Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 80 - Using a Powerful Move!

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Chapter 80: Using a Powerful Move!

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“Finally, wishing everyone a successful examination and a happy day every day.”

Brainiac put down the paper slips after reading the contents.

His eye socket became focused.

Indeed… there were problems with these Goblins!

Cold wind howled above the high towers while Mana controlled the special effects of the sky. A flaming rock whistled above and landed with a loud bang.

Sinister background music pervaded the entire area.

Two Lich graduating students with the numbers 85945 and 65685 were preparing for their examinations.

“Plate Leggings, Huge Hammers, and Bone Bows are prepared.”

Both candidates, 65685 and 85945, were using their crystal balls to check each of their Skeleton Soldiers.

“I’ll feint an attack. Senior, ensure that your Archer is accurate. We’ll inflict casualties before the Goblins move to Level 2, then we can easily deal with them later.”

“Okay, don’t worry, I’m not a Goblin.” Candidate 65685 laughed with his teeth chattering.

As they were chatting, the brilliance of Mana flashed outside the high tower. Five Goblins walked out.

“Coming, they’re coming.”

When the two Lich students saw the five Goblins, they started preparing. Lich 65685 was taken aback and pointed at one of the Goblins and said, “Wait, that Goblin with black equipment, is he the Black Armored Goblin?”

“Done, we’re done for. Senior, why is our luck that bad? Why did we encounter the Black Armored Goblin team?”

Lich 85945 grabbed his head in anguish as he squatted down. He looked like he was giving up.

“Don’t panic. I have a secret weapon.” 65685 inhaled and wriggled his white skeleton fingers.

85945 was taken aback.

“Senior, what secret weapon do you have?”

“Skeleton Magician!”

85945 was in awe of his senior.

“Expert! Expert! Skeleton Magician is the advanced level subject, isn’t it? Isn’t that only available in the Research Center? How did you manage to do that? Where did you learn it? Please teach me! Wait, if we are only allowed basic Skeleton Soldiers in the examinations, are we allowed to use a Skeleton Magician?”

“There’s no rule that says we can’t use it. They can’t possibly disqualify me if my basic Skeleton Soldiers can shoot fireballs. If I don’t use the secret weapon, do we wait for the Black Armored Goblin to defeat our Skeleton Soldiers?” 65685 said confidently, while 85945 thought that it was reasonable and kept quiet.

Both of them whispered into each other’s ears and started discussing.

On the first level of the high tower, Arthur, NotWearingPants, Sylvanas, Peasant, and BurningChestHair had completed their equipment check and were venturing into the Instance Dungeon.

“Those lousy producers definitely lurked in the forum. I posted in the forum for gamers to attack the legs and they equipped their monsters with Plate Leggings. When I advised the gamers to bring shields, the monsters all started being equipped with huge Hammers. That’s unscrupulous, be a man! Lousy producers!”

NotWearingPants entered the Instance Dungeon and saw two Gnome Skeletons whose arms weren’t armored and who were without Breastplates. Instead, the legs were heavily armored. Even the feet were protected by metal shoes. Each one also wielded a huge Hammer. NotWearingPants pointed at them and started scolding.

“Let me try my tactics. It will be successful! The Short Bow has its combat value. As a vanguard, I’ll discover new combat tactics,” Sylvanas said eagerly.

“I agree too! There’s a lot of freedom in the game. I don’t believe we have to hack these Skeletons. Moreover, it’s expensive to repair equipment. Let’s try her tactics. Perhaps Sister Sylvanas will have new Short Bow tactics?” Peasant suggested. “Besides, aren’t we prepared?”

“What was that about? You are calling him sister when he’s a guy disguising as a girl. How much did he bribe you with for helping him?” NotWearingPants looked perplexed at Peasant.

