Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2400 - Untitled

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Chapter 2400: Untitled

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Mrs. Zuo was stopped by an invisible force and couldn’t move any closer.

Zuo Qingluan gave her a long, hard look.

Tongque knew that look well. It was a look of contempt.

Mrs. Zuo was still holding her arms out, when Zuo Qingluan walked past her and into the house without so much as a glance.

Mrs. Zuo looked like she had been slapped.

“What are you doing, just standing there? Go with her!” Master Zuo reminded her.

Mrs. Zuo felt very sad.

Zuo Qingluan had been cold five years ago, but not to this extent. Feeling hurt, Mrs. Zuo murmured, “But she…”

Master Zuo glared at her. “She’s the sacred lady of Firmament Palace now and second only to the palace master! She’s not the little girl who rolled around in your arms anymore!”

That was a reminder to Mrs. Zuo. Her husband was right. Zuo Qingluan was a Spiritual King now, and everyone in the Junwu Empire knew of her. That thought made Mrs. Zuo feel a little better.

Her plan had been to complain to her daughter as soon as she was back, telling her how Feng Wu had killed her siblings, but now…

Master Zuo said, “You shouldn’t bring it up. Wait until she asks. That’ll work better!”

Mrs. Zuo agreed.

However, no matter how long she waited, Zuo Qingluan never mentioned any of her siblings. Mrs. Zuo was deeply disappointed.

Despite the Zuo family’s hospitality, Zuo Qingluan behaved like a guest in a hotel. She went back to her courtyard and wouldn’t receive any visitors.

Tongque was a maid from Firmament Palace and had little feelings for the Zuo family.

In Phoenix Yard.

Zuo Qingluan frowned as soon as the door was closed.

“It’s too noisy.” Her kinsmen’s ingratiating gazes annoyed Zuo Qingluan.

Tongque knew how little her lady thought of the common people, so she said, “Miss Qingluan, if you don’t like it here, how about we go and stay at Firmament Pavilion?”

Firmament Pavilion was the imperial capital branch of Firmament Palace, and the sacred lady could use the resources there freely.

The only person Zuo Qingluan wanted to see in the imperial capital was…

“Send this letter for me.” Zuo Qingluan had just finished writing a letter.

Tongque saw that her lady had washed her hands and put on some incense before she sat down to write the letter, and it took her a whole hour to finish it.

She was very surprised.

Back in Firmament Palace, nothing seemed to concern their sacred lady, but now, she was so serious about this letter.

Who was it for?

Zuo Qingluan wouldn’t usually bother herself over such petty matters, but today, she folded the letter and put a fragrant rose petal in it.

After sealing the envelope, she told Tongque, “Go to the crown prince’s residence and give the letter to His Royal Highness.”

“His Royal Highness? As in the famous Jun Linyuan?!” Tongque’s eyes lit up.