Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2572

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Chapter 2572: Untitled

Mu Qianqian anxiously dropped her voice so that no one else could hear her. “Jingyu, I’m not joking. Feng Wu attacked Ms. Zhen. What do you think Mr. Zhu will do to her? Listen. They all think that she’s going to die.”

Sun Jingyu glanced at Ms. Zhen’s right hand and said casually, “Just because they all think that way doesn’t mean that they’re right. They’re only repeating each other’s words.”

Mu Qianqian stomped her foot. “But Mr. Zhu is the most capable tutor of our class.”

Sun Jingyu thought, “So what? I bet he can’t kill a thousand White Lion Elephants with one strike.”

Her legs still trembled whenever she recalled that scene. It chilled her to the bone.

Mu Qianqian was trying to figure out how not to be incriminated by Feng Wu.

Meanwhile, Mr. Zhu had arrived outside the fire room.

He tried to push the door open.

But it wasn’t as easy as he expected.

The door wouldn’t open.

He frowned, stepped back, and checked the sign in the top right corner of the door.

Grade E, Fire Cultivation Room 1.

It was the right place.

He grabbed the door handle and pushed harder.

He used 80% of his maximum strength and was confident that the door would open without resistance.

He was wrong. The door still wouldn’t budge.

Mr. Zhu was concerned now.

When he exerted his full power, he realized in surprise that he still couldn’t open the door.

He was astonished.

He knew that this was a competition between his and Feng Wu’s cultivation levels.

What kind of student could keep him out?

Dozens of students had gathered around, and they looked expectantly at Mr. Zhu.


Infuriated, Mr. Zhu raised a leg.

He kicked the door open with a loud thump.

This time, he finally could enter the room.

“How do you think Mr. Zhu will punish Feng Wu?”

“She disrespected her teachers. They’ll expel her, won’t they?”

Zhen Ya smirked. “My dad is going to kill her!”

Ms. Zhen gave her a stern look. What a stupid girl! She couldn’t say such things out loud!

While everyone else believed that Feng Wu was going to be punished, Sun Jingyu shook her head.

From what she knew of Feng Wu, she believed that things wouldn’t turn out the way these people expected.

Feng Wu would prove them all wrong.

Chaoge and Zi Ling got wind of the news and arrived at that moment.

Zhen Ya was furious when she saw Zi Ling.

Ms. Zhen stopped her and said coldly, “Don’t create more trouble now.”

Zhen Ya had to fight back her rage.

In the fire room.

Feng Wu sat cross-legged on the floor, and Mr. Zhu was kneeling in front of her.

She said, “Get out of my sight now.”

Mr. Zhu scrambled to his feet. All his wounds were hidden by his clothes, and other people couldn’t tell that he had been hurt.

He wanted to leave the room.

Feng Wu said sarcastically, “You’ll have to leave something behind.”

Mr. Zhu glared at her before he looked down at his hands.

Which hand should he chop off?

Feng Wu chuckled. “The right one, then. It’s more valuable.”

Mr. Zhu glared at her.

He had never imagined that something like this would happen to him.