Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2600

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Chapter 2600: Provocation (1)

It couldn’t be any more obvious.

Was it Feng Wu?

Was she really going to be first?

Although the students were reasonably certain of the answer, there could still be exceptions.

All three groups stared at the big screen, along with Sun Jingyu, Pei Si, Zi Ling and Chaoge.


The last name appeared on the screen.

Feng Wu!

“It really is Feng Wu!”

“Oh my god!”

“Feng Wu is first. Seriously? Am I seeing things, or has this world gone insane?”

They didn’t want to believe it, but they had to.

All eyes were on the girl in the red dress.

She already had delicate features and was unbelievably beautiful. Right now, she was standing there as if no worldly matters could affect her. Moreover, she had been proven to be a genius, which only added to her appeal.

More people were leaving the anti-fans group.

The number of Feng Wu’s fans grew again.

“Lu Qi, Lu Qi!” Lu Qi’s friends tried to warn her. “People are leaving! What should we do?!”

Turning around, Lu Qi saw that there were less than 300 people left in her group, and she shouted in utter astonishment, “Everybody should stay where they are! Don’t go anywhere!”

However, her people had lost faith in her and wouldn’t listen.

Lu Qi shouted, “It has to be a misunderstanding! Feng Wu can’t be first! She just can’t!”

Just then, they heard approaching footsteps.

Everyone looked up involuntarily.

It was Wang Junwen.

Didn’t she almost die a short while ago? How had she recovered so fast? There were four other people with her.

Lei Bao and Yu Hong were both by her side.

The other two people were also top students of Class D.

They went up on the stage, and Wang Junwen pointed her sword at Feng Wu. “Feng Wu, I’m challenging you!”

Feng Wu, on the other hand…

She was still cultivating and was on her way to becoming a Spiritual King.

She had completed 10% of the process and was hoping that she could finish another 1% before the test was over.

She was busy cultivating when Wang Junwen challenged her.

She was too absorbed in her cultivation to hear Wang Junwen. However, many students frowned at Wang Junwen’s actions.

Sun Jingyu was the first to intervene. “Junwen, you…”

Wang Junwen silenced her with a dirty look. “Shut up, you traitor!”

Sun Jingyu was infuriated, but she was intimidated by the people Wang Junwen brought with her, so she didn’t say anything else.

Wang Junwen then pointed at Pei Si before she could open her mouth. “You better keep your mouth shut, too!”

Needless to say, Pei Si was furious at the public humiliation.

Wang Junwen stood on the stage and stared at Feng Wu with a taunting look on her face. She smirked. “What now? You’ve gained fame by using me, and you’re now too afraid to do anything, aren’t you? Guess what? You won last time because you ambushed me!”


Lu Qi’s eyes lit up.

Did Feng Wu defeat Wang Junwen because of an ambush?