Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 2397 - Untitled

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Chapter 2397: Untitled

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Top prize? A house in the imperial capital?

Land prices were exorbitantly high, and people even wrote poems about it.

A house with a courtyard would be worth a fortune! Everyone had been dreaming about getting it, but now —

Things wouldn’t be so complicated if someone else hadn’t recognized Feng Wu.

“Wait, isn’t she Miss Feng Wu?”

“Gosh, it really is her!”

“If I remember correctly, weren’t Miss Qingluan and Miss Feng Wu once called the genius girls of the imperial capital?”

“That’s right! I remember that, too!”

“But now, Miss Qingluan is riding a phoenix carriage and giving out gifts, and Miss Feng Wu is competing with us for gifts!”

The crowd was already on Zuo Qingluan’s side, and now that Feng Wu had received the top prize, they became even more displeased. Their comments became quite mean.

They believed that after everything they said, Feng Wu, if she had any self-respect, should give away that gift.

Chaoge glared at the crowd.

She couldn’t believe what these people would say or do for money!

If Feng Wu gave up the gift, it would look like she had been forced.

But if she ignored them, these people would keep attacking her.

Chaoge scratched her head and didn’t know what to do.

When she wanted to comfort Feng Wu, she saw Feng Wu winking at her.

There was a smile in Feng Wu’s eyes.

How could she still be smiling?! Chaoge was shocked.

So was everyone else.

How could she still be smiling?

Shouldn’t she be fidgeting and flustered?

“Let’s go.” Feng Wu patted Chaoge on the shoulder and quickly led her away, leaving the baffled crowd behind.

“Did she leave just like that?!” The middle-aged woman couldn’t believe it. “Doesn’t she feel ashamed?!”

Xue Ziyi said, “I’ve never seen anyone so shameless!”

Someone sighed. “I don’t think Miss Feng Wu is living very happily in the Feng clan.”

Only the insiders in Imperial College knew how well Feng Wu was doing at school.

And because the Dongsang spies were involved, Emperor Wu had forbidden everyone from talking about what happened in the Gu manor.

Therefore, the common people only knew Feng Wu as she had been when she lost her abilities.

Fallen Star Yard.

Chaoge finally realized what had happened, and she shouted at Feng Wu, “Xiao Wu, you can’t accept it! We need to give it back!”

Feng Wu blinked. “Why?”

Chaoge asked, “Why?! It’s from Zuo Qingluan! You’re her equal, but if you take the envelope, that means that you’re inferior to her!”