Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2602

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Chapter 2602: Provocation (3)

“Xiao Wu, don’t say yes!” Zi Ling tugged at Feng Wu’s sleeve and shook her head. “Be patient in one moment of anger, and you’ll escape a hundred days of sorrow!”

The other students of Class E were all infuriated, but they tried to talk Feng Wu out of it as well.

“Forget it. We won’t blame you. Just tell them no.”

“There are five of them; you can never defeat them all. You’ll be killed for nothing.”

“We know you’re capable. You’re the top student of our class, but you can’t beat Class D.”

Lu Qi and her friends couldn’t wait to see Feng Wu’s downfall, whereas both the neutral group and Feng Wu’s fans tried to persuade her to not accept the challenge.

Wang Junwen sneered at Feng Wu.

Would she say no?

Feng Wu said, “Sure.”

Sure? What was that supposed to mean?

Everyone gave her strange looks.

Wang Junwen was taken aback as well. She stared at Feng Wu and asked, “Is that a yes?”

Feng Wu nodded. “Yup.”

Wang Junwen couldn’t believe it at first, but she was then elated.

Feng Wu must have lost her mind! What an idiot! She said yes!

Fearing that Feng Wu would go back on her word, Wang Junwen said, “Today feels like a good time. Let’s do it now!”

“Xiao Wu!”

The people around Feng Wu all looked at her in astonishment, including Sun Jingyu and Pei Si.

Feng Wu said casually, “I have a request.”

Wang Junwen asked, “What is it?”

Feng Wu said, “Class E doesn’t stand much of a chance in a five-on-five battle against Class D. We won’t become your punching bags for nothing. You’re going to give us some points as a reward.”

Wang Junwen had been about to tempt Feng Wu with points in the first place, so she wasn’t surprised by the request.

“How many points are we talking about?”

Feng Wu said, “If we win, you’ll give each of our five players 5,000 points.”

“No way!” Wang Junwen stared at her. “One person can transfer no more than 1,000 points per month, so 1,000 a player is all I’m going to offer.”

Mr. Zhu had told Feng Wu that rule before, so Feng Wu didn’t object. She nodded and said, “Alright.”

Wang Junwen asked, “What if you lose?”

Feng Wu said innocently, “Aren’t we your potential punching bags? Do we have to lose points as well? Forget it, then.”

Wang Junwen had come here to kill Feng Wu in public.

Feng Wu never put a hit on her head, so Wang Junwen only had an excuse to kill Feng Wu in a duel.

She gritted her teeth. “Fine! Have it your way! If your team wins, each player will earn 1,000 points! If you lose, you can’t blame anyone for your death. None of us can.”

Feng Wu said, “Alright.”

“You have ten minutes to choose your players!” said Wang Junwen.

Only so many people in Class E could take up the challenge, and Sun Jingyu and Pei Si would definitely be in the team. Wang Junwen was determined to teach them a lesson for betraying her.

Feng Wu then turned to her friends.

Chaoge said, “Count me in.”

Zi Ling said timidly, “I won’t help you much in the battle, but if Xiao Wu needs me, I’ll join in.”

Feng Wu nodded.

She then turned to Sun Jingyu.

Sun Jingyu’s stomach lurched. This was the thing she feared most.

“I…” She gave Feng Wu a pleading look. “I’ve offended Wang Junwen, and part of her rage is directed toward me. I’m worried that…”

Feng Wu kept her gaze on Sun Jingyu.