Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2525 - Condescending Attitude

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Chapter 2525 Condescending Attitude

Students of Class B were thrilled. “Chief Qingluan is here!”

Since she hadn’t chosen a disciple from Class A, she must be considering Class B!

Someone in Class B would have a chance to meet the crown prince in person!

Everyone in Class B stood ramrod straight, trying to show their best selves to Zuo Qingluan.

But to their surprise…

Zuo Qingluan walked past Class B as well.

Just like that…

All the students were dumbfounded.

Was Chief Qingluan going to choose someone from Class C?

But Zuo Qingluan ignored Class C as well.

Class D was thrilled now.

Holy crap!

Was it going to be someone from Class D?!

Wang Junwen and Ding Yi clenched their fists excitedly and wondered if it was going to be them.

Class E.

Yuan Yu said, “Jingyu, look! Chief Qingluan has reached Class D!”

Sun Jingyu shook her head. “Then it has to be someone in Class D. We still won’t have a chance.”

Yuan Yu said, “She didn’t stop there! She’s coming our way!”

Despite what she said, Sun Jingyu was having butterflies in her stomach.

She was right!

Zuo Qingluan was heading for Class E.

They were the only class left!

It had to be one of them!



Chief Qingluan really was going to choose her disciple from Class E!

Who would she pick?

Who would be the lucky person?


Everyone here in the War Academy was an outstanding cultivator.

But Zuo Qingluan would outshine every single one of them because she was the crown prince’s fiancee!

No one knew where that news came from, but everyone was almost immediately convinced.

They believed that Zuo Qingluan was the only girl in the empire who was good enough for the crown prince.

“Jingyu, look! She’s coming our way!” Yuan Yu was thrilled.

Yuan Yu was a boy. Sun Jingyu also had a female lackey, and her name was Mu Qianqian.

She was so excited that she almost fainted. She grabbed Sun Jingyu’s hand. “Jingyu, it’s going to be you!”

Sun Jingyu feigned a humble tone. “Surely not… It’ll never be me.”

Mu Qianqian said, “Of course it’s going to be you. You’re the prettiest and most advanced student in our class! All teachers adore you! It’s definitely you!”

Deep down, Sun Jingyu thought the same.

Who else could it be?

There was no one better than her in this class!

But Zuo Qingluan stopped in front of Feng Wu.

She looked condescendingly at Feng Wu.