Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2415 - Zuo Qingluan's Envy (4)

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Chapter 2415: Zuo Qingluan’s Envy (4)

While Zuo Qingluan was looking expectantly at the crown prince, he was looking at Feng Wu.

Although he immediately saw that Feng Wu was only pretending, the crown prince enjoyed it very much.

His earlobes had turned a little pinker, but it was too subtle to pick up.

To other people, he was still the same proud teenager. After giving Feng Wu a stern look, he turned away from her again.

“It’s too late for that!” thought Jun Linyuan.

But Feng Wu wouldn’t give up.

She had been a well-trained secret agent in her previous life, and her acting skills were impeccable!

She knew exactly what a teenage girl should look like when she worshipped an idol.

She realized that tugging at his sleeve alone wasn’t enough, so she moved closer and wrapped her arms around Jun Linyuan’s. “Brother Jun…”

The crown prince’s heart rate quickened.

If there was a detector around, it would be able to see his heart rate rising.







Thump! Thump! Thump!

He thought his heart was going to jump out of his throat.

“Stop it! Pull yourself together!” Jun Linyuan told himself.

Seeing how awkward he looked, Feng Wu asked innocently, “Brother Jun, do you not feel well? Why are your cheeks so hot?”

She then put her hand on his forehead.

She’s touching him!!!

Zuo Qingluan’s eyes popped.

His Royal Highness hates other people touching him!

And she’s touching his skin directly!

Zuo Qingluan remembered when they were at school, she had tried to touch Jun Linyuan’s finger when he was napping.

But before she could do it, Jun Linyuan waved his hand in his sleep and shoved her away.

She still remembered the human-shaped crater she made when she smashed into the wall…

Because of that, Zuo Qingluan both worshipped and feared Jun Linyuan. She didn’t dare express her feelings for him and could only spread rumors about them being a couple.

That was right, she went to school with all the princes and young lords when she was little.

Because of the privileged circle she was in, she had always felt that she was better than Feng Wu.

At that thought, she stared at Feng Wu’s arms, which were wrapped around Jun Linyuan’s arm.

You’re dead!

Although Zuo Qingluan expected that Feng Wu would smash into the wall at any moment…

Jun Linyuan didn’t do anything.

Well, he did try to take back his arm.

But he only pretended to do so.

With his capability, of course he could easily release his arm from Feng Wu’s clasp.

He looked down at Feng Wu and said, “Let go..”