Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2605

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Chapter 2605: Shocked (2)

Wang Junwen was so furious.

She would vent all her rage on Feng Wu, the last player.

Feng Wu’s other teammates all gave up and didn’t have even a single scratch on them, but that also meant that they stood very little chance of winning.

That was what everyone else believed.

Led by Lu Qi, the anti-fans started doing their thing again, spreading all sorts of rumors about Feng Wu.

The neutral ones didn’t say anything, but they were all frowning.

Feng Wu’s fans felt defeated. Despite the frustration, they managed to stay strong. They cheered for Feng Wu and tried to explain Feng Wu’s defeat, saying that it wasn’t a fair battle.

Up on stage, Wang Junwen stared at Feng Wu.

She decided that Feng Wu wasn’t going to get away this time.

She said, “Feng Wu, are you going to act like a coward and give up just like your teammates? If so, I’ll despise you as well as all of Class E!”

That was a clever thing to say.

She tied Feng Wu’s behavior to the honor of all of Class E. Damaging her own reputation would be the same as damaging that of their class. If Feng Wu admitted defeat without fighting, the whole class would hate her.

All the students of Class E stared at Feng Wu.

What would she do?

If she gave in, she would be disgraced together with Class E.

If not, she would have to fight all five people, including Lei Bao, who was supposed to be very powerful.

What choice would Feng Wu make?

Feng Wu glanced at her and nodded.

Wang Junwen stared at her. “Are you giving up?”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes at her. “You talk too much.”

Wang Junwen’s eyes widened.

Feng Wu said, “Just get on with the fighting already. What’s with all the trash-talk? Don’t you know that talking too much can get you killed?”

“Me? Killed? Ha!” Wang Junwen laughed. “We’re going to fight until one of us drops. If that doesn’t scare you, bring it on!”

Feng Wu said, “Alright.”

Wang Junwen was elated. She didn’t give Feng Wu time to react and struck at Feng Wu’s head with the saber that contained Mr. Wang’s full power.

“Oh, no,” Sun Jingyu murmured.

Everyone looked at her.

Sun Jingyu said, “The saber belongs to Mr. Wang, and he can infuse it with his spiritual essence. That is to say, Wang Junwen borrowed his power!”

“Gosh… What is Feng Wu going to do?” Many people paled.

Wang Junwen was from Class D, and she had borrowed Mr. Wang’s power to boot. Feng Wu wouldn’t stand a chance!

“Can she somehow dodge that blow?”

“That’s impossible. She’s going to die. She shouldn’t have agreed to fight to the death. Now, no one can avenge her anymore.”

Everyone was talking at the same time.

They were right. The saber was indeed Wang Junwen’s secret weapon.

She had received it from Mr. Wang, her uncle, and the saber contained his full power. The attack would be terrifying if she exerted all the energy at once.

She was confident that she would win.

However —

When she struck at Feng Wu, Feng Wu jumped up and kicked at the edge of the blade.

The saber’s energy backfired, and Wang Junwen became the target instead.