Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2422 - Feng Wu's Birthday (4)

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Chapter 2422: Feng Wu’s Birthday (4)

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Phoenix Yard, the Zuo family.

Zuo Qingluan had been angry the whole day.

The entire Zuo family felt very nervous.

All the servants remained silent and worked efficiently, fearing that Miss Zuo would vent her anger on them.

In Zuo Qingluan’s bedroom.

Tongque still remembered what happened the day before.

When the sacred lady entered her bedchamber, she tilted her head back and let out an angry roar.

Instantly, all the wooden furniture was pulverized.

There had been two maids in the room when they entered.

They turned into puddles of blood as well right in front of Tongque’s eyes.

Tongque was speechless.

She had never seen the sacred lady so angry before.

Zuo Qingluan was in a trance-like state the whole day.

No one was allowed to get within ten meters of her. She would kill anyone who dared to try.

Tongque only moved closer after she saw that Zuo Qingluan didn’t look so furious anymore.

She had finally come up with an idea.

“Miss Qingluan —” Tongque knew what was on Zuo Qingluan’s mind, so she carefully reminded her, “I asked around after we got back yesterday. That Feng Wu really is a piece of work.”

Zuo Qingluan glared at her.

She couldn’t tolerate the mention of that name!

However, Tongque hadn’t served Zuo Qingluan for five years for no reason.

She had a soft, steady voice and was very considerate.

“Miss Qingluan, you’ve been cultivating in Firmament Palace for the past five years, unlike her, who had all the time to hover around His Royal Highness. That’s why the crown prince is more familiar with her.”

Tongque knew that she couldn’t make it sound like Zuo Qingluan was to be blamed. She needed to belittle Feng Wu as much as she could.

If the sacred lady thought that she was being humiliated, Tongque knew that she was dead.

She was right.

Zuo Qingluan had been spreading rumors, saying that the crown prince was so fond of her that she was the only candidate for his future wife.

She had even fooled herself, not to mention Tongque.

But Zuo Qingluan was no fool. When she saw the crown prince’s interaction with Feng Wu, she knew that there was something going on between them.

Back then, she had been the only close female friend of the crown prince, but Feng Wu had basically replaced her now.

It made her feel humiliated in front of Tongque.

In her mind, no one was allowed to see that side of her.

Tongque’s life was indeed in danger.

But the young maid could read people well. She had seen that her life was in danger yesterday, but instead of running away, she faced the challenge head-on and went to check up on Feng Wu.

They should have done that a long time ago.

But Zuo Qingluan had been ignoring Feng Wu because she thought she had taken Feng Wu out of the running five years ago. To her, Feng Wu wasn’t even worth a glance.

But Tongque realized how serious it was, so she went out for help.

Firmament Palace had a branch in the imperial capital. It was known as Firmament Pavilion.

They hired professional spies there, and it had only taken them a day to gather all the information Tongque needed.

After reading what Feng Wu had been doing these days, Tongque was astonished.