Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2456 - I Wrote Them

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Chapter 2456: I Wrote Them

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However, Dugu Menghai was determined to arrest Feng Wu.

He looked from Feng Wu to Jun Linyuan and came up with an idea.

‘They could accept that the crown prince was in love with Feng Wu, but he had to marry Zuo Qingluan. Therefore, Feng Wu had to be arrested. That way, she would be tamed and could only obey Zuo Qingluan’s orders in the future.

At that thought, Dugu Menghai summoned up his courage and looked Jun Linyuan in the eye. “Your Royal Highness, don’t you think what you wrote has crossed the line? The order came from His Majesty, so I must take Feng Wu with me!”

Hearing that those men were going to take Feng Wu away, the beautiful lady burst into tears. She wanted to go out and help her daughter.

It pained Emperor Wu to see Lady Ling like this, so he immediately said, “Just wait here. I’ll go.”

The beautiful lady looked at Emperor Wu with teary eyes. “Can you help us?”

‘That was all Emperor Wu needed to hear.

“Of course I can!”

Who could say no to such a beautiful woman?!

“It’ll only take a minute!” Emperor Wu turned around and marched off.

Gao didn’t know what to say.

His Majesty had never been so eager in front of any of his women.

Dugu Menghai couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Emperor Wu

He was astonished.

His face lost all color.

And his head went blank.

Dugu Menghai froze on the spot, as if he was ina trance.

He stared at Emperor Wu and Qin Yan.

Captain Qin was his direct superior, and becoming the captain of the imperial guards was Dugu Menghai’s life goal!

“Why don’t I remember giving such an order?” Emperor Wu raised his eyebrows and asked in a casual tone.

He was feeling very protective at the moment because Lady Ling was watching. He wanted to show her that he was the most important man in this empire.

Dugu Menghai dropped to his knees. “Your Majesty! Why… why are you here…”

Emperor Wu said coldly, “Do I need to inform you where I go?”

Dugu Menghai shook his head, and his face was very pale. “No, no, I didn’t mean that. I was only trying to say…”

Emperor Wu smirked. “You’re only trying to say that I gave you the order to arrest Feng Wu, is that it?”

Dugu Menghai looked like he was going to pass out.

He knew that he had made the biggest mistake.

‘The imperial guards were in charge of guarding the capital city. If their vice-captain delivered a false order from the emperor, the entire army could be seen to have turned against the throne as well. Therefore, Dugu Menghai couldn’t afford to be considered a liar.

But now.

He had said such a thing when His Majesty was listening.

He had just delivered a false imperial edict.

Dugu Menghai didn’t think that the emperor would take Feng Wu’s side, but what he did was still unforgivable.

He had forgotten all about Zuo Qingluan and was overwhelmed by the fear of death.

He didn’t want to die.

“Your Majesty, it was all my fault! I shouldn’t have made up such an order! But those words still show Feng Wu’s intent to usurp the throne!”