Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 76 - Specter College: Training Grounds Instance Dungeon Strategy Guide

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Chapter 76: Specter College: Training Grounds Instance Dungeon Strategy Guide

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“Hello, everyone! I’m NotWearingPants ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

I know everyone has been waiting for this post for a long time. I was with my teammates distributing our loot, so there was a delay in posting.

I have written this Strategy Guide for an hour.

Enough idle chat, let us take a look at the equipment from the “Specter College: Training Grounds” Instance Dungeon:


[Shield of Unyielding Garrison Guard (Blue Superior Equipment)]

Defense: 18

Weight: 13

Durability: 10

Reforger: Blacksmith Simba

Required Reputation: Dungeon, Eternal Kingdom Reputation Level 2

It was previously the shield of a Winterfell Garrison Guard. It has the Merchant Alliance’s symbol.


We have only reforged these five pieces of equipment. We brought back a total of sixteen pieces, of which five could be used after minor repairs. The rest have to be reforged, and it will take a long time. We can only retrieve the rest of the equipment tomorrow.

The following content is on the Strategy Guide!

First, we will introduce the basic requirements to enter the Eternal Kingdom’s Instance Dungeon.

To enter the Instance Dungeon requires Reputation Level 2 and Weapon Level 2. The Reputation Level 2 can be easily attained by carrying bricks for two to three days. The difficult part is the Weapon Level.

To increase Weapon Level, one has to attend Moroes’ classes and hunt for the Spiders. Most of the gamers were in the equipment accumulation and improvement phase. If they improve the standard equipment to +3, the Weapon Level will definitely be at Level 2.

We have tested that if gamers have an upgrade in Weapon Level, then when using a similar weapon, the Weapon Level will increase very fast.

For example, BurningChestHair already had Short Sword Level 2 before purchasing the Dagger. Before long, his Dagger Level increased to Level 2. Let’s not discuss Long Range Levels. For Close Combat, the Weapon Levels are closely related.

I have written a commentary on the combat system before. We haven’t dabbled in Mana, so the discussion is limited to passive weapon combat.

Everyone needs to remember that the combat system is 100% simulated reality.

You don’t need to worry about not picking up the skills. As long as you aren’t a dummy, take more classes, and die a few more times, you will know how to fight. Goblin anatomy is different from a human. You might need a lot of effort to kill a mosquito, but a Goblin’s body can easily perform incredible combat moves.

Wait for the Second Beta or Open Beta to try out the game. I won’t comment further. It’s not that difficult.

If the gamers achieve the requirements, they can enter the Eternal Kingdom’s Teleport Portal. The Teleport Portal Main Hall is a new building.

The Beta Gamers have updated the Eternal Kingdom’s map with the new building.

(Picture of Beta Gamer’s hand-drawn map of Eternal Kingdom Dungeon)

The place with the red circle is the Teleport Portal Main Hall. The outer walls aren’t completed, but everyone is working hard to complete the construction. Let’s buck up.

After waiting for a while at the Teleport Portal, it will be activated. Take note that the portal will take at most five gamers in a team.

During the journey, we had a chance to see the Winterfell Teleport Portal Main Hall in a VIP room. We were unable to move, and within seconds, we were teleported to the Instance Dungeon entrance.

After the Teleport Portal was the Instance Dungeon entrance. The following picture was taken before we cleaned out the props from the Instance Dungeon:


This picture was taken after we cleaned out the props:


Are you shocked? The game producers are awesome. We have the freedom to dismantle the props. Take note that the wooden planks are valuable, while the bottles and containers are worthless trash.

The entrance of the Instance Dungeon is considered big, and there is a straight passageway. When there are many more gamers in the Second and Third Beta, I believe the gamers will assemble here to form teams.

We have finally come to the important part—the Instance Dungeon Strategy Guide!

Before challenging the Instance Dungeon, the configuration of the team is very important. There must be a gamer with at least a +3 shield. There will be a huge difference in combat efficiency. Do not bring along Archers!

The interior of the Instance Dungeon was a desolate four-level tower. I shall not talk about the sound effects, but the background decoration was awesome. When I was in the Instance Dungeon, my heartbeat increased, and I had lots of goosebumps. After going offline, even when I was out of the gaming capsule, my hands were still shaking.

The monsters were all Skeleton Soldiers, even the BOSS. They would shout things like:


“Kill the intruders!”

Whether they were minions or the BOSS, the dialogue was similar. The BOSS had slightly more dialogue, but it isn’t important. The most important thing is—they are very strong in combat!

The minions were a team of two Skeleton Soldiers patrolling in the four-level tower.

I haven’t discovered any fixed patrol routes. They seemed almost random. After confirming with the other expedition teams, we discovered that they had the same experience.

The configuration of the minions and equipment was different. Even the attack style and habits were different. The contents of the entire Instance Dungeon were randomly generated.

Whether my Strategy Guide is useful depends on how you make use of the information.

When more gamers successfully complete the Instance Dungeon and collate their strategies, we might be able to find some pattern in the data.

The minions were all elite monsters. Take note that they had no Aggro!

