Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 79 - Latest Specter College Graduation Strategy Guide

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Chapter 79: Latest Specter College Graduation Strategy Guide

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In Specter College.

Brainiac sat in the room and observed the Goblins via the crystal ball. They had defeated the Skeleton Soldiers controlled by the Liches and were accumulating loot merrily.

This was the third team of Goblins to have defeated the Skeleton Soldiers within four days.

They didn’t look like they were research combatants with their enthusiasm. Instead, they looked like they had gone into a treasure vault. Their combat performance piqued the curiosity of Brainiac.

“Examination candidates 85945 and 65685, get ready,” Brainiac shouted into the crystal ball as he gazed intently at the five Goblins in the crystal ball.

Brainiac was confident that the green words above their heads were identical to the team that had successfully defeated the Skeleton Soldiers four days ago!

What did these words mean?

Brainiac took out his notebook and wrote the distorted Chinese words Arthur, NotWearingPants…

There were about twenty words. Brainiac couldn’t understand the meaning, and he only copied them.

They didn’t look like Mana runes or other Mana symbols. They were just language, complex language.

Were those words their names? Or professions?

Their professions were more probable. If they were names, then those two words, BurningChestHair and Peasant, wouldn’t appear again.

What were the green words above the Goblins exactly?

Faint sounds of walking and chatting came from outside.

“Have you bought the paper slips that have the graduating topics?”

“Bought it, bought it. Gosh, they are expensive. Only these few paper slips, and it cost 100 Magic Stones!”

“Share it quickly. I heard four graduating students failed. We are against Goblins this year. Why are Goblins that difficult?”

“Perhaps six are failing now. The Skeleton Soldiers in Training Ground No. 45 were all killed. My God, those Goblins are good, do you believe that?”

“Gone… I feel I’m going to fail. I’m going to be hammered by those Goblins.”

“Why do you say that every time? Aren’t you the top in every examination?”

“Never, it’s not me. You are tarnishing me.”

Brainiac frowned and opened the room door. He saw three students walking past.

“Wait, come over here.”

The three students were stunned by Brainiac’s voice. They turned their skulls and looked nervous.

“Give the paper slips to me.”

Brainiac extended his hand towards them.

“Senior, what paper slips? I don’t know.”

“Yes, yes, we don’t know.”

The students colluded among themselves, but after seeing Brainiac’s emotionless skeleton face, they looked at each other and lowered their skulls. One of them passed tens of paper slips, which were full of words, to Brainiac.

The Lich at the side complained in a small voice, “It’s your fault for speaking so loud. What’s there to show off?”

“Gone… even our tips are gone.”

“Depend on your own capability in the examination. Are the bosses giving you tips in the Dungeons when you start work?” Brainiac scolded them severely and glared at them with his empty eye sockets. Then he returned to the Invigilation Room.

Brainiac closed the door and looked at the crystal ball that showed two Lich students doing their final preparations.

The five Goblins who had come before squatted at the Training Ground entrance as they packed their backpacks.

Brainiac wasn’t bothered with the Goblins. They were most likely checking their backpack space so that they could pack more trash from the Training Grounds. Many Goblins were doing that.

Brainiac examined the paper notes in his hand.

“Latest Specter College Graduation Strategy Guide, from the graduating seniors who vomited bone marrow to compile. A must-have mystical manual for all slackers!

We collated the latest rounds of examinations and obtained information from all channels. The combatants were given uniformed training, and they came from the Eternal Kingdom Dungeon. We have reason to believe that the combatants have a commonality. We sacrificed many nights not sleeping in the graveyard and vomited our bone marrow to organize related information and strategies. We compiled the latest trending examination contents.

Every copy is 100 Magic Stones. The price is fair and the offer sincere. Please do not distribute, and respect the fruits of the seniors’ labor. We will prosecute offenders.

The following are the essences of our research:

The notes on the previous years can be burnt. The combatants this year are different.

Keep your Dragon Urine since it is ineffective against the Goblins. We are still observing, and the curious can do some research. Research on Goblins’ immunity to the Dragon Urine is non-existent. Do not accuse the seniors of not telling you.

