Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2535 - How Generous (1)

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Chapter 2535 How Generous (1)

The bottle cracked when it hit the floor, and the smell filled the air.

What a wonderful smell!

Zi Ling ran over and picked up what was left of the bottle.

It really was a Supreme Level medicine.

“No, it can’t be… Medicines of that level are so expensive! Why would she give it to me for free?”

Chaoge rolled her eyes at Zi Ling. “That’s the last one. Throw it away if you want.”

Zi Ling felt conflicted, but if her wounds weren’t treated, she couldn’t go out tomorrow.

“Fine, I’ll use it.”

Zi Ling scooped up some of the ointment and applied it to her skin.

She smeared it on her face, her arms and her legs.

She didn’t know if she would recover in time.

The idea of meeting the whole class like this the following morning made her frustrated.

“I’ll never forgive you if I can’t recover by tomorrow!” Zi Ling stormed back to her room.

Early the next morning –

“Chaoge! Chaoge!” Zi Ling banged excitedly on Chaoge’s door.

Chaoge was still in bed, and she opened the door with a flick of her fingers.

“Chaoge!” Zi Ling ran into the room, opened the curtain to let the sunlight in, and grabbed Chaoge’s hand.

Chaoge didn’t like being woken up this way.

Zi Ling said, “Look! All my wounds and bruises are gone!” Chaoge said sleepily, “Alright.” Zi Ling said, “Look! My skin is so smooth! It has never been this good before!”

She had always felt inferior because of her darker skin tone, but after using the ointment, she was glowing.

It was incredible!

Chaoge nodded and wanted to go back to sleep.

Zi Ling wouldn’t let her. “Just look at me! I’m so fair now!”

Chaoge rolled her eyes at Zi Ling. “Why are you so surprised? You used the Supreme Level medicine! Say another word, and I’ll slap you! Let me sleep!”

Zi Ling didn’t dare say a word.

Despite having been told off, she was thrilled.

It really was a bottle of Supreme Level medicine!


How rich was Feng Wu?


It suddenly occurred to her that she had only used less than half of what was in the bottle, and the rest was still on the floor.

Ahhh —

Zi Ling ran out to the living room.

The ointment was still there on the floor! Her eyes lit up.

Just then, someone walked in and stepped on

Zi Ling almost wept. “You!!!” She pointed at Ye Han. “How could you step on it?!”

She had stepped on the ointment.

Zi Ling had wanted to cover the rest of her body with the ointment.

Ye Han shook her head. “Why are you making such a big fuss? It’s only a pair of shoes.”