Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 68 - I Am Going Offline to Eat

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Chapter 68: I Am Going Offline to Eat

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A four-story tower stood in the middle of a circular cave.

The tunnel that connected the cave with the outside world was sealed by Mana. The only way in and out was a Teleport Portal at the top of the tower.

At the top of the tower, a student Lich wearing the Specter College uniform opened his hands while he used Mana to vibrate his cloak. A black magical aura engulfed his body.

“Puny mortals, you can’t stop us! The world belongs to the Void Legion!”

The vibrating cloak had a small disc with the number 98562 on it.

After he finished the sentence, the magical aura disappeared. He took out a piece of paper from his cloak and scratched his skull as he said, “I left out a word, ‘You can’t stop us! The world will belong to the Void Legion!’ Who is Void legion…”

As he was uttering the dialogue, the Teleport Portal behind him rippled, and a Lich with the number 78566 walked out.

The two Liches looked stunned at each other.

“Senior? You haven’t graduated?”

“Nope, I’ve waited for nine years. My instructor said I had to wait three years, then three years, and then another three years. How many three years do I have to wait?”

The Lich that just walked out said loudly, “I spent 1000 Magic Stones to bribe the instructor, and I became the first one to take the exam.”

“Wha.. What? 1000 Magic Stones? Why did I pay 3000 Magic Stones?” the other Lich asked in agitation.

“Because this is the first year you are taking the examination, silly!”

As they were chatting, the voice of Brainiac came from the high tower. “No. 98562 and 78566, stop chatting and start preparing. Summon your Specter Warriors. The examination is starting.”

They activated their Mana and controlled their Specter Warriors. Each had ten warriors. Nine were ordinary Specter Warriors, while the last one was an elite Specter Warrior. The twenty Specter Warriors occupied the high tower.

These Specter Warriors were arranged to come in by specialized personnel before the Liches arrived.

The two Liches deployed their Specter Warriors and waited obediently on the fourth-floor rooftop. They knew that there were many Professors observing them. They had to control their Specter Warriors to fight with the five combatants.

They would be graded on how they controlled the Specter Warriors in combat, their familiarity in control, and the performance of the Specter Warriors. Liches who passed would be able to graduate.

Before the combat exam, there were other subjects. They had to pass them to qualify for the combat examination.

The two Liches waited for 10, 15, 20 minutes, but nobody entered the Training Ground.

“Er, where are the combatants?” 98562 gazed at the empty space below the tower and asked in bewilderment.

“Is that a thief? Or robber?” Brainiac was furious as he pointed at the images in the crystal ball.

In the crystal ball, there were more than five Goblins, twenty to be exact. They were smashing the containers and wooden boxes in a frenzy.

These Goblins looked for all the things they could find to transport back to Eternal Kingdom.

The items included wooden planks, earthen jars, metal parts, wooden wheels, and bones knocked down from the walls. Some Goblins even used chisels and hammers to extract the stone flooring, but they tried in vain.

As the Goblins were busy transporting these props meant for creating the battlefield atmosphere, nobody walked through the corridors to teleport over to the Training Grounds.

“Don’t worry. There’s a term in the contract. Let me see…” Professor Bacon said as he took out a copy of the agreement and found the terms.

“Party B’s combatants may exhibit abnormal behavior, such as taking things away. Party A should restrict the combatants’ movement and control their route. Do not put any expensive items in their vicinity. If Party A suffers any losses, Party B will not be held responsible.”

Party A was Specter College, and Party B was Lord Sherlock.

“There are such terms in the contract? Is it Lord Sherlock’s intention to let his Goblins steal from us?” Brainiac took the contract and examined it carefully.

“Lord Sherlock wouldn’t resort to such means. He isn’t in need of money,” Bacon said confidently. “It could be the Goblins’ tendency since they have low intelligence. They might be different from the normal creatures. It’s normal for them to do such stuff. Since the items aren’t expensive, let them be. The most important matter is to let the Liches graduate.”

“I borrowed these props from the Drama Society, and they are performing the ‘Armageddon War’ next week using the same props…”

“They are already destroyed. Even if we retrieve them, they can’t be used. Forget it. I’ll talk to the Drama Society. Why did you place that many props? Magical effects are sufficient. I hope they finish their transportation fast…” Bacon looked at the busy Goblins in the crystal ball and sighed.

Even if there were lots of props, they would complete the moving somehow. The gamers removed all the props from the Instance Dungeon Entrance Main Hall. They ensured that the flooring couldn’t be removed before they gathered together.

In Bacon and Brainiac’s crystal ball, some of these gamers looked like they were sleeping. Some were sitting dazed on the ground, while a few wandered around, looking.

None of the Goblins walked into the Teleport Portal of the Training Grounds.

Bacon was getting impatient.

“What are they doing?”

He pressed his hand on the crystal ball, and the chatting voices of the Goblins were heard.

“My food is almost ready.”

“Where are you from? I’m from Beijing.”

“I’m from Hangzhou.”

“My group member is irresponsible. Could he not have his dinner later? The four of us are waiting for him.”

“Time passes fast when playing this game. It’s mealtime in the blink of an eye…”

“I spent the entire afternoon helping to remove all the props. I posted on the forum, and they didn’t believe that the game has such interactivity, hahaha.”

“I’m not chatting. I’m going offline for my meal. I’ll be back in a jiffy!”