Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2561

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Chapter 2561: Feng Wu’s Fault (1)

Sun Jingyu thought, “Didn’t the academy raise the White Lion Elephants so that the students could use them to train their fighting skills? Why would a tutor kill them all? That doesn’t make sense.”

But since Mr. Luo had said so, the others believed him.

Pei Si said to Sun Jingyu, “Be grateful to that tutor, or all of you would have been in great trouble.”

Sun Jingyu was speechless.

Gu Xingyuan glanced at Feng Wu.

He had his doubts and wondered if Feng Wu had killed the beasts. However, there were over a thousand of them, so he decided that it couldn’t have been her. She wasn’t powerful enough.

Pei Si sounded sorry when she said, “The White Lion Elephants have been wiped out, so the event has to end here. By the way, how many crystal cores do you have?”

She looked curiously at Sun Jingyu.

Sun Jingyu glanced at her. “How many do you have?”

Pei Si chuckled. “We’ve collected 150 already. How about you?”

Sun Jingyu shrugged. “I’m not in charge of the crystal cores.” By that, she meant that she had no idea how many crystal cores Feng Wu had collected.

Pei Si thought that Sun Jingyu was being pretentious and became displeased.

She looked at the dead White Lion Elephants.

If the mysterious tutor killed them, the crystal cores should still be there.

Excited, she ran to the beasts to check their heads.

However, the crystal cores were all gone.

“Where are the crystal cores?” She stared at Sun Jingyu.

Chaoge said mockingly, “Where do you think?”

Pei Si asked, “You didn’t take them all, did you?”

Chaoge crossed her arms. “It’s none of your business.”

Pei Si was furious and said sarcastically, “You’re just a new student, so behave like one. Jingyu, aren’t you going to do something about it?”

Do something about it? Sun Jingyu thought, “I’m the second weakest person in this team. Who am I to discipline Duan Chaoge? She’ll probably discipline me first.”

In the end, they went back to the academy because there were no more White Lion Elephants around.

Everyone was talking about it when they got back.

This was the first time that students had to come back early because they didn’t have anything to hunt.

The students of Class E were avidly discussing it in the square.

“I heard that some mysterious tutor gave them a hand and killed all the White Lion Elephants.”

“You mean Jingyu’s team? They’re all experienced students. Why would they be in such danger?”

“Jingyu and Mu Qianqian wouldn’t have put themselves in danger, but have you forgotten who else is in that team?”

“Do you mean Feng Wu? The one that Chief Qingluan tried to pick?”

“That’s right! She’s useless, but she’s so arrogant. Someone like that is bound to create trouble!”

“According to Mu Qianqian, Feng Wu was the one who lured in the White Lion Elephants.”

“Feng Wu is so pretty, and I almost became her fan. I didn’t know she was that type of person!”

“If it wasn’t for her, the mission wouldn’t have ended earlier than expected!”

“That’s right! I was going to make great use of this opportunity. I even bought some potions for this event. Now that has all gone to waste!”

Many students of Class E held a grudge.

They needed an outlet, and Feng Wu became their target.