Whether they are minions or the BOSS, they have no Aggro. They attack based on their whims and aren’t affected by taunting. They don’t attack the closest enemy.

They will attack our weaknesses!

The weaknesses aren’t the game’s setting or data. Based on our conclusion, if you stumble, swing too hard and are unable to retrieve your sword, or fall into a daze, these are all weaknesses. They will make use of the weaknesses to deal a fatal blow!

What is the solution? Back to the basics—block with a shield!

Don’t depend on a dedicated Tank. Treat everyone as a Tank, otherwise, it’s not possible to defeat them. At least at the beginning, with our current equipment level, we have to resort to this strategy.

To fight the minions, we followed the One Block, One Slash method. The safest way is to make use of the recovery time of the monster’s attacks to counterattack.

If the monster attacks you, do not be impatient and counterattack. Use a +3 shield to block effectively. Don’t worry that it will be like Cramer’s attack and crush the shield and shield-bearer.

The monsters that we encountered were Goblin Skeletons, Gnome Skeletons, and Houndhead Man Skeletons. There were Dire Wolf Skeletons, but they were few.

The minions were easily defeated as long as one was cautious. The crux was defeating the BOSS.

The BOSS doesn’t have any skills. Every one of his attacks is a skill.

Besides having more dialogue, the BOSS had a layer of gray aura, which some called a force field, Chakra, or Dragonball Power.

I call it Mana according to the game context.

Mana strengthened the BOSS, which was usually an Orc Skeleton or Werewolf Skeleton. I don’t know if there will be other Skeletons with difficult to pronounce names.

They are difficult to deal with and defeat.

The attacks of the BOSS were unable to damage our shields, but their strength and agility were much stronger than the minion Skeletons. Their bones were extremely hard and required ten continuous hackings to break, while the bones of the minions were broken with two hacks.

I recommend hacking any of the leg bones. If you can break one, congratulations, you can complete the Instance Dungeon.

The difficulty of the BOSS decreases a lot after the leg bone is broken. Is that a weakness of the BOSS?

The monsters consisted of two BOSSES, one on level two and one on level four. The level two BOSS that we encountered was weaker, and the level four BOSS was stronger. Other teams encountered the reverse configuration. I suppose that deployment was random.

It’s not effective to use Block Once, Slash Once on the BOSS. It depends on real skill. The speed of the BOSS was fast, so there was no recovery time to exploit. We had to depend on bracing the attacks or praying that we weren’t hit. After that, we tried to inflict as much damage as possible.

I will say again—hack the thigh!

It’s best to improve equipment to Level 3. We have a teammate called Peasant. His improved Breastplate was destroyed before setting off, so he used normal armor. The attack of the BOSS penetrated his armor and killed him. I won’t describe his demise or show the picture since it would be censored.

Protect your neck. BurningChestHair from my team was decapitated.

I will end the discussion of the Strategy Guide since it is getting late. Tomorrow, our team is going to challenge the Instance Dungeon for a second time. I am unable to finish the strategy guide in one post with limited time. I will put in more detail next time.

I am publishing the screenshots of the Instance Dungeon. Enjoy!

(Picture) (Picture)…

In conclusion, this Instance Dungeon is extremely fun!

I will read the replies of the post tomorrow morning. Goodnight everyone!”

After NotWearingPants’ post was published, the comments flooded the screen.

[Angel Wretch: Gosh, the attributes of the equipment are very high! w( ゚Д゚)w]

[Don’t say what I do not want: Reforge? What’s that? I haven’t heard of it before. A new skill?]

[Lonely Patient Without Regrets: It could be the CoderMonkey updating in secret.]

[What is your name on Qidian: Is the BOSS called Skeleton Spirit? (Comedy)]

[Seafood Shaved Ice: I would like to participate in the Second Beta. When is the Second Beta?]

[Green Wang’s Cat: I wrote about Sherlie and college memories in [My classmate octopus roasting the boss] forum. Show your support after reading.]

[Shang Yueming: Traditional Chinese?]

[Seed And Foam: If you’re not using the sixteen pieces of equipment, sell them to other Beta Gamers. The more gamers that complete the Instance Dungeon, the more strategies there will be! Buck up Beta Gamers!]

[Stir-fried Vegetable Rice: I am in America, and the game is famous all over America. It’s a pity the Americans can’t play. ╮(╯▽╰)╭]

[Serpent: We can’t play either…]

[A Lone Ranger called Success: Could you be less melancholic? (__)ノ|]

[Short Flute Devil King_Nyanpasu: Buck up Beta Gamers! You are the best! Work hard in the expeditions! We will follow you!]

Sherlock browsed the contents of the forum once. Some were pleading for the Second Beta or Beta Tester status. Some bragged about killing the BOSS in the Instance Dungeon within seconds. Most of them were gamers who indicated “666”.

The gamers were fond of this Instance Dungeon.

As Bru said, the gamers were most concerned about the Instance Dungeon’s equipment and its quality.

Sherlock thought they loved money, but he discovered that they loved equipment. Money was a means to get better equipment.

Sherlock became worried as he noticed how serious the gamers were discussing the Instance Dungeon Strategy Guide.

Would the graduation rate of the Liches drop to a record low?