Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2553

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Chapter 2553: Feng Wu Is So Capable

Seeing that Sun Jingyu liked those words, Mu Qianqian was relieved.

She still had to rely on Sun Jingyu in Class E and couldn’t afford to offend her.

Sun Jingyu looked arrogantly at Feng Wu. There was contempt in her eyes.

She actually thinks that she’s cultivating. How ridiculous!

Mu Qianqian also gave Feng Wu an arrogant glance.

She murmured, “Chaoge has some skills, but Feng Wu is completely useless. She’s been sitting there since we got here and hasn’t lifted a finger.”

Sun Jingyu’s face darkened.

Was she going to let Feng Wu go?

Of course not!

She gave Mu Qianqian a warning look. Mu Qianqian was scared, but she didn’t dare defy Sun Jingyu, and gave her a nod.

Mu Qianqian walked away, and Sun Jingyu gave Feng Wu a taunting look.

She had used all her cards. If she still couldn’t kill Feng Wu, there was nothing she could do.

Before long, there was a rumbling noise.

The ground shook.

Chaoge frowned. “What’s that noise?”

Sun Jingyu knew the answer.

She had asked Mu Qianqian to lure all the White Lion Elephants toward them.

The entire pack.

Sun Jingyu had used up her points to buy a potion that could drive the White Lion Elephants into a frenzied state.

How many White Lion Elephants were there?



No, there were at least 1,000 of them!

The sound was so loud and it made one tremble!


That was crazy!

Sun Jingyu beamed at Feng Wu.

She had poured a bottle of adhesive down the slope when she had mocked Feng Wu.

By now, it should have reached where Feng Wu was sitting and stuck her to the rock.

Sun Jingyu wanted to laugh.

She couldn’t wait to see how Feng Wu was going to fight all the White Lion Elephants.

She then ran in the other direction.

Chaoge noticed her abnormal behavior. “Why are you running? Stop!”

She ran after her.

Sun Jingyu was the president of Class E and was at least as capable as Chaoge.

Therefore, Chaoge couldn’t catch up with Sun Jingyu.

“Damn it!” Chaoge was frustrated. “I’ll settle the score with you when we get back!”

But she chuckled.

Sun Jingyu had thought that she could get away, but White Lion Elephants were coming her way as well.

She almost ran into one of them.

“Shit!” Sun Jingyu was a little flustered, but she reacted in time and turned around to run in a different direction.

But she only managed to take a few steps.

Chaoge didn’t know if she should laugh or cry.

She wanted to laugh because Sun Jingyu’s way was blocked by White Lion Elephants again.

She wanted to cry because White Lion Elephants were coming at them in all directions.

Sun Jingyu screamed.

How could this have happened?!

Why was she surrounded by White Lion Elephants?

Was it Mu Qianqian’s doing?

Sun Jingyu couldn’t think straight anymore. She didn’t know who had set her up, and was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.

She couldn’t handle ten White Lion Elephants, let alone 1,000 of them.


“I’m going to die…”

Sun Jingyu cried and regretted her decision.