Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 7 - Equipment, Reputation And Opening Of New Area

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Chapter 7: Equipment, Reputation And Opening Of New Area

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Sherlock put aside his computer and walked out of the Dungeon Core Main Hall. He shouted to Blacksmith Simba. There were not many gamers outside as most of them were resting on the ground. Sherlock did not mind the Goblins having a structured resting time. First, he was not a harsh Dungeon Lord. Secondly, he initially wanted to recruit only five Goblins, but now he had a hundred without spending any Magic Stones. He had to supply them food though.

Simba was asleep when he heard someone shouting for him. His first reaction was to hit them with his hammer. When he realized it was Sherlock, he stood up respectfully and said, “Lord Sherlock, why are you calling me?”

“I intend to send these Goblins to clear the nearby Spiders’ Lair. Are there any materials in the Dungeon to make weapons and armor?” Sherlock asked.

“Clearing the nearby Spider’s Lair? Lord Sherlock, you are the first Dungeon Lord to send Goblins into battle. Your Goblins are indeed different from the rest. One of them smashed into the wall and died and another dashed into my furnace and killed himself. Are these suicide methods thought out by you?” Simba rubbed his eyes as he stood up and walked towards the Blacksmith Shop.

Sherlock followed him and said, “Their thinking, behavior and habits are different from normal Goblins, but they have other good points like diligence. Letting them clear the Spiders’ Lair is a good form of entertainment.” Sherlock remembered the gamers’ joyful anticipation of the new area and said, “From my knowledge, they are looking forward to clearing the Spiders’ Lair.”

“I don’t dispute their diligence. They are much more hardworking and odd than the Goblins that I have seen.” Simba walked into the Blacksmith Shop.

The half-open Blacksmith Shop was located on the open ground in front of the Dungeon Core Main Hall. It was about half the size of a basketball field and consisted of two metal furnaces and a forging platform. Though it was small, it had everything necessary. On the left side of the Blacksmith Shop was a pile of Diamond Seam, which was a kind of rock commonly seen in the Underworld. It could be used for construction as well as forging.

Blacksmiths could forge metal into weapons, armor and equipment from large amounts of Diamond Seam.

“Thanks to those hardworking Goblins, the Diamond Seam stockpile can be forged into a hundred complete sets of armor and weapons. To improve them is not possible as there are only rocks here.” Simba surveyed the surroundings and said, “You are fortunate. Normally, Dungeon Lords do not recruit that many Goblins in one go. Seems like Lord Sherlock is intending to create an outstanding Dungeon! Would you like to consider employing another Blacksmith? My brother’s skill is excellent and the price is reasonable…”

Employ another one? Wouldn’t Sherlock have to pay another salary? Sherlock was quite poor. Even Simba’s salary was still a question mark. How could he afford another Blacksmith? If he was unable to raise the hundred Magic Stones for Simba’s salary, he might be sued by the “Do not have the most expensive stuff” Blacksmith Shop. Sherlock would be blacklisted by the merchants and he would find it difficult to do business in the neutral towns.

“We’ll discuss your brother later. Let’s talk about the equipment. I’m hoping you can forge a hundred sets of armor and weapons. You’ll forge a sword as the standard weapon.”

Simba quickly said, “Lord Sherlock, with regards to the equipment, I have an abnormal matter to report to you.” Simba took out a thick book from his pocket. Dense words were seen on the book. He said, “Since the Goblins started work yesterday, they have repeatedly asked me to sell them equipment. I explained to them that the Dungeon does not have equipment for them to use. I found them too annoying so I left a book at the Blacksmith Shop entrance for them to write down their equipment requests. I feel that you should take a look.”

Sherlock took the book from Simba and read carefully.

[Teacher Saitama: I hope to buy boxing gloves type of weapons. Is the development team able to read our suggestions?]

[ClericsAreMyMommies: I wish to become a Magician or Pastor or similar skilled profession. Could I buy a Magic Wand?]

Most of the requests consisted of their various thoughts and nonsensical weapons. The otherworld gamers also requested for their weapons to look cool.

Sherlock decided to decline all the unreasonable requests!

He told Simba not to be distracted by these strange requests and concentrate on forging the hundred sets of armor and weapons. Simba nodded and started the forging fire. Numerous gamers were attracted by the noise in the Blacksmith Shop and they surrounded the shop and watched. Sherlock was nonchalant as it was not the first time that the gamers were curious. He commanded the gamers to continue carrying the ores and said to Simba, “I’ll give these weapons and armor prices. You may create a price list signboard at the shop entrance. The Goblins have to pay for the weapons and armor using their metal coins.”

“Aren’t the equipment distributed to them?” Simba asked, bewildered.

