Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2484 - Is Her Cover Blown?

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Chapter 2484: Is Her Cover Blown?

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“Let’s just say that good things take a long time to come. We still have to wait for a while before anything happens, but you’re right about one thing: His Royal Highness is getting better at expressing himself. It’s a good thing.”

Relationships were seldom straightforward.

If neither side would take the first step, the relationship would never go further.

The crown prince had begun to push Feng Wu now.

“But it won’t be easy to make His Royal Highness admit that he has feelings for Miss Feng Wu…” said Granny Gong.

“The beginning is always the hardest. It’ll get easier.”

Granny Gong and Feng smiled wryly at each other.

At the same time.

Feng Xun was rushing toward the crown prince’s residence at top speed.

He had many things to tell the crown prince.

He needed to tell Boss Jun that Feng Wu was the ugly girl.

Feng Wu had stolen their Immortal Spiritual Fruit.

Feng Wu was the only person who had ever defeated him!

How annoying!

Feng Xun was going to rush into the house, when he paused.

“No! I can’t run inside like this!”

An idea struck him.

The Immortal Spiritual Fruit could have saved Bao Er, who was very dear to Boss Jun. If he learned the truth, he might kill Xiao Wu.

Even if he spared Xiao Wu’s life, would he drain her blood and give it to Bao

After all, Xiao Wu’s blood now contained the ingredients of the fruit.


Would Xiao Wu survive that?

Feng Xun grew anxious.

Although he had been very angry when he first heard the news, she was still his younger sister.

He was still angry at her for what she did.

But he didn’t want her to be harmed either.

He stomped his foot, turned around and ran in a different direction.

Fallen Star Yard.

“Little Feng Wu! Get your ass over here!”

Feng Xun jumped over the wall and into the yard, and rushed into the house.

Feng Wu’s formation was designed not to stop Feng Xun, so he wasn’t hindered.

“Xun, you’re here.”

Lady Ling was glad to see him.

She liked Feng Xun for his liveliness; she thought that Jun Linyuan frowned too much.

“Aunt Ling.” Feng Xun immediately slowed down when he saw Lady Ling.

For some reason, Lady Ling gave him the feeling that she was even more distinguished than His Majesty.

He couldn’t explain it. It was instinctual.

When Lady Ling was around, he was very polite.

“Aunt Ling, where is Xiao Wu?” Feng Xun forced a smile.

Lady Ling pointed at the courtyard next door. “She’s cultivating.”

“Aunt Ling, I’ll go talk to her.”

Feng Xun was such a good boy in front of Lady Ling, but when he jumped over the wall and landed in the courtyard of the Fang manor, he looked like he was going to kill someone.

He found Feng Wu in an old tree.

She exhaled when she finished cultivating.

“Little Feng Wu! You’re such a devil! Get down here right now!” Feng Xun pointed at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu felt a little guilty..