Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2585

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Chapter 2585: Feng Wu on the Move (1)

Feng Wu, Chaoge and Zi Ling sat on the ground and watched how Sun Jingyu and Pei Si aired each other’s dirty laundry.

It was like they were enjoying a show.

Feng Wu then heard the name Wang Junwen.

“Hold on.” Feng Wu cut them off. “Who’s Wang Junwen?”

Sun Jingyu and Pei Si gave each other astonished looks.

They had revealed the identity of their employer when they were shouting at each other.

That was against the rule. It was supposed to be a secret.

Sun Jingyu and Pei Si looked at each other again and saw what the other person was thinking.

They both knew that if they didn’t come clean, the other person would do so just to please Feng Wu.

Therefore —

They said in unison, “That’s Wang Junwen of Class D!”

Feng Wu rose to her feet.

Chaoge did the same.

Sun Jingyu and Pei Si were perplexed. Where was Feng Wu going?

Sun Jingyu tugged at Zi Ling. “What’s Feng Wu…”

Zi Ling lifted her dress so that the hem didn’t touch the ground. “I have no idea, but we’ll know if we follow her.”

She ran after Feng Wu.

Sun Jingyu and Pei Si exchanged looks. Because of the grudges they held against each other, they snorted, but still sprang off toward Feng Wu.

“Xiao Wu, where are you going? Let me show you the way.” Sun Jingyu pushed Zi Ling away and ran next to Feng Wu.

Pei Si wouldn’t be left behind. She also caught up with Feng Wu and pushed Chaoge out of the way. “Xiao Wu, I know the school grounds well. If you’re looking for someone, I know where to find them.”

Feng Wu smiled mockingly. “Take me to Wang Junwen.”


Both Pei Si and Sun Jingyu stopped when they heard that.

Wang Junwen?

Th- this…

Pei Si didn’t dare say another word, nor did she dare follow Feng Wu. She quietly left the team.

Sun Jingyu smiled awkwardly. “Xiao Wu, I don’t think I should go with you either…”

Feng Wu gave her a knowing look.

Sun Jingyu blushed. “I apologize for what I did to you before. That was so ignorant of me. I’m sorry… I won’t bother you again…”

She wanted to leave after that.

Feng Wu smiled at her. “Did I say that you could leave?”

Sun Jingyu stared at her.

Feng Wu chuckled. “You can only leave when I tell you so. Do you think you can leave just because you want to?”

Sun Jingyu wanted to retort, but she thought about Feng Wu’s capability and decided that she shouldn’t say anything.

“And you, Pei Si,” Feng Wu said quietly before Pei Si ran out of sight. “You can leave. That’s okay. As long as you don’t regret it in the future…”

Pei Si froze on the spot.

What did Feng Wu mean by that? She was obviously threatening her!

Pei Si didn’t want to give in, but she recalled the way Feng Wu had killed all the Nether Wolf Tigers and the fact that Mr. Luo had been defeated in a single strike… She was scared.

She walked back to Feng Wu with her head lowered and said gingerly, “I can go with you, but don’t make me confront Wang Junwen.”

Feng Wu glanced at her but didn’t say anything. She kept on walking with no expression on her face.

Sun Jingyu and Pei Si followed her, both looking depressed.