Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2421 - Feng Wu's Birthday (3)

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Chapter 2421: Feng Wu’s Birthday (3)

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Yan Yue smiled. “Probably because Miss Zuo’s birthday celebration is always very elaborate.”

Seeing the crown prince’s attitude, Yan Yue knew which side she should stand on now.

Feng Wu was a brilliant young lady, but Yan Yue wouldn’t support Feng Wu just because she liked her. People like Yan Yue never revealed their own opinion.

Their master’s opinion was theirs.

They would like whoever their master liked.

Yan Yue was glad that she and her master liked the same person.

“Boss Jun, you’ve been to Zuo Qingluan’s birthday party before. Do you remember?!” Feng Xun finally remembered something. “You were already engaged to Xiao Wu, but you still went to Zuo Qingluan’s party.”

Jun Linyuan looked confused. He couldn’t remember.

Feng Xun said in frustration, “The guests here are all from good backgrounds, but they’re still talking about Xiao Wu like that. Other people will just be meaner. Why did that girl take the envelope?”

Yan Yue spoke up at that moment.

She casually said, “Miss Feng Wu doesn’t think much about the prize, so I don’t think she meant to take the gift. Maybe it was meant to land in her hands.”

Feng Xun said, “There were so many people. How could that envelope just happen to land in her hands, unless Zuo Qingluan purposefully… Wait. Zuo Qingluan didn’t do it on purpose, did she?”

Yan Yue dropped the hint. “Miss Qingluan stormed off just then. Young Lord Feng, did you offend her?”

Feng Xun said, “I wanted to talk to her outside because I saw that she was angry, but she somehow got offended. Forget about it. That’s not important.”

He waved Yan Yue off.

Yan Yue looked at him in resignation.

Were all men so slow? She could tell why Zuo Qingluan was mad right away, but these men just couldn’t see it!

She had dropped all the hints she needed to drop, but he said that it wasn’t important!

At that thought, Yan Yue wanted to smack Feng Xun on the head.

Feng Xun was already thinking about Feng Wu’s birthday.

He said, “Xiao Wu will be 14 after New Year’s Eve, and in the Junwu Empire, that makes her eligible for marriage. It’s a very important birthday.”

Yan Yue glanced at Jun Linyuan.

Although he didn’t say anything, she could tell that he was thinking the same thing.

The teenager just wouldn’t speak his mind.

Yan Yue immediately said, “Miss Zuo has given out gifts, so how about we do the same for Miss Feng Wu’s birthday?”

Feng Xun said, “That’s not a bad idea, but won’t those people say that Xiao Wu is copying Zuo Qingluan?”

Yan Yue said grumpily, “Giving out gift envelopes is a tradition. Miss Zuo didn’t invent it.”

Zuo Qingluan was only “Miss Zuo” to her now.

“Plus,” Yan Yue chuckled, “Miss Feng Wu is so clever. I’m sure she’ll use this opportunity well.”


Feng Wu sneezed in Fallen Star Yard.