“What are you saying? Peasant agreed with me, so he said that. Isn’t it obvious that the difficulty of the Instance Dungeon has increased? If the BOSSES are like the minions and are armed with Flails and Plate Leggings, then we won’t be able to protect ourselves with shields. A few hits on the shield and our arms would be broken. What’s there to fight?” Sylvanas said. “Try my method. It’s powerful. I thought about it for a few days.”

NotWearingPants was about to rebuke when Arthur interjected. “We’ll defeat the minions first. When we reach Level 2, we’ll assess the BOSS. The minions are easy to deal with even if they are using Hammers and Flails. They aren’t dangerous. Since their torsos are unprotected, it’s easier for us to hit. Attack their spines. It’s the fastest way to defeat them.”

Since Arthur said so, the rest didn’t raise any objections. The five Goblins cooperated in battling the monsters.

85945 and 65685 tried their best to control the Goblin and Gnome Skeleton Soldiers, but their agility was inferior to the actual Goblins.

Moreover, the combatants weren’t ordinary Goblins. They were cooperative, agile, and skillful gamers from the otherworld.

After the Liches strengthened the lower part of the Skeleton Soldiers, the gamers focused their attacks on the vertebrae, and it was very effective.

Before long, Arthur’s team had reached Level 2.

85945 was getting worried as he said, “These five Goblins, why are they so strong?”

“Don’t panic!” 65685 chided his junior and started to focus his mind.

He was going to unleash his secret move!

The gamers arrived at the Level 2 entrance and ransacked their backpacks. One of the Goblins took out a bloated flesh-colored ball, while the other Goblins took out a black tinder-like powder, primitive flint, and some combustibles.

85945 observed them via the crystal balls and was puzzled. What were these green-skinned Goblins doing?

The Goblins started a fire, and seeing the start of a flame, the Goblins danced around happily as though they had found some treasure.

“Senior, these Goblins are strange…” 85945 was worried, and he patted the shoulders of the meditating 65685.

65685 ended his meditation and said perplexed, “Since when are the Goblins not strange? This could be their tribe’s ritual. Don’t bother. Let’s defeat them quickly and focus on our graduation.”

The Goblins rolled four bloated flesh-colored balls towards the elite Skeleton Soldier. Soon, they rolled to the sides of the elite Skeleton Soldier.

“That… which animal’s bladders are those?” 85945 stared for a long time before figuring out what those flesh-colored balls were.

“Animal Bladders? These Goblins are thinking of using urine-laden bladders to defeat my Skeleton Magician? This is hilarious!” 65685 laughed heartily.

A Goblin Archer readied an arrow that was covered with fur and oil. She lit up the arrow and aimed at the distant bladders.

“Gosh! Friendlies?” the two Liches shouted out as they looked at each other, exhilarated.

“Steady, steady. We can graduate this time.”

“That gave me a good scare. I thought we’re going to fail after encountering the Black Armored Goblin. I didn’t expect to have friendlies, hahaha!”

“Senior, senior. After graduation, let’s go out for a drink!”

“Of course! My treat! I was scared to death just now. I’m happy, very happy.”

The two Liches talked excitedly about how they were going to celebrate.

The images of the crystal ball showed the other Goblins hiding far behind.

The Goblin Archer shot the flaming arrow at the balls of bladder.

The other Goblins started to protest.

The Liches were able to see the images but couldn’t hear the sounds. From the Goblins’ expressions, they were dissatisfied with the Goblin Archer.

She turned her head to shout a few words. Then she raised her Short Bow, lit up the arrow, and pulled the bowstring.

The taut Short Bow looked tight and packed with power.

The second flaming arrow flew out and hit right into the bladder by the elite Skeleton Soldier’s leg.


The bladder exploded, and the explosion smacked the elite Skeleton Soldier heavily to the wall. The bones of the elite Skeleton Soldier scattered and were engulfed in an inferno.

Seconds later, only a ball of fire burned on Level 2 of the Training Ground.

The two Liches stared with their empty eye sockets at the flames within the crystal ball.

“What… what was that?”