Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2417 - Furious Sacred Lady (2)

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Chapter 2417: Furious Sacred Lady (2)

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Zuo Qingluan took a deep breath and asked Feng Xun, “What are you suggesting?”

Feng Xun looked from Feng Wu to Zuo Qingluan and realized what was going on.

Zuo Qingluan was jealous of Feng Wu!

That was to say, Zuo Qingluan was fond of Boss Jun!

Feng Xun frowned.

He had mixed feelings about that.

He had been a little unhappy when he thought that Feng Wu was in love with Boss Jun because he felt that now that his sister had a man, she wouldn’t care about her brother so much.

But when he saw that Zuo Qingluan wanted Jun Linyuan as well, he was on guard.

“Come with me.” He headed for the door.

Zuo Qingluan wouldn’t move, but Feng Xun said coldly, “It’s about Boss Jun!”

Zuo Qingluan was intrigued.

Was Feng Xun angry?

Was he in love with Feng Wu as well?

That’s always a possibility. I hate to admit it, but Feng Wu is a very pretty girl!

I bet Feng Xun doesn’t like seeing what’s going on either!

With that in mind, Zuo Qingluan followed Feng Xun out of the room.


Feng Xun frowned and stared at Zuo Qingluan.

“Are you fond of Boss Jun?” He got straight to the point.

Once she was outside, Zuo Qingluan gradually regained her senses.

She decided that she wouldn’t embarrass herself over someone like Feng Wu.

Feng Xun repeated the question. “Are you fond of Boss Jun?”

Zuo Qingluan raised her chin and said coldly, “You’re thinking too much.”

Feng Xun kept his gaze on her. “Am I? So, you’re not in love with Boss Jun?”

Of course, Zuo Qingluan wouldn’t admit her feelings.

She believed that the first one to confess their affection would be the loser in a relationship. If she admitted it to Feng Xun now, the crown prince would soon know of it as well…

When that happened, she would look too eager, which was against her plan.

Zuo Qingluan had had five years to think about it in Firmament Palace, and she had observed many couples. She decided that she should never let a man know that she was in love with him!

Otherwise, she would lose the battle for good.

Feng Xun’s frown grew bigger. “Zuo Qingluan, I’m going to ask you one last time: Are you really not in love with Boss Jun?”

Zuo Qingluan snorted. “Yes, His Royal Highness is brilliant, but I’m not a nobody either. Why do I have to be in love with him? Do you think I’m as superficial as all those women?”

Feng Xun let out a breath of relief. “I’m so glad to hear that. Good. You’re not in love with Boss Jun.”

“No, it’s not good at all!” thought Zuo Qingluan. She wanted to smack Feng Xun on the head, but she needed to force herself to keep her composure.

And she feigned an indifferent attitude.

Once that problem was solved, Feng Xun became much kinder. After all, they had gone to school together once.

“Qingluan, that’s the way to go.” Feng Xun patted her on the shoulder. “Since you’re not Xiao Wu’s rival in love, we can all be friends!”

Zuo Qingluan frowned and shoved Feng Xun away.