Smearing the Skeleton Soldiers with the feces of Magical Beasts in a bid to affect the Goblins has failed. The speed of the Goblins wasn’t slowed down by the stench. After defeating the Skeleton Soldiers, they collected the feces. Do not steal the feces from the laboratory. Save it for the juniors.

Goblins will attack the Skeleton Soldier’s thighs or legs. Do not save on the Magic Stones. Within the weight limits of the Skeleton Soldier, put on as much armor as possible. If your control of the Skeleton Soldiers isn’t strong, your Mana is limited, and you are unable to cover the whole body, you may sacrifice the Breastplate for a pair of Plate Leggings and Metal Boots.

Goblins will accumulate the captured equipment after defeating the Skeleton Soldiers, and the subsequent Goblins will use the captured equipment. We concluded that they have an organization that facilitates the exchange of equipment. Do not prepare quality equipment for the Goblin-sized Skeleton Soldiers to prevent future examinations from getting tougher.

In combat, damage the Goblins’ equipment as much as possible, as, after combat, the equipment will be collected and sent back to the Eternal Kingdom Dungeon. The equipment can then be used to arm more Goblins, so damage their equipment!

There is no point in cheating during the examinations. However, before the examination, during the preparation period, try the Big Devil brand Mana drink. It will replenish your energy and increase your Mana. As for the effect, it depends on each individual Lich. Try it. (Please understand that we are paid advertisement fees)

These Goblins don’t know pain and are fearless of death. Some Goblins sacrificed themselves to create opportunities for their comrades to kill the elite Skeleton Soldiers. Goblins who were dying could laugh happily. The Skeleton Soldiers were panicking from their antics. The Goblins are suspected of taking drugs.

According to successful graduates and failed students, these Goblins were using standard Breastplates, Shields, and Short Swords. Very few of them had full body armor or strong weapons. For example, the following was called Black Armored Goblin.


Brainiac looked at the picture of the Goblin that showed his extremely ugly and aggrieved face. He was wielding a black Short Sword and Shield and was wearing a black Breastplate and Plate Leggings. This picture was taken secretly by an examination candidate.

The most important identifier was the green words above the Goblin.

Brainiac took out his notebook. He checked many times, and it was the same as Arthur. This Goblin had the profession of Arthur.

Brainiac didn’t understand the words Arthur, he only looked at the shapes.

Brainiac had a deeper knowledge of the words Arthur and continued reading the notes.

“Please remember, if you encounter this Goblin or his team, then your examination will most likely fail. If you aren’t confident in your Skeleton Soldiers, I suggest you remove, hide, or destroy all equipment to prevent creating problems for future graduates.

Though there are no rules that stipulate killing all combatants for graduation, the college has the famous words—if you cannot defeat five Goblins, do not talk about graduating.

All students who were defeated by the Goblins have to repeat school.

As the Goblins were all using a shield, try to go for Hammers, Flails, or other blunt weapons. Though they aren’t fearful of death or pain, their arms can still be broken.

When you encounter weak Goblins, do not kill them. Knock them unconscious and throw them into the Teleport Portal. Your little action could help more students graduate.

The Goblins’ attack patterns are quite obvious. If your Skeleton Soldier attacks a Goblin, he will not counterattack. Instead, other Goblins will attack you. When you see the weakest Goblin, pretend to attack him. When other Goblins attack your Skeleton Soldier, use the opportunity to inflict damage when they show their weaknesses. When they raise their shields, attacks will be ineffective.

If the Goblins don’t enter the Examination Ground for a long time, do not worry. They are most likely sitting at the entrance eating. (Why are they able to eat in this situation?)

There were three teams of Goblins in which Goblins suddenly laid down. The first team had two Goblins lying down. The second team had one Goblin lying down. The third team had three Goblins lying down. However, the other Goblins would protect them and chat happily. The laid down Goblins would also wake in a short while.

The events occurred two days ago at 7pm and 12pm and today at 7am.

We aren’t sure about the cause. We will continue to investigate whether it is widespread or a regular pattern.

If you discover Goblins with Short Bows, do not attack them. They are friendlies.