Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 99 - The Task of Saving the World Is in Your Hands

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Chapter 99: The Task of Saving the World Is in Your Hands

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The gamers surrounded the Teleport Portal Main Hall.

The walls around the Main Hall weren’t completed, so the gamers could stand at the edge to watch.

By the side of the Teleport Portal to “Specter College: Training Grounds”, a large white Hexagram Mana Formation was engraved on the stone slab floor.

A Goblin put a piece of black Dire Wolf Skin on his right eye and stood in the middle of the Hexagram Mana Formation with a hand placed horizontally across his chest. His other hand, which was supported on the horizontal hand, had a stretched palm that covered his forehead. He shouted solemnly.

“Disintegrate, reality!

“Dispel, Spirit!

“Disappear! This world of ours!”

He lifted up his eye patch gradually after shouting. The surrounding gamers clapped and watched enthusiastically.

In the Blacksmith Shop behind the gamers, Simba was sitting on a chair by the entrance. He put a red hot metal stick in his mouth and inhaled deeply.



Simba shut his eyes and puffed out a ring of white smoke. He looked satisfied and passed the red hot metal stick to Mufasa. “Cousin? Another puff?”

“Can I? Mufasa was shocked, but he took the red hot metal stick. He looked at the gathering of the Goblins and asked, “Cousin, why are the Goblins gathering here?”

“I don’t know. It’s about to begin,” Simba said casually.

“What’s about to begin?” Mufasa was taken aback, he didn’t understand.

“Some strange ritual.” Simba looked around to ensure that there was nobody around. Then he said in a low voice, “Lord Sherlock seems to be using this method to sustain the Goblins’ morale. They treated Cramer as a nemesis and attacked him for many days. They even asked me who Cramer was. I was badly harassed by them…”

Simba started recalling and said, “That was an incident that happened not long ago. Lord Sherlock used money instead of Magic Stones to reward them. They are the bronze coins that were used to buy food from you. Moroes knew about this too. Let him tell you about it. The Goblins gathered in front of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall and celebrated for a while. After that, they gave their accumulated metal coins to Lord Sherlock in exchange for Cramer’s equipment.”

Simba pointed at the Black Armored Arthur, who was following behind the crowd and said, “Do you see the equipment he’s using? Those were made from Cramer’s equipment. I reforged it. I wonder how they manage to put up with the Houndhead Men’s stench. The quality of the equipment is pretty good, though. I wonder where Cramer picked it up from.”

Mufasa listened to Simba’s stories with a sense of longing.

“That’s really good, the adventures of the Goblins…”

As they were speaking, they saw a tall figure walking towards the Teleport Portal Main Hall. It was Lord Sherlock.

The gamers gathered on the outer ring were the first ones to notice Sherlock. They reminded the other gamers to give way.

“Give way, give way, Sherlie’s here! The Plot Animation’s about to begin!”

The other gamers had already opened up a pathway for Sherlock without their reminders.

A strong dominant aura inhibited the gamers’ movement. They had entered the Plot Animation mode.

Sherlock walked to the Teleport Portal Main Hall entrance. When he saw the Rune Mana Formation, he quickened his steps. He knelt down to examine it carefully and muttered to himself, “This is impossible… The power of the Void Devils has pervaded the Ancestral Ruins?”

Sherlock was in a state of disbelief. He put a hand on the Rune.

A huge image appeared above the Rune.

In the image was an entrance to a huge building. As the lighting was too dim, the image wasn’t clear. Only white bones could be seen on the ground. The scene looked desolate.

The image flashed and faded before vanishing.

“I didn’t expect such things to happen…” Sherlock was silent for a while. He stood up and looked at the gamers, speaking loudly. “Citizens of Eternal Kingdom! The heroes of the Underworld! The Ancestral Ruins require your protection! There are numerous treasures. Endless wealth, powerful weapons, and untold legendary equipment… We can’t let the Void Devils control the Ancestral Ruins! Warriors, make preparations. The task of safeguarding the world rests on your shoulders!”

Sherlock walked towards the Dungeon Core Main Hall after speaking. He muttered to himself, “Before that, we have to do some preparations. Warriors, go and find Bru. He’ll assign you missions to resist the Void Legion. We have to be fully prepared.”

After Sherlock had gone far enough away, the dominant aura suppressing the gamers dissipated. The gamers erupted with loud chattering noises as though there was an explosion.

“Gosh! New areas for us to explore?”

“Is the funding sufficient for the development team? Though the images are realistic, why is the Plot Animation so short?”

“Let’s go and accept the missions. Didn’t you see the pre-mission information regarding the Ancestral Ruins?”

“Sherlie’s awesome! Sherlie’s handsome!”

“Will the official website have the full description?”

“Finally, we have new mission areas. But I haven’t completed my Specter College’s mission. What should I do?”

“Big Bro, are you sure you can conquer the Instance Dungeon? The difficulty is getting higher each time, and the enemy’s equipment is getting better. They’re cheating!”

“Let’s hurry! We have to save the Underworld!”

“D*mn the Void Legion! D*mn the Void Devils!”

“D*mn! D*mn all of them!”

The group of Goblins made a racket as they wielded their weapons and charged towards the Dungeon Core Main Hall.

In the Blacksmith Shop, Simba and Mufasa gaped at what they saw for a long time before Mufasa put the red hot metal stick into his mouth.



Mufasa puffed out the smoke rings and muttered, “That’s really good, the adventures of the Goblins…”