Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2574

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Chapter 2574: An Incredible Student (2)

Feng Wu said, “If that’s the case, Mr. Zhu, I think I’m gonna take that right arm now.”

Mr. Zhu was alarmed. The girl might seem harmless, but she was anything but.

“There are ways to get around that,” Mr. Zhu said hurriedly. “The maximum amount of points a Class E student can get in a transaction is 1,000 points, and that’s what I’ll give you.”

Feng Wu frowned and shook her head. “That’s too little.”

Mr. Zhu felt the same, but that was the school rule. What else could he do?

“The maximum transaction amount really is 1,000, regardless of whether it’s between students or students and teachers. Also, it can only be done for the same person once a month,” Mr. Zhu said solemnly. It seemed he was telling the truth.

Feng Wu said, “I want 3,000 points.”

Compared with 3,000 points, Mr. Zhu obviously valued his arm more.

Mr. Zhu didn’t hesitate to nod. “Of course.”

Feng Wu said, “Would you please call Chaoge and Zi Ling in, then?”

Mr. Zhu looked at her in resignation.

He wondered why she wouldn’t trust him. She had to make sure that he transferred the points right now.

However, he wasn’t in a position to make requests, so he opened the door and said, “Duan Chaoge, Zi Ling, please come in for a moment.”

The students outside had no idea what was happening in the room.

They jumped when Mr. Zhu called out the names.

But they soon saw what was going on.

“Duan Chaoge and Zi Ling are both Feng Wu’s friends!”

“Why does Mr. Zhu want them to go in?”

“Oh my god. Did Mr. Zhu kill Feng Wu? Does he need them to collect the body?!”

Despite their astonishment, they all discussed the matter with flickering eyes.

Zhen Ya was pleased.

She and her mother looked at each other, and both smiled in satisfaction.

Mu Qianqian grew anxious. She grabbed Sun Jingyu’s hand and said agitatedly, “Jingyu!”

She also believed that Mr. Zhu had beaten Feng Wu to death.

Sun Jingyu’s face remained emotionless, but she grew doubtful as well.

Had she made the wrong choice?

She wondered if she really had seen Feng Wu’s formidable strike.

Chaoge and Zi Ling were both concerned about Feng Wu. When they heard Mr. Zhu, they ran into the room as fast as they could.

They heard all the discussion around them.

Was Feng Wu really dead?


They were shocked by what they saw.

Feng Wu sat calmly on the floor with her legs crossed, and there was a cheerful look in her bright eyes.

She seemed to be in control of the situation.

Mr. Zhu was standing next to her, bowing slightly like a servant.

He didn’t dare to show any disrespect.

Chaoge was speechless.

Zi Ling didn’t know what to say.

What was going on?

“Switch on your armbands.” Feng Wu smiled at them.

Both Chaoge and Zi Ling were dumbfounded.

Chaoge was used to following Feng Wu’s orders, so she switched on her armband without asking questions.

“1,000 points transferred,” a robotic female voice announced.

1,000 points?

Chaoge couldn’t believe her ears. She looked at Feng Wu in pleasant surprise. “Xiao Wu, what’s going on?”