Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2552

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Chapter 2552: Please (2)

She tried her best to lure the White Lion Elephants toward Feng Wu, but to no avail.

The White Lion Elephants wouldn’t go anywhere near Feng Wu.

That was so strange!


The White Lion Elephants roared and charged at Sun Jingyu.

Her patron had paid her generously, but she valued her life even more.

She decided that she could humiliate Feng Wu after she killed all the White Lion Elephants on her own.

At that thought, she took out the last explosive ball and threw it at the White Lion Elephants.

It exploded right away.


Over half a dozen White Lion Elephants were severely injured and fell to the ground. Only two were still standing.

Both of them chased Sun Jingyu.

She was confident that she could kill two White Lion Elephants.

While Sun Jingyu was fighting the two beasts, Chaoge jumped into the air.

The next second, she landed next to the severely injured White Lion Elephants and killed them all. She then dug out all the crystal cores.

As a result, Sun Jingyu had used up her expensive explosive balls and only obtained two crystal cores in the end. She was furious when she saw what Chaoge was doing.

“What are you doing?!” she shouted at her.

“I’m helping you. Didn’t you just ask me for help?” Chaoge said innocently.

Sun Jingyu didn’t know what to say.

She did do that, but that was before she used the explosive balls. She didn’t need any help now!

Chaoge said, “I killed all those White Lion Elephants for you. Shouldn’t you be thanking me?”

Sun Jingyu said, “Give me the crystal cores!”

Chaoge said, “You’re not only scolding me, but you’re also trying to rob my crystal cores!”

Sun Jingyu thought she was going to explode.

She gave Chaoge a stern look before she looked at Feng Wu. Filled with rage, she shouted at Feng Wu.

“What’s the matter with you? You’ve been sitting there since we arrived! Who could do such a thing? That’s out of line!”

Chaoge frowned. She could stand it when Sun Jingyu yelled at her, but she wouldn’t let anyone talk to Xiao Wu that way.

Sun Jingyu lashed out at Feng Wu. “Do you really think you’re a bigshot? You’re just sitting there while the White Lion Elephants chase us around! Are you going to depend on Duan Chaoge like that from now on? She’s not good enough to protect you!”

Feng Wu was at a critical moment in her cultivation and had closed all her senses to the outside world.

Chaoge was angry.

She shoved Sun Jingyu. “What’s that supposed to mean? Xiao Wu doesn’t depend on anyone!”

Sun Jingyu just smirked.

She didn’t think that Feng Wu would be a problem, but she wasn’t sure if she could handle Chaoge because the girl was getting stronger as the hunt continued.

“Jingyu, you’re amazing!”

Seeing that Sun Jingyu was safe, Mu Qianqian rose to her feet and ran to her side.

Sun Jingyu didn’t respond.

Mu Qianqian went on, “You’re the best member in our team! If it hadn’t been for you, the 30 White Lion Elephants would charge us all at once, and we would all be killed!”

She then held Sun Jingyu’s arm and smiled obsequiously. “Thank you for saving my life.”

Sun Jingyu rolled her eyes at Mu Qianqian but accepted the flattery.