Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2469 - : Since When Is His Majesty on Feng Wu’s Side?

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Chapter 2469: Since When Is His Majesty on Feng Wu’s Side?

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Lady Wang was dumbfounded. She had never thought that Feng Yanfeng would hit her.

“My lord!”



Lady Wang, Feng Sang and Feng Yiran cried out at the same time.

Feng Yanfeng’s eyes were bloodshot.

How terrifying!

He looked from Feng Sang to Feng Yiran.

He then stared at Lady Wang.

He pointed at Lady Wang and shouted in a shaky voice, “You vile woman! How many times have I told you not to mess with Feng Wu? You just won’t listen! And you keep urging me on! You almost got me killed today!

“What did you say? ‘Is Feng Wu dead? She’s going to be around long after you’re dead!” Feng Yanfeng was furious.

He had knelt in front of the two elders and begged them to spare his life.

And Feng Wu had forced him to swallow that pill. If he did anything wrong, she could kill him in an instant.

Lady Wang burst into tears. “Liu, you died for nothing! Your father won’t avenge you…”

“That’s right! She died for nothing!” Feng Yanfeng said decisively.

When his life was threatened, he knew what he would choose.

“If anyone brings up this subject again, I’ll throw them out of this house!” Feng Yanfeng took a deep breath and stared at Lady Wang. “And you!

“Two elders are backing Feng Wu now! Who are they, you may ask? Elder Jing and Elder Grain!” Feng Yanfeng gritted his teeth.

Lady Wang didn’t know Elder Jing well, but Elder Grain.

“I thought Elder Grain was on our side. Plus, they’ve never interacted with Feng Wu before. How… My lord, is there a misunderstanding?” Lady Wang still wouldn’t believe it.

Feng Yanfeng was reminded of what happened in Fallen Star Yard, and he shouted at Lady Wang. “There’s no misunderstanding! Those two elders supposedly never leave the restricted area, but they were there to celebrate Feng Wu’s birthday tonight!”

“What?!!!” Lady Wang couldn’t believe her ears.

How could that be? Since when was Feng Wu so familiar with the two elders? Those two men were the most authoritative figures in the clan!

“I thought that having the support of the two elders was very impressive, but when I got to Fallen Star Yard.

“I found both His Royal Highness and His Majesty there.”

Feng Yanfeng had lost all hope at that moment.

He could understand His Royal Highness being there because the young prince had always favored Feng Wu, but Emperor Wu

The idea of the emperor hanging around a remote corner of the Feng clan’s manor was simply unrealistic.

What was going on.

Hearing what Feng Yanfeng said, Lady Wang couldn’t stop trembling,


This couldn’t be happening

“How? When did His Majesty become Feng Wu’s patron?!” Lady Wang was baffled.

“Twouldn’t have survived this night,” said Feng Yanfeng. Hearing that, Lady Wang turned ghastly pale..