Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 77 - Room 77

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Chapter 77: Room 77

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The gamers of Eternal Kingdom were discussing how to conquer the Instance Dungeon in the forum, where they encountered many strange ideas.

For example:

[Why are healing salves, disinfectants, and bandages not added?]

[When is the map system coming out? Even the Dungeon’s map is hand-drawn?]

[The Instance Dungeon is very real and with such difficulty. Is it a Dungeon version of Sekiro?]

The forum was filled with similar questions.

Sherlock browsed the forum and clicked on the posts that he was interested in. He clicked on F5 occasionally to refresh the pages.

It was getting busy outside, as there were more and more online gamers. Sherlock looked at the time, which was close to the afternoon.

Why was time passing so fast?

Sherlock was bewildered as he gazed at the computer. Was the computer a time-related Magical Item? Would time pass faster when it was in use?

The Dungeon Core lit up with flames, and a letter was spat out from the fire. It landed on Sherlock’s table.

“To Lord Sherlock of Eternal Kingdom Dungeon—FeelAtHome Magical Item Shop”

Sherlock tore open the letter, and it was a short letter.

“Respectable Lord Sherlock:

I submitted the application for the recommended Archaeologist. The Merchant Alliance valued my recommendation highly. As it is a matter of utmost importance, the Archaeologist has to be tested. The actual interview and written test will be held three days from now. Please inform your friend to report to the Human Resource Department of the Winterfell Business Main Hall between 9am and 5pm.

Lord Sherlock, I hope that your friend will be able to pass the test successfully.”

Sherlock put away the letter after reading it.

“Lord Sherlock, it seems like the Gnome Shopkeeper is keen to have a share of your Ancient Ruins loot. His efficiency is very high,” Bru smiled as he said.

“It looks like that on the surface, but…” Sherlock placed his arms behind his head and leaned on the chair. He criss-crossed his legs and placed them on the table.

“Too easy.”

“Too easy? Lord Sherlock, that is half of your loot from the Ancient Ruins! You have successfully masqueraded as a rich and powerful superior Devil and convinced the Gnome Shopkeeper. It was logical that he would help you as soon as possible,” Bru said.

“I’m not talking about the Gnome. The Merchant Alliance agreed too easily. A large organization like the Merchant Alliance couldn’t have such high efficiency. I thought I would only receive a reply in ten to twenty days. It seems too easy for a reply in a day.”

Sherlock stood up and took out his new windbreaker from the box made from wooden planks. He placed it on his arm.

“Oh… Is that so? I’m beginning to understand a little.” Bru went into deep thought before saying, “I thought Lord Sherlock’s contract would have no issues. I never expected the Gnome Shopkeeper to be that shrewd. If it’s what you’re thinking, your plan will fail. Are you giving up half your loot to him? Lord Sherlock, you have made a great loss.”

“I already thought of this situation, and it was within my expectations. I won’t make a great loss. In fact, I will benefit a little, though it will cause me some inconvenience.” Sherlock put on his windbreaker as he walked out of the Dungeon Core Main Hall.

“Since Lord Sherlock has already considered carefully and things are within your plan, I don’t have to worry. Lord Sherlock, would you like to make a Revival System maintenance announcement?” Bru asked.

“Make the announcement. I will be away for quite some time.” Sherlock walked towards the Teleport Portal.

“I understand. I’ll extend the maintenance period. The maintenance has been quite frequent these few days. Lord Sherlock, it’s time to employ an NPC to help revive the gamers. How about a Lich? Don’t we have good relations with Specter College? Let Professor Bacon recommend a candidate.”

Sherlock walked into the Teleport Portal under the gaze of the chattering gamers.

In the next instant, Sherlock appeared in the VIP room of the Winterfell Teleport Portal Reception Hall.

“I have to consider it,” Sherlock said.

Magical lights glimmered with crimson rays. Bloodstains were found on the rusty black metal railings.

The huge signboard at the side showed “404 Bar”. An Orc in an expensive western suit lay in the corner, vomit and trash surrounding him. The stench was unbearable, except to the thieves, who wouldn’t mind the smell if it meant robbing him.

Polished leather shoes stepped on the broken glass pieces and “Ka Cha” sounds were made.

Sherlock bypassed the penniless and drunk Orc and walked to the back door of the 404 Bar.

Compared to the huge, luxurious, and crimson lit main door, this small metal door didn’t look like a part of the 404 Bar.

A tall Werewolf with a black waistcoat, strong arms, and a fierce look stood by the small metal door. From his aura, he seemed like a powerful Werewolf!

Sherlock tightened his windbreaker as Bru said with concern, “Lord Sherlock, it might be difficult to slip in without being seen.”

“No problem.” Sherlock frowned and walked towards the Werewolf. As he got closer, he became more solemn.

“Han… Xi lu lu… Hu… Han…”

The Werewolf glared as he made the rhythmic sounds.

“Is Underworld work that tiring?” Bru’s voice was filled with sympathy.

“It’s different from previous times. I have been saying that it’s not easy making money these days.”

Sherlock sighed, walked by the Werewolf, opened the small metal door, and walked in.

Behind the door was a dark and silent corridor. It looked as though there was no end.

Sherlock glanced at the corridor and walked as he counted his steps.

When Sherlock counted to the 77th step, he stopped and faced the wall to his side.

“Dong, dong, dong.”

Sherlock tapped on a wall that made hollow sounds.


On the left side of Sherlock, a furry fist penetrated the stone wall and made a huge hole after a loud bang. Stone fragments and dust filled the corridor.

Before the dust settled, a fierce-looking Werewolf poked his head through the hole and looked at Sherlock as he asked in a hoarse voice, “38324?”

Sherlock shook his shoulders to remove the dust and said to the Werewolf, “14122.”

Sherlock waited for a while, and the wall with a hole was pushed open.

The fierce-looking Werewolf behind the wall bared his teeth, and his chest muscles were bulging out from the tight dark shirt. A Goblin was bandaging his bleeding fist carefully.

A few Goblins were carrying bricks that were to be used to repair the wall.

They looked proficient in their jobs.

Behind the stone door was a corridor. After walking for a while, there was a wide entrance hall and a bar counter. A professional, smiling Succubus—who was wearing a white shirt and short black skirt that stopped above the knees—stood by the bar counter, which had the words “Successful Educational Bookstore” behind it.

The Succubus bowed to Sherlock, who nodded back before walking into the bookstore.

The door to the room had a small window, and a small tag was placed by the side. It said:

“Winterfell Police Notice, do not visit indecent places. Merchants are to engage in proper businesses.”

Looking through the small window of one of the rooms, one could see a U-shaped sofa, which held a few Goblins, Gnomes, and Orcs drinking merrily. There was also an Orc carrying a loudspeaker and singing loudly.

A few scantily clad Orcs with heavy makeup clapped their hands to support him.

The room was soundproof, so Sherlock couldn’t hear what the Orc was singing, but he saw a banner—”Celebrating Third Year Class A Successful Group Interview for Eternal Fire Dungeon’s Employment.”

Sherlock continued to walk forward. The windows of most of the rooms were blocked by metal sheets, so there was no way to see what was going on inside.

Sherlock wasn’t interested in what was inside.

Sherlock walked to the room with the number 77. He composed himself and muttered, “It’s here.”