Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 85 - Specter College's Number One Genius—Brainiac (Part One)

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Chapter 85: Specter College’s Number One Genius—Brainiac (Part One)

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In an office with white walls, a coffee-colored table was placed in the middle of the room. Professor Bacon sat behind the table as he looked at an application form in his hand.

At the top of the form were the words “Resignation Tender”.

Professor Bacon’s hand was covering the applicant’s name, so the name couldn’t be seen.

Standing before Professor Bacon was his student, Brainiac.

“Brainiac, I remember that you gave up the job at Eternal Fire Dungeon to work in the college, didn’t you?” Professor Bacon placed the resignation form on the table and placed his arms on the table as he interlocked his fingers before saying, “Since you returned, the college has been supporting your plans. If you resign now, isn’t it a pity? Did you encounter some issues in your work? You can tell me about your problems.”

“Thank you, Professor. You’ve been taking care of me. I also wish to stay in the college to do research, but I have to settle some matters.”

Brainiac exhaled and looked outside the window.

His empty sockets were gazing at a faraway location.

Bacon looked at Brainiac’s eye sockets, and they reminded him of his long lost youth. That was during a cozy spring and a farmland story…

Professor Bacon exhaled and nodded as he wrote “Approved” in the supervisor’s column and signed his name on the form.

“I understand. It’s your decision.” Professor Bacon passed the form back to Brainiac and sighed.

“No matter what pursuits you have, I’ll support you. Pass the form to the Creature Resource Department. After getting the approval stamp, you may leave. Use the Teleport Portal since a Beetlemon’s journey would make one ill. Bon voyage and take care of your safety.”

Brainiac took the form and bowed to Professor Bacon. Then he turned to leave.


He heard the reluctant voice of Professor Bacon and stopped. He turned around and asked, “Professor?”

Professor Bacon’s Skeleton frame looked extremely slim. On his white skull were various cracks. Professor Bacon looked at Brainiac and nodded.

“All the best, my student that I’m proud of.”

“Yes! Professor!”

The ancient dark fortress was barely discernible in the trees of the forest.

Brainiac took his large luggage and sat on the horizontal seat that was on top of a Beetlemon.

He gazed at the sharp tower of the ancient fortress. With the Beetlemon’s rhythmic steps, the sharp tower that he had watched for tens of years was gradually swallowed by the treetops.

He inhaled deeply and said earnestly, “Farewell, my college. Farewell, Professor Bacon.”

At the exit counter of the Specter College’s Teleport Portal.

In the spacious Main Hall, a uniformed Orc sat in a room with protective metal boards and asked without raising his head, “Where are you going?”


“Travel visa.”


The Orc examined the travel visa and noticed that the photograph was a skull.

“Put your luggage onto the checking device.”

Brainiac put his luggage on the magical checking device, which emitted a blaring siren.

“Warning. Mana units exceed a hundred. An on-spot death execution is advised.”

The uniformed Orc knocked hard on the device and looked at Brainiac.

“Little Bro, the Mana units of your luggage exceed a hundred, and there are restricted items. You can’t use the Teleport Portal. You could use a courier service for your luggage and have a 10% chance of not losing it, or you can take the new high-speed, dedicated Beetlemon service to Winterfell.”

“Thank you, I’ll take the Beetlemon.”

Brainiac picked up his luggage and moved quickly to the Beetlemon transit area.

“How many tickets?”


“Get up onto the Beetlemon. The journey starts in a minute. If you encounter fraudulent crashers, all the passengers will bear the compensation.”


“Get up—!”

“Pa da, pa da… Pom!”

“Sh*t! How did you control your Beetlemon! Didn’t you see that I’m over here! You crashed into me, and my leg fur’s all messed up. If you don’t compensate me 500 Magic Stones, I won’t get up!”

“Pay up, pay up, we’ve encountered a fraudulent crasher!”

“Pa da, pa da… Pom!”

“Get off, get off the Beetlemon. We’ve arrived at the East Forest!”

“Wait, I’m going to Winterfell!”

“Which Winterfell? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Young lads nowadays are so reckless. Stay here for a night and take my Beetlemon tomorrow morning. It’s too late now, no Beetlemons will be running since they need sleep. This is our recommended hotel with a 20% discount. Go ahead.”

“Lich Bro, staying in a hotel?”

“Lich Bro, need a foot wash?”

“Lich Bro, interested in derivative trading? My sisters are derivative dealers, and they earned the equivalent of a Dungeon.”

“Going to Winterfell? What? Last-minute passenger? This isn’t the new Beetlemon, but a green-skinned Beetlemon with less than mediocre facilities. Sit over there… partial refund for bad facilities? No such thing. There are no more seats for you. Please stand.”

“Pa da, Pa da.”

“D*mn! Is there a cockroach among the passengers? Smells like sh*t. Urgh, why is it stinky?”

“Bro, could you move your leg back a bit?”

“Selling beverages! Selling beverages! Tasty bloody chrysanthemum tea!”

Smile on the face, service with your heart—Winterfell Talent Resource Market

Brainiac, who was looking tired, sat in a chair and looked at the huge words before him. Then, he shifted his attention to the Werewolf sitting in front.

It was a Werewolf with dark eye bags, who was wearing a formal suit with a bow tie. He sat hunched and was silent and emotionless.

“Excuse me, are there no employment notices from Eternal Kingdom? Is the Dungeon newly opened? According to my knowledge, there’s no Lich working there. Aren’t they recruiting Liches? If it’s a level issue, I could apply for an external position so that I’m not affected by the Dungeon’s level restriction,” Brainiac gazed at the Werewolf and asked impatiently.

The Werewolf lifted his eyelids and said feebly, “Yes, but the applicant left without paying the administrative fees, so we won’t be publishing his recruitment notice.”

“How can I take a look at Eternal Kingdom’s recruitment notice?” Brainiac asked.

“That is not possible unless the administrative fees are paid,” the Werewolf said calmly.

“How much?”

“20 Magic Stones.”

Brainiac held the form that had the words:

“Talent Recruitment Form

Recruiting Unit: Eternal Kingdom Dungeon

Contact Details: Applicant can see the details after fee payment

Recruiter: Lord Sherlock

Recruitment Requirement: Lich skilled in Biology

Job Requirement: Skilled in healing creatures, listen to instructions, care for colleagues, professional, responsible and hardworking

Career Advancement: The Dungeon provides comprehensive and professional training. There is a chance to learn the latest knowledge, build connections, and gain work experience to help in your career and family advancement

Monthly Salary: Negotiate Face-to-Face”

“Wait, why do I have to pay for the contact details? Didn’t I just pay?” Brainiac looked unhappily at the Werewolf and asked.

“It’s the same. Leave if you don’t pay,” the Werewolf lifted his eyelids and said.

Brainiac was about to argue when he noticed an Orc with heavy makeup, permed hair, tattoos, and possibly a pregnant belly.

She crossed her legs, held a slim red-hot metal stick, inhaled deeply, and puffed out rings of smoke as she said, “Little Bro, is this your first time here? Unless you get employed in a college’s recruitment fair, it’s the practice here. If they don’t collect fees, what are they earning?”

Brainiac looked warily at the female Orc but didn’t respond.

The female Orc laughed like a barbell and took out her name card.

“Little Bro, look for me if your application isn’t successful. My friends are in the bone-strengthening powder business. You would make a good salesman with your handsome looks.”

As the female Orc passed him her name card, she was astonished.

“You… you are Eternal Fire’s newly employed top student from Specter College?”