Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2404

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Chapter 2404: Untitled

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Granny Tao was frightened as well. This also successfully terrified the rest of the manor, and everyone was now afraid of Zuo Qingluan.

“Miss Qingluan has grown up…” That was all Granny Tao could say.

After Mrs. Zuo left, Zuo Qingluan looked at Tongque.

Tongque shivered and dropped to her knees.

As Zuo Qingluan’s personal maid, Tongque knew better than anyone else how cold-blooded the sacred lady was. Everyone else was like ants in her eyes!

“Go ask around. Find out where His Royal Highness is today.” Zuo Qingluan’s expression became a little softer when she thought about Jun Linyuan.

Tongque stole a glance at her mistress. Seeing the soft look on her face, Tongque didn’t relax. Instead, it only gave her a strange feeling, and a chill ran down her spine.

“Yes.” Tongque promptly left after that.

Zuo Qingluan had bought off some maids in the crown prince’s residence already, so Tongque could easily find out where the crown prince was.

“The Ninth Hall?” Hearing that, Zuo Qingluan looked pleased.

“Good. I’ll run into him there,” she said to herself.

Tongque kept her head lowered, but she was filled with doubts.

All this time, she and everyone else in Firmament Palace had been told that the crown prince was deeply in love with their sacred lady.

But it seemed now that her mistress was having trouble even seeing the crown prince. What was wrong?

Fallen Star Yard.

Chaoge came back with the news. “Xiao Wu, His Royal Highness will be at the Ninth Hall today.”

“The Ninth Hall? Good. Let’s go,” said Feng Wu happily.

She had just made up her mind that she would finish this task as soon as she could manage.

Since there was no way around it, the sooner she could complete it, the better it would be.

To make Jun Linyuan fall in love with her… Feng Wu buried her face in her hands. It sounded so embarrassing, but to save her beautiful master, she had to do it.

However, she felt that to make Jun Linyuan fall in love with her would definitely be very difficult.

She kept thinking about it on her way to the Ninth Hall, so focused that she didn’t notice her surroundings. As soon as she arrived, she saw her archenemy.

Zuo Qingluan? Feng Wu frowned.

Today wasn’t her lucky day.

When she saw Zuo Qingluan, Zuo Qingluan saw her as well.

Their eyes met.

Time seemed to go back five years.

The road outside the Ninth Hall was bustling.

Both girls were the center of attention.

When people saw the two of them run into each other, they couldn’t wait to see something happen.

Since they were all from influential families, they weren’t as obvious about it as the common people.

They were filled with curiosity, but they didn’t say anything.

Zuo Qingluan’s gaze only landed on Feng Wu for a split second before she looked away as if Feng Wu didn’t exist.