Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2486 - Untitled

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Chapter 2486: Untitled

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Feng Xun said, “You don’t think so? If he’s angry enough, he’ll kill your entire family!

“Just remember: Don’t let Boss Jun know!”

Feng Wu was touched.

Feng Xun was Jun Linyuan’s most loyal friend, but to protect Feng Wu, he chose to hide the truth from Jun Linyuan.

It was a hard choice for Feng Xun.

Feng Wu said, “He already knows.”

Feng Xun said, “You can’t let him… What did you just say?”

Feng Wu said, “He already knows.”

“Oh my god!” Feng Xun was so shocked that he almost fell over.

His first reaction was to push Feng Wu toward the front gate. “You should leave now! Don’t bother packing! Just run as fast as you can!”

Feng Wu said, “It’s alright. He…”

Feng Xun said, “Of course it’s not alright! He’s going to kill you!”

Feng Wu said, “He didn’t get angry at me.”

Feng Xun stared at her. “Are you sure?”

Feng Wu said, “Moreover, I’ve seen Bao Er in the golden palace.”

Feng Xun looked her up and down, trying to make sure that she wasn’t harmed.

‘You…” He hesitated. “Are you sure he really knows?”

Feng Wu nodded.

Feng Xun said, “And you’re still alright.”

Feng Wu nodded.

Feng Xun asked, “Did he do anything to you?”

“Define ‘anything,” thought Feng Wu. He had pressed her against a pillar, so she hesitated for a moment.

Feng Xun took a deep breath. “Stay put. I’ll go see Boss Jun now.”

He dashed off after that.

A moment later, he paused.

He then smacked his head.

That wasn’t right.

He was here to tell Feng Wu off, but right now, he was protecting her. How incredible!

But —

He decided that his top priority was her safety.

He ran to the crown prince’s residence.

“Boss Jun, Boss Jun, did you know that Xiao WII…” Jun Linyuan was cultivating when Feng Xun rushed into the room.

Jun Linyuan glanced at him and went back to his training.

Feng Xun was worried sick by the time Jun Linyuan finished. Only then did Jun Linyuan put on a robe and walk out of the hot spring.

“Boss Jun, did you really know already?” Feng Xun asked anxiously,

‘Yes,” Jun Linyuan said calmly.

Feng Xun was shocked. “Are you not going to kill her?”

Jun Linyuan found the question idiotic. He lay down on a chair and used his spiritual essence to dry his hair.

“How is that possible? You care about Bao Er so much. If it wasn’t for Xiao Wu, Bao Er wouldn’t have…’

“She’s going to make it up to me.” The crown prince sipped his wine.

“With what?”

“Herself,” said the crown prince confidently.

Hearing that, Feng wanted to shake his head. If only things were that easy.

Of course, as the steward, he would never say that out loud. He didn’t even frown..