“As you know, our Dungeon is using metal coins as reward to encourage the Goblins to work hard. The metal coins were obtained from the Bazaar with Magic Stones,” Sherlock said. “Though the metal coins are not valuable, if I continue rewarding them daily, the coins will be used up. I have to find a way to get back the coins. Selling the weapons and armor is a good method.”

Sherlock and Bru had already discussed this. The otherworld’s gamers preferred to use their efforts and labor to exchange for rewards and items instead of obtaining free stuff from Sherlock. This would fuel their enthusiasm and strengthen their sense of independence. They would feel that their hard work and effort gave them a chance to change their lives!

Though Sherlock did not understand what kinds of lives the Goblins wanted to change, he implemented Bru’s suggestion to keep them enthusiastic. One could not use this world’s logic to understand the gamers’ psychology. They did not require salaries yet worked diligently. Upon receiving the metal coins reward, they would be overjoyed, and they loved using the coins for transactions. Instead of seeing their work as hard labor, they believed that they were Dungeon citizens responsible for its development.

Sherlock liked the way it was going as it would strengthen their sense of belonging and reduce the chances of them escaping or rebelling. The most important thing was that they worked hard without having to pay them Magic Stones.

Very soon, Simba completed his first Short Sword and armor. Normal Blacksmith Shops and Blacksmiths required half a day to complete forging, but Sherlock’s Blacksmith Shop and Blacksmith were not ordinary.

Sherlock examined the cooled Short Sword carefully. It did not have a hilt since there was no wood in the Dungeon. The quality felt slightly bad. Without the hilt, the efficiency and power would be compromised. But, in the development stage, Sherlock believed that the Goblins could overcome these challenges.

The weapon fit the Goblins nicely, but not Sherlock, as he was much larger in size than the Goblins.

“Lord Sherlock, I suggest that an introduction be given to this equipment so that the gamers can understand our world’s equipment.” As Sherlock was examining the Short Sword, Bru said to him, “I had drafted a note on the equipment. I’ll let you take a look.”

Sherlock nodded and received Bru’s equipment notes on an information panel that appeared beside the sword:

[Hiltless Diamond Short Sword (Ordinary White Equipment)

Damage: 0–10

Weight: 10

Durability: 10

Forger: Blacksmith Simba

Required Reputation: Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom Reputation Level 1 (Basic Level)

Dungeon Eternal Kingdom’s most commonly seen weapon. Forged from Diamond Seam.]

An information panel appeared beside the armor:

[Diamond Armor (Ordinary White Equipment)

Defense: 10

Weight: 20

Durability: 10

Forger: Blacksmith Simba

Required Reputation: Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom Reputation Level 1 (Basic Level)

Dungeon Eternal Kingdom’s most commonly seen equipment. Forged from Diamond Seam.]

Bru’s equipment notes were quite detailed, and the Reputation concept had already been explained to Sherlock. It was a way for the gamers to show their respect and admiration for him. It was also a way to strengthen their sense of belonging to the Dungeon. Whoever contributed to the Dungeon would receive Reputation. The Reputation would be calculated in real-time after the opening of the new area. After completion of missions and submission of their mission materials, the gamers would obtain Reputation that allowed them better equipment, benefits and treatment.

Those who worked hard and had excellent contributions would be greatly rewarded. Sherlock fully supported Bru’s Reputation reward system and he waved in agreement.

After handling these minor affairs, Sherlock returned to the Dungeon Core Main Hall and browsed the official website and discussion forum. Looking at the praises of the Dungeon, Sherlock looked forward to their reaction after opening up his carefully prepared Spiders’ Lair. This method of managing the otherworld’s gamers made Sherlock recall his fun times with other Devils when he was young. He was extremely fond of those times…

The time was seven in the morning. The otherworld’s gamers started waking up, and soon, the hundred gamers had already gathered at the Blacksmith Shop. They looked at the sweaty Simba forging intensely.

“Wah?! Simba’s forging? Making equipment?”

“Can we start forging things ourselves? Where can we learn to forge?”

“Look carefully. See if we can learn by watching!”

“There’s a weapon and equipment price list!”

“Don’t they have to shut down the servers while upgrading and setting up the new area? They can upgrade while the servers are still running?”

“Arcane technology!”

“Hey, take a look. The mission rewards contain Reputation, Dungeon Reputation! The game has been upgraded with new stuff!”

“New equipment, exploration area and Reputation. There are many updates today. I’m bursting with anticipation!”

While the gamers were noisily chatting in front of the Blacksmith Shop, Sherlock walked towards them. He cleared his throat and exerted his Devil’s authority. All eyes were on him as Sherlock said in a loud voice, “Citizens of the Eternal Kingdom! I, Devil Lord Sherlock, announce a new mission: To clear the Spider Lair, for the Eternal Kingdom Dungeon!”