Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2429 - Chapter 2429:

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Chapter 2429: Where’s His Royal Highness? (3)

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Mrs. Tao said, “Marriage is the joining of two families, and the Feng family is nothing compared with the Zuo family, not to mention that Zuo Qingluan is also connected to Firmament Palace.

“Although Feng Wu has been making fast progress, Zuo Qingluan has the True Phoenix Blood. Do you know what that means? It means that she’s the Chosen One!”

“But Feng Wu is so pretty,” Tao Qingqing said. “She’s already so good-looking now. Just imagine how beautiful she’ll be when she grows up!”

Mrs. Tao shook her head.

Tao Qingqing was perplexed. “Am I wrong?”

“Of course you are!” Mrs. Tao patted her head. “You don’t understand men at all. To men like His Royal Highness, a pretty girl like Feng Wu can be an addition to their collection, but someone like Zuo Qingluan is the woman they’ll marry.”

Tao Qingqing said, “Is that so?”

Mrs. Tao said, “Just wait and see. His Royal Highness and Zuo Qingluan were childhood friends, and they’re still very close. Today is Zuo Qingluan’s birthday; His Royal Highness will definitely come here. It’ll be as good as an official announcement. After that, Zuo Qingluan will be even more prestigious. Quickly, go talk to her before His Royal Highness arrives!”

Tao Qingqing mumbled, “I feel sorry for Feng Wu, then. I heard that she was still engaged to His Royal Highness…”

She then went to befriend Zuo Qingluan.

However —

Zuo Qingluan was so unapproachable!

She glanced past Tao Qingqing as if she was invisible.

She only showed her face for a brief moment before going inside, and probably wouldn’t come back out again before the party started.

Tao Qingqing was speechless.

She stared at Zuo Qingluan in disbelief.

She was the daughter of a lord and was used to getting things her way. When she went to court, even Empress Dugu had taken her hands and praised her in front of His Majesty.

But Zuo Qingluan…

She wasn’t mean or said anything rude to her. She simply looked past Tao Qingqing as if she wasn’t worth the energy.

Tao Qingqing would rather hear some harsh words from her. That would make them enemies on equal footing.

But Zuo Qingluan made her feel like a nobody. That was so frustrating!

Tao Qingqing stomped her foot and grumbled, “His Royal Highness may not come!”

“I don’t think His Royal Highness will come,” said a cold voice behind her.

Tao Qingqing turned around and saw that it was Dugu Yamo.

She asked, “Why are you so sure?”

The Dugu family and the Zuo family were related by marriage and were allies. She couldn’t understand why Dugu Yamo said that.

“Do you fancy His Royal Highness?” Tao Qingqing frowned.