Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2464 - Mrs. Chu

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Chapter 2464: Mrs. Chu

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Jun Woxia said in frustration, “He wasn’t there! Nor was Feng Xun or Xuan Yi. It was like the three of them disappeared altogether!”


Those words were like a thunderclap in everyone’s ears.

“His Royal Highness wasn’t there?!” Empress Dugu’s voice was the loudest.

She thought she had planned it out so well.

After Zuo Qingluan married Jun Linyuan and kept him under control, Jun Linshen would have a chance to

“I thought His Royal Highness is very fond of Qingluan. Was he too busy?” Empress Dugu asked Emperor Wu.

“Emperor Wu said, “He wasn’t. He finished work early, and I let him take his leave.”

“Then…” Empress Dugu didn’t know what to say.

They would still have an excuse if the crown prince was busy with state affairs, but now.

“His Royal Highness is very much in love with Qingluan, isn’t he? Maybe it’s a misunderstanding.” Empress Dugu forced a smile. “Maybe they’re having a lovers’ quarrel. It’s not something we should interfere with.”

‘The empress dowager wasn’t very pleased.

She preferred Zuo Qingluan over Feng Wu, but ever since Zuo Qingluan returned to the imperial capital, she had never visited the empress dowager to pay her respects. How arrogant.

Wandering Temple.

Mrs. Tao and Tao Qingging were waiting in a side room.

They were the fifth to go in and had to wait a bit longer.

The fourth was the wife of Chancellor Chu.

The Chu family had recently risen to power after Chancellor Chu took office.

Mrs. Chu was here today.

She was a regular visitor to the temple and had been among the first ten worshippers several years in a row.

Seeing that Mrs. Tao was getting anxious, she said, “It is indeed taking longer this year. Please don’t worry. It’ll be our turn soon.”

Mrs. Tal asked curiously, “Mrs. Chu, do you come here every year?”

Mrs. Chu glanced at her own daughter, who was wearing a mask, and nodded with a bitter smile. “Yes. I’m here every year for my daughter. She’s unable to live for so many years. I’m here every year to ask for a pill which can keep her alive for another year.”

The girl had been ill since she was born, and it was common knowledge in her circle, so Mrs. Chu didn’t try to keep it from Mrs. Tao.

Mrs. Tao gave her a sympathetic look. “I remember that Firmament Palace has some great doctors. Have you tried them?”

Mrs. Chu nodded. “We pulled quite a few strings and made contact with a governor of Firmament Palace. They sent a physician, but nothing changed afterward.”

Mrs. Tao said, “I don’t think ordinary physicians will do the trick. Miss Qingluan is back. She’s the sacred lady of the palace and the disciple of the current palace master. It’s said that she’s a great doctor!”

Mrs. Chu asked, “Really?”

Mrs. Tao said, “I was told so.”

Mrs. Chu said, “We were in a hurry to come here today, so we declined the invitation to Miss Qingluan’s birthday party. I hope she won’t mind. Now that she’s with His Royal Highness, she has become even more unapproachable. I’ll visit her tomorrow and apologize to her in person.”

Because of something which had happened before, Mrs. Chu didn’t like interacting with the Zuo family. If it wasn’t for her daughter, she would never visit them.

Mrs. Tao cleared her throat. “I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a little complicated…”

Mrs. Chu asked, “What’s going on?”

Mrs. Tao told her what happened, and Mrs. Chu’s eyes widened. “Is that so?”