Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 61 - The Gamers' Intelligence

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Chapter 61: The Gamers’ Intelligence

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Sherlock completed writing his announcement and checked it through once. He pondered over the background story and said to Bru, “How about this background story?”

“Not bad. Though it’s a bit old fashioned, it feels epic and suits the gamers’ tastes. The gaming quality is first, and the background story is second,” Bru said.

“Lord Sherlock, the creatures from Specter College are here.”

Sherlock nodded as he published the edited background story and the Update Logs. He allowed Bru to let them in.

In the entire Dungeon, only Sherlock and Little Fairy were present. The gamers were offline, while Simba, Mufasa, and Moroes were given two days of leave. The Dungeon was very quiet.

A large Teleport Portal appeared outside the Dungeon Core Main Hall.

The magical rays formed a white magical door from which the first creature walked out.

It was Professor Bacon.

Professor Bacon had his Skeleton frame. It had only been three days, but he looked exhausted. It was as though he had used up a lot of energy.

“Lord Sherlock, we meet again. It has only been three days, but it felt like three centuries!”

Though he looked tired, he appeared friendly.

Various creatures walked out from the Teleport Portal behind him, carrying various materials for constructing the Teleport Portal. The materials were wrapped with special coverings to prevent the Mana from affecting the materials.

Two Liches were by the sides of the portal, transferring Mana to sustain the Teleport Portal.

Sherlock didn’t share the same feelings as Professor Bacon. He had only clicked on the “Next Turn” in Civilization. It felt like an hour ago that he had discussed the agreement with Professor Bacon.

“Professor Bacon, it has been hard on you. You have slimmed down.”

Professor Bacon shook his Skeleton frame as if he was laughing.

“Lord Sherlock is jesting. Where are your Dungeon servants?”

Professor Bacon noticed the pile of Goblins at one side, but seeing Sherlock’s nonchalance, he felt that he had to ask about the Goblins. After pondering, he mentioned it in passing.

Though it was a new age, he was a superior Devil who could sell thousands of Goblins without batting an eyelid.

Perhaps the Devil wasn’t in a good mood and killed all the Goblins as entertainment.

“Oh, they are going to the Specter College to adventure and are excited. To prepare for the trip, they went to sleep.” Sherlock smiled.

Bacon couldn’t understand the meaning of sleep, but Sherlock said, “It’s trivial. Let’s discuss the contract.”

“Yes, let’s discuss the official matter.” Bacon took out the agreement contract from his pocket. The contract had the Specter College’s seal. Only Sherlock’s signature was missing.

This wasn’t the otherworld’s contract, so Sherlock had to examine it carefully.

The content indicated that one party was Specter College, and the other was Sherlock.

Specter College contracted Sherlock to solve the problem of the graduating Liches.

Specter College would pay a hundred Magic Stones to Sherlock in exchange for him providing sufficient combatants to help in the graduating research. It didn’t matter whether the combatants perished, Specter College wouldn’t pay additional fees to Sherlock. The weekly payout would be for a hundred Goblins. After the contract was signed, Sherlock would be paid immediately for providing a hundred Goblins.

Sherlock had the responsibility to provide sufficient quality combatants to ensure Specter College could carry out the graduating research.

If Sherlock’s Goblins defeated all the Specter Warriors, they could obtain the equipment as loot, and if Sherlock’s Goblins perished, Specter College would retrieve their equipment and return it to Sherlock.

Specter College had to follow the Instance Dungeon combat system and teach the graduating Liches the Instance Dungeon dialogue. The Liches were to be given basic acting training, and they had to place the Specter Warriors at designated locations, complete with scene and sound effects.

Specter College had the responsibility to provide Teleport service to Eternal Kingdom and construct a Teleport Portal at Eternal Kingdom to facilitate the Goblins in arriving at the Specter College Training Ground.

Sherlock had the responsibility…

The remaining contents were small details and the penalties for breaking the contract.

