Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 73 - Death Due to Bleeding Effects

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Chapter 73: Death Due to Bleeding Effects

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The huge Orc Skeleton Soldier was hacked until his bones were all over the floor. In front of him were two Goblins lying on the ground. One had a slit belly, and its intestines were spewed all over his body, while the other was decapitated with multiple wounds.

The two Goblins were motionless.

The three remaining Goblins were slightly wounded, but they had no intention of retreating. They didn’t even have tension and were not in pain.

They were no longer chatting. Instead, they coordinated their attacks on the Skeleton Soldier from three different directions.

NotWearingPants was the Tank and attracted the Skeleton Soldier’s Aggro. He used his +5 shield to brace against an Axe slash.

Arthur and Sylvanas attacked simultaneously from both sides. The battered thigh bone finally gave way and broke apart.

The Orc Skeleton Soldier collapsed to the ground, and his black Mana faded. A black Short Sword hacked viciously into its spine.


Arthur witnessed his sword bounce off the bone and was stunned.

“The bone’s tough. It’s indeed a worthy BOSS.”

Sylvanas hacked on the Orc’s hip bone, but it screeched along the surface, leaving scratches without any damage.

The black Mana on the Orc gradually faded as he knelt on his broken leg and muttered, “My… one thousand… Magic Stones…”

He fell to the ground with a thud and remained motionless. His armor dropped noisily with the bones onto the ground.

“Yes! We’ve defeated them. This Instance Dungeon is too difficult. We fought for three hours!”

Sylvanas sat on the ground, and the wound on her buttocks tore open. Blood gushed out and formed a large pool as though a floodgate were opened.

“You look like you’re having a period. Why are you sitting down? Help pick up the loot. We’re leaving. That’s a Teleport Portal, most likely the exit.”

NotWearingPants picked up the scattered bones. The bones were pretty hard, perhaps they could be made into medicine. If not, they could be ground and eaten to strengthen one’s bones!

He also removed the Skeleton Soldier’s Breastplate, Pauldron, and Helmet.

As the gamers were busy looting, Lich No. 78566 stood on the command platform and gazed at the Goblins below. They were gathering the equipment that he had bought for the Skeleton Soldiers and piling it together like it was trash. They were even looting the previous Skeleton Soldiers that they had defeated.

Lich No. 98562 sighed and patted his senior’s shoulder.

“Senior, forget it. We’ll try again next year. Our luck’s bad to have met five insane Goblins. It won’t be like this next time. We’ll graduate one day.”

Tears welled up in the empty eye sockets of 78566.

“No, they’re too much. Did you see the Goblin whose stomach was slit and yet was telling horrible jokes at the same time? He was dying but still thinking of going home to eat. That affected my control of the Skeletons. There was an ape that kept stabbing. I could still put up with that, but he kept shouting, ‘Berserker attack, horizontal slash, berserker attack, horizontal slash.’ I had a splitting headache from his chanting. What’s up with these Goblins? Ten years, this is my tenth year. Ooo, ooo, ooo, they did it on purpose. They’re taking advantage of me. Ooo, ooo, my three thousand Magic Stones are gone…”

“No. 78566 and 98562, the examination has ended. The results will be released to you from your faculty instructors three days from now. Go back and take a rest. Once the combatants have left, return via the Teleport Portals,” Brainiac said while the two Liches were still consoling each other.

Brainiac adjusted the images in the crystal ball and observed the wounded Goblins running around the four levels and accumulating their loot at the Teleport Portal. They weren’t showing any pain or suffering.

Weren’t they feeling pain or tiredness? Why were they so obsessed with the loot? Even at the expense of their lives?

It was understandable if the equipment was valuable, but it was worth at most tens of Magic Stones. Some equipment was only worth a few Magic Stones. Why were they that obsessed?

Were they that poor? Were they not paid a hundred Magic Stones?

They barely survived and should logically hurry back to heal their wounds. Were their wounds not serious? Why were they able to carry that much equipment even though they could die at any time?

Was the equipment useful if they died? Since when did the Goblins become fearless? Would the Goblins not do anything to survive?

Brainiac gazed at the Goblins’ behavior in the crystal ball. When they were dragging their dead comrades and about to leave, he had a burning desire to ask the Goblins what they were doing.

Bringing their comrades back for burial? After being burdened by the equipment and injuries, they were thinking of bringing back their dead comrades! Were they Goblins? Perhaps Knights?

Perhaps the Goblins did watch out for each other in their culture!

Brainiac placed both his hands on the table as his empty eye sockets lit up with green rays of bewilderment. Sweat dripped down from his bald forehead like torrential rain.

Why, why, why did the Goblins become like this?

Sherlock… Eternal Kingdom… Would the answer be found over there?

While Brainiac was still mulling over his curiosity of the Goblins, they entered the Teleport Portal and left the Training Ground with their loot and dead comrades.

After transiting through the Winterfell Teleport Portal, Arthur, NotWearingPants, and Sylvanas returned to Eternal Kingdom with their loot and the corpses of Peasant and BurningChestHair.

The gamers immediately surrounded them.

“Experts! Tell us your strategy!”

“Father! Father! Post your strategy guide!”

“Experts, bring me along for your next expedition!”

“Are you selling the equipment? It looks pretty neat!”

Sylvanas was looking as pale as a sheet when she collapsed to the ground. Her buttocks were bleeding profusely.

Sylvanas perished due to the bleeding effects caused by fighting the Instance Dungeon BOSS.