Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 71 - I Am Asking a Question

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Chapter 71: I Am Asking a Question

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While the fierce fighting continued in Specter College, Lord Sherlock traveled to Winterfell and shopped at the Clothing Store. After that, he bought a cup of Pearl Clay Tea and called for a carriage.

With the crack of a whip, the carriage took off in a cloud of dust.

Black Hades Horses pulled the squarish carriage while their hooves gave off green flames. An exquisite leather shoe stepped on the carriage steps and landed with a loud thud on the green stone slabs.

He was wearing a black waistcoat and a white shirt with exquisite buttons. The waistcoat and the shirt were of high quality.

The Black Tuxedo sleeve openings were stitched with gold lining. Coupled with white silk gloves, he exuded a noble and classy aura.

After putting on a black windbreaker cloak, he became low profile.

Those with foresight wouldn’t dismiss it as low profile but a plus point.

His appearance, classy clothing, and tipping of the coachman were on par with the prestige and wealth of the Devil’s wings.

Strictly from the appearance.

“Lord Sherlock, I didn’t expect you to spend more than a thousand Magic Stones to purchase such extravagant, low-profile yet classy clothing.”

The young Devil stood by the Winterfell road and lifted his head to look at the crowded FeelAtHome Magical Item Shop. In his mind, Bru was teasing him.

“Just a little dressing up to complement my class and status.”

A Succubus in high heels turned her head and walked by while she flirted with Sherlock using her long, slender black tail.

Sherlock only smiled politely and placed his black cane with spiral motifs in front as he walked towards the crowd.

“I thought Lord Sherlock only wanted to find out about the Ancient Ruins. It seems like Lord Sherlock had other plans. I’ll just wait and see.” Bru laughed noisily, but Sherlock ignored the Dungeon Core.

There were Vampires, Liches, and various levels of Devils surrounding the Magical Item Shop entrance. They were holding their Magic Stone cards and shouting.

“Why can’t our Dungeons be given a place?”

“We have Magic Stones. Give us a place!”

“The Ancient Ruins belong to the entire Underworld. We also have exploration rights. We’ll give money!”

“The Eternal Fire Dungeon Lord was given exploration rights. Why aren’t we given them too? We have money. This is discrimination.”

“Yes, yes, it’s discrimination. We are in a new age. Why is there discrimination?”

“Auction! Auction the remaining places for the exploration rights!”

The Devils and monsters waved their Magic Stones wildly as they shouted. If they weren’t in Winterfell, they would have fought.

The Gnome shopkeeper was desperately trying to maintain order. As he had a small build, the tall Vampires, Liches, and Devils overshadowed him, including his voice.

Sherlock held his cane and knocked it against the ground.

The sound wasn’t loud, but Mana was broadcasted. The rowdy scene became quiet.

The Devils and monsters turned to look at the classy Sherlock with his folded wings.

This was a superior Devil.

“Lord Sherlock!”

The surrounded Gnome shopkeeper looked as though he had found his savior. He held on to his high hat and ran down the steps towards Sherlock.

Sherlock nodded to show his respect to the surrounding Devils and creatures. Then he walked gracefully with the Gnome up the steps and entered the shop.

After Sherlock entered the shop, the rowdiness broke out behind him.

“Everyone, please leave! There are no more places for exploration rights. I know everyone would like to participate, but I can’t make a decision. If there are places, I will auction them. I have a guest, please come again next time,” the Gnome said helplessly and shut the main door immediately. The rowdiness continued outside.

“Pa Ta.”

The Gnome adjusted his monocle and snapped his fingers.

Magical brilliance engulfed the shop, and the outside rowdiness faded. The shop was quiet again.

“Lord Sherlock, what drink would you like? Bloody chrysanthemum? Bufotenin Milk?” As he asked, his crooked body moved towards the counter.

“Bufotenin Milk for a change.”

Sherlock found a chair to settle down.

“Lord Sherlock, you look different from last time.”

The Gnome placed a brewed cup of green and bubbling Bufotenin Milk in front of Sherlock with a creased smiling face. It was a stark contrast to his previous panicky composure.

He was referring to Sherlock’s clothing.

“Let’s not talk about me. Was the Ancient Ruin found?”

Sherlock placed the cane on the chair rest as he took the Bufotenin Milk gracefully and placed it on his knee.

The Gnome adjusted his monocle and said excitedly, “I’ve roughly located the place within this time period. It was fast. I thought I would have to spend several years. We’re lucky to find it this fast, but it cost quite a number of resources and Magic Stones…”

The Gnome looked at Sherlock and said, “Lord Sherlock, don’t worry. When we signed the agreement, you still retained your exploration rights.”

“I’m here today to find out about this matter,” Sherlock sipped his Bufotenin Milk and said.