Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2590

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Chapter 2590: Feng Wu Makes a Name For Herself (1)

Hundreds of students of Class D were coming their way.

Students of Class E were so frightened that their faces turned ghastly pale.

Seeing this, Mr. Zhu had to intervene.

However, Yu Hong cupped his hands at him before he could say anything. “Mr. Zhu, this is between students. We’d appreciate it if you could stay out of it.”

Mr. Zhu nodded. “Let’s do it by the book.”

Yu Hong nodded.

Mr. Zhu used to teach Yu Hong and trusted his former student, so he nodded and agreed not to get involved.

Yu Hong walked up to Feng Wu and stared at her with emotionless eyes.

The other students of Class D followed Yu Hong and kept their cold gazes on her as well.

Feng Wu?!

Students of Class E looked at one another in confusion.

What was going on?

Did Feng Wu offend someone in Class D?

Yu Hong gritted his teeth and said to Feng Wu, “You killed Wang Junwen!”

Everyone sucked in their breaths when they heard that.

Wang Junwen…

Many students in Class E knew Wang Junwen because she used to be in Class E as well.

Everyone was talking actively.

“Is Wang Junwen dead?”

“Did Feng Wu kill Wang Junwen?”

“That’s impossible! I’m not saying that Feng Wu is too good to do such a thing, but isn’t Feng Wu a cripple? How could she have the power to kill Wang Junwen?”

None of the students in Class E believed that accusation.

But students of Class D were filled with indignant rage.

Tang Ziqiu pointed at Feng Wu. “She came to Class D an hour ago and killed Wang Junwen in front of hundreds of students! We all saw it!”

“What? She killed her in public?”

“Then Feng Wu is…”

“Did we all underestimate her?”

Seeing that the Class E students only cared about Feng Wu’s capability, Tang Ziqiu was frustrated.

Mr. Zhu thought, Of course, Feng Wu is capable enough to kill Wang Junwen.

She could kill ten Wang Junwens put together without breaking a sweat!

Mr. Zhu was confident in Feng Wu’s capability, but killing people in public was a different story.

He frowned at Feng Wu.

“Wang Junwen had it coming!”

Chaoge snorted.

Yu Hong glared at her.

“Is that so? Tell me, then. Why did my student deserve it?” someone asked in a mocking voice.

Mr. Zhu frowned.

He immediately recognized that voice. It was Mr. Wang, the tutor of Class D.

He looked up and saw that he was right. However, there was someone else next to Mr. Wang.

Mr. Wang respected the person so much that he was almost humble.

“Chief Qingluan?” Mr. Zhu frowned.

He still remembered the little episode on the first day of school.

After his defeat, Mr. Zhu had done some investigating.

Teachers could leave the academy every three days, so Mr. Zhu had made a little trip outside.

He had asked around in the imperial capital and managed to gather a lot of information.

He had many doubts as well.

Was Zuo Qingluan really His Royal Highness’s fiancee?

Did His Royal Highness really like her that much?

The information wasn’t all that convincing…