Sherlock examined the terms and conditions of the contract and ensured that there were no problems before signing the contract.

The Magical Seal appeared on the contract, and it was completed.

“To be able to sign the contract with Lord Sherlock is a great honor. You have solved our huge problem.”

Bacon transferred 10,000 Magic stones to Sherlock’s Magic Stone card.

Then he ordered the workers and the Liches to construct the Teleport Portal.

Sherlock selected an empty spot for them to construct the Teleport Portal.

The materials for constructing the portal were sent in batches to Eternal Kingdom. The construction required Dimension Magic, which was troublesome work. As such, the construction fee was high in addition to expensive materials.

The installation and testing of the Teleport Portal required two days, but Sherlock wasn’t required to provide food. The well-prepared workers had brought their own food and sleeping bags.

After Bacon gave work assignments to the workers, he left using a Teleport Scroll. Sherlock didn’t ask where he went since he was most likely going to attend to the poor female students.

While the workers were busy, Sherlock went back to the Dungeon Core to browse the forum.

In a short period of time, Sherlock’s public announcement had garnered tens of thousands of replies:

[NyxP: Is the Non-Existing Intelligence Organization okay? (ಡωಡ)]

[Metal-skinned Ape: What is Eternal Kingdom Training Ground ⊙∀⊙? Is that a new scene?]

[Clean Glazing in Glazed Mirror: It’s the Training Ground of the Gnome Instructor. The Beta Gamers do their transactions and forming of teams over there.]

[Mourning Alsace: What are the updates? Requires two days offline!]

[Beat that Goblin: Are the updates not indicated in the announcement?]

[Nanmo Gatling Bodhisattva: There are quite a lot of updates!]

[Peasant: I’m in trouble. I can’t play “Dungeon” for two days, and I’m dying.]

[Raintea: I forgot to go offline while cultivating the flowers. Will that be alright? >_<]

[Jade Tree Wind Barrier: Gosh, those two above must be Beta Gamers. Raintea must be the life connoisseur gamer who cultivates flowers. Heard that flowers were kept alive?]

[Fifth Ocean: Isn’t the background story lacking in sincerity? It’s too little! Less than a thousand words! Will there be an official novel?]

[White Blue Sky: Can I apply for Beta Tester status? @Administrator Sherlie]

[Deranged Heart: The person above, don’t waste your efforts. The administrator will only publish announcements. He will never reply to gamers.]

[Zeus Creator: Thumbs down for the administrator! (* ̄〈̄)]

[Early Night Rain: Is the private land in the game not a grave? two square meters…]

[Being a good girl: There is no need to restrict housing, and there should be benefits. This game isn’t entertaining since it doesn’t allow gamers to build a beautiful villa.]

[Believe in Sacred Light: Is anybody ridiculing Ranlada?]

[Xel’ Naga: The above commenter on the private land. You have underestimated the game’s freedom. The Beta Gamers have constructed a huge house. A gamer has two square meters, so there are two hundred meters altogether! This is called gamers’ intelligence!]

[Dawn’s Boyfriend: What? What kind of a game is that? I would like to see! Are there pictures? Are there Minecraft fellows? Do you need a civil engineering profession? Perhaps there is a guild later on? Oh my God, I want to live in a villa!]

[Icy fire: Gosh, the previous commenter’s question is difficult!]

[Too lazy to remember names: I want to know when the Open Beta is. It has been Closed Beta for a month. It’s time for Open Beta! ╰(‵□′)╯(┻━┻]

[Resting Rapid Rain: I plead for the Open Beta like the previous commenter. Those who agree, support me!]

Sherlock looked at the replies and asked Bru, “Those Beta Gamers accumulated their private land to build a house?”

“Didn’t Lord Sherlock know? They created a building. You can take a look. It’s pretty neat.”

Sherlock walked out of the Dungeon Core Main Hall and walked in the direction of the Goblins’ private lands.