,000 points from Lei Bao.

5,000 points!

Everyone in Feng Wu’s team would get 1,000 points each.

What did the other four players do?

Nothing. They jumped onto the stage, stood in front of Wang Junwen, and said they gave up.

They promptly left the stage after that.

It was the most straightforward task, and they all earned 1,000 points for it!

Earning points was always a difficult thing to do.