Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 86 - Specter College’s Number One Genius—Brainiac (Part Two)

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Chapter 86: Specter College’s Number One Genius—Brainiac (Part Two)

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The gamers of Eternal Kingdom had a new fad—experimentation.

Though everyone suggested bombing Eternal Kingdom, Sherlock observed that they didn’t do so.

They didn’t create any items that were explosive. Sherlock was rather pleased with the development progress of the Dungeon.

The development of the Commercial Area was fast. It didn’t matter whether their diligence was due to high rewards or searching for explosive raw materials.

Sherlock was happy with the end result.

While the Dungeon was developing at a feverish pace, an official letter from the Merchant Alliance arrived.

“Respectable Mr. Sherlock, we are pleased to inform you that you have been successfully employed by the Winterfell Business Unit as a member of the Ancient Ruins No. 85 Exploration Committee. After confirmation of the Ancient Ruins location, we will inform you of your working hours. Please do not stay far away from Winterfell. Thank you.”

Besides the Merchant Alliance’s letter, there was a work permit.

[Photograph is empty]

[Name: Sherlock]

The other information consisted of his graduated college, address, age, and designation.

“Lord Sherlock, you have a contract with the Magical Items Shopkeeper. Besides qualification, do you have rich Archaeology experience?” Bru asked as Sherlock was examining his work permit.

“Of course, I have traveled all over the world for my Archaeology work. I am a superior Devil who has helped five Archaeology museums with their exhibits,” Sherlock said casually as he put away his work permit.

“Lord Sherlock, the Archaeology in the game ‘Civilization’ is not considered Archaeology experience.” Bru gave a friendly reminder.

Sherlock didn’t reply to Bru. A fireball appeared, and a letter was spat out.

The letter had the words “Seeking Employment”.

Sherlock tore open the letter that said,

“Respectable Dungeon Lord of Eternal Kingdom, Lord Sherlock:

Greetings. I am a Lich who has graduated from Specter College. I discovered your Recruitment Notice in the Winterfell Talent Resource Market. I feel that I fit your requirements. I am hardworking, proactive in contributing, good with communication, and I care for my colleagues. I have excellent skills and interned at Eternal Fire Dungeon for a year. I listen to instructions and carry out my tasks effectively.

I would like to request an interview.

The following are my resume and contact address:


“Oh? Seems like a professional Lich. But he didn’t mention the salary. Perhaps he is a current graduate with bad results and isn’t confident.”

Bru said, “Lord Sherlock, I feel that the work experience at Eternal Fire can be discounted as it could be a bluff. Though I have been awake for a short time, I have heard of Eternal Fire. I would like to suggest 200 Magic Stones, no, 300 Magic Stones, as it is sufficient for a current graduated Lich.”

“Are you afraid that my salary offer would be too low and scare him away?” Sherlock sat in a chair, hugging his arms as though he was in deep thought.

“Haha… Lord Sherlock, I’m not afraid of you scaring him off. I’m thinking of Eternal Kingdom’s development. If your plan is successful, you will be able to upgrade the Dungeon Core and the servers. Then I can recruit more otherworld gamers and open up more races. Unless you stay in the Dungeon all the time, we will be short on manpower for healing and revival. If we have revival maintenance frequently, it will cause the gamers to quit after some time,” Bru said earnestly.

“Yes, you are right, but I didn’t pay the administrative fee.”

Sherlock spread out his hands.

“Wh… what?”

“I registered my recruitment notice at the Winterfell Talent Resource Market, but I didn’t pay the administrative fee,” Sherlock said as he took out a pen and paper to write.

“To look at my recruitment notice, the Lich must have paid the administrative fee. I thought I had to wait for a while, I didn’t expect such a Lich to appear.”

Sherlock put the letter and the Lich’s resume into the envelope. Then he took out some powder from a box. Magic flames erupted from the powder.

“Specter College has tens of thousands of graduating and non-graduating students. Some of them would notice the eccentricity of the Goblins and be curious to find out more. However, to deduce that he wants to find out more about the Goblins after he paid for my administrative fee is premature.”

Sherlock stuffed his written letter into the powder’s flame, which swallowed it.

After listening to Sherlock’s words, Bru did not respond immediately. Within moments, another ball of fire appeared in front of Sherlock, and a letter was spat out. It was the letter that Sherlock had written.

Sherlock opened the letter and placed the resume at the side. The letter had two sets of handwriting, one of which was Sherlock’s:

“Greetings Evelynn, I am Dungeon Lord Sherlock of Eternal Kingdom. How are you doing? Is your Special Talent Recruitment Center part of the Winterfell Talent Resource Market? Please help me investigate a Lich, whether he applied for other jobs with his resume within these three months. Thank you. This is his registered resume.”

The handwriting below it was more feminine:

“Lord Sherlock, I discovered that he only applied for your Lich recruitment. Are you recruiting a Lich? I have a lot of Liches and their information, but they mostly possess special abilities. Shall I organize the information and send it to you? The inquiry fee is five Magic Stones. Please pay me the next time you visit Winterfell.”

Sherlock threw the letter to one side and took out a fresh sheet of paper. As he wrote, he said to Bru, “I am now 100% sure that he is here to investigate the gamers’ eccentricity. A graduating student would send out many resumes to prospective Dungeons, especially if his results weren’t good.”

Bru said, “Lord Sherlock, could it be possible that he was sent by the Specter College to investigate?”

“Sent by Specter College? No, no, no. If Specter College was suspicious of the gamers, they wouldn’t send a Lich to my Dungeon to investigate. Every day, Goblins will be sent to their Training Grounds, and they could use the opportunity to study the Goblins. If they change the Instance Dungeon to study the Goblins, the discussion forum would be full of the news. But currently, they are discussing how to bomb the Dungeon, and there are few posts on the Instance Dungeon.”

Sherlock immediately said, “This should be the case of a curious Lich. He has strong capabilities, and his internship at Eternal Fire is real.”

“Lord Sherlock…” Bru muttered to himself before saying, “You have been targeting the Liches of Specter College all this time?”

“Bru, I can’t possibly plan for this beforehand as I can’t predict the future.” Sherlock shook his head and sealed his finished letter. He pinched some powder, and flames erupted from it.

“I only cast a wide net and threw some bait.”

The letter was thrown into the flames. After it was incinerated, only these words were left on the letter—”Return Letter from Eternal Kingdom Creature Resource Department.”