Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2539 - The Mission (1)

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Chapter 2539 The Mission (1)

“Missions like these are our best chance to earn points. Miss Feng Wu, can I team up with you?” Zi Ling asked excitedly.

Before, she would have stayed far away from Feng Wu, but things were different now. She had seen Feng Wu’s true power.

She had kicked Ye Han away so easily, and Ye Han was from Class B!

How terrifying would her real power be?

And Zi Ling knew that she could use that sort of help.

Follow Feng Wu, and she would win!

Feng Wu asked, “Earn points? How?”

Zi Ling’s eyes sparkled.

She said, “The 1,500 students of Class E will be divided into five-member teams. That’s 300 teams in total.

“The teams will be ranked by the points they get, and members of the top team will each earn 100 extra points. The best member of that team will get another 100 points.

“The second-best team will get 80 points.

“The third one will get 60 points.

“The fourth to the 100th will get 40 points.

“The 100th to the 200th, 20 points.

“The last 100 teams won’t receive any points.

“Absent students, students who ask for help, and those who take leave, will have their points deducted. “How many points do you have now?” Zi Ling asked.

Chaoge said, “Ten.”

Zi Ling’s eyes widened. “How is that possible? We each have 100 points to start with, don’t


Chaoge said, “Yes, but this room costs 90 points a month.”

Zi Ling stared at her.

The look gave Chaoge the creeps. “What?”

Zi Ling asked, “Why did you pay the rent for the whole month when you can pay by the week? Some students even pay every five or three days. How are you going to pay for your meals now?”

Chaoge was shocked. The moderator had lied to them!

Zi Ling said, “Apart from accommodation, taking classes will cost you points as well. Everyone has to save up, or they won’t be able to last for long in this place.”

Chaoge asked, “Do I have to pay to go to classes?”

Zi Ling said, “Of course! As long as you can afford it, you can go to whichever class you want.”

Duan Chaoge stared in shocked silence.

Zi Ling said, “A big event like this doesn’t happen every day, so we have to cherish this opportunity. Individual tasks are much more time-consuming

“If you only have ten points, you have to work hard this time. Otherwise, you won’t be able to attend any class.”

Feng Wu glanced at the moderator on their way out.

The woman raised her chin in an arrogant manner.