Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2593

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Chapter 2593: Feng Wu Strikes Back (2)

Wang Junwen hesitated before answering, “If Feng Wu is dead, Miss Qingluan will be glad.”

Sun Jingyu asked, “How does Miss Qingluan have anything to do with it?”

Wang Junwen said, “Miss Qingluan doesn’t like Feng Wu. If I have Feng Wu killed, I think there’s a chance that Miss Qingluan will take me in as her disciple.”

Everyone looked at Zuo Qingluan when they heard those words.

Zuo Qingluan seemed unaffected, but she was secretly annoyed.

“That’s enough!” Fearing that Sun Jingyu would reveal even more secrets, Mr. Wang cut her off.

But things had already become somewhat awkward.

Since Wang Junwen was the one who started everything, it was understandable that Feng Wu would want to retaliate.

Mr. Wang glared at Sun Jingyu. “What if you made up the whole thing?”

Sun Jingyu was furious.

She stared at Mr. Wang. “I didn’t!”

Mr. Zhu backed her up since she was his student. “I trust Sun Jingyu.”

Mr. Wang snorted. “Wang Junwen is dead now, so you can slander her however you want.”

Chaoge laughed. “Slander? Maybe that’s the case if it’s one person; what if two people tell the same story?”

Two people? What was that supposed to mean?

Chaoge stared at Pei Si. “Pei Si, do you have something to add?”

Pei Si had tried to slip away because she didn’t want to get involved.

However, Chaoge picked her out before she could do that.

Chaoge smiled at Pei Si.

“You can choose not to tell the truth, but there will be consequences. Think about Mr. Luo.”

That was what Feng Wu had told Pei Si earlier.

Pei Si wanted to cry. It was time for her to take a side.

All eyes were on her.

What would she say?

Whose side would she be on? Feng Wu’s or Zuo Qingluan’s? Everyone was curious.

Pei Si took a deep breath and made up her mind.

She didn’t say anything. Instead, she switched on her armband, just like Sun Jingyu had.

Wang Junwen’s voice rang out. “Kill Feng Wu for me. You can name your terms.”

Pei Si said, “How about 500 points?”

Wang Junwen said, “That won’t be a problem, as long as you kill her.”

Everyone was speechless.

They all looked at Mr. Wang.

Wang Junwen had failed to have Feng Wu killed the first time, so she had tried again.

According to what she said earlier, she didn’t hold any grudge against Feng Wu, and was only trying to please Zuo Qingluan.

Mr. Wang’s face turned livid.

The other students had been skeptical when Sun Jingyu was the only one who had proof, but Pei Si’s recording made things much more convincing.

Wang Junwen had started the whole thing, so Mr. Wang couldn’t blame anyone for her death. She had it coming.

He had no excuse to kill Feng Wu now.

He glared at Feng Wu and suddenly struck out at her.

Feng Wu frowned and dodged the blow.

Mr. Wang was only trying to vent his rage. He didn’t try to kill Feng Wu.

He had no reason to.

However, everyone frowned and shook their heads.

That was out of line.

Just then, Ding Yi ran toward them, shouting, “Wang Junwen has woken up! She’s not dead! She’s awake!”


Everyone was shocked. Mr. Wang stared at Ding Yi in disbelief. “What did you say?”