Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 585 - Queuing to Complain

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Chapter 585: Queuing to Complain

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“Anyway, that’s my information. If there are no other matters, I’ll take my leave.”

The Sludge Monster opposite Sherlock got up and took off its hat as a show of respect.

“Good, I’ll contact you if there’s a need to.”

Sherlock tossed out the round Adamantine rock in his hand. Inside was the latest “High School Examinations Compilation”.

The Sludge Monster assimilated the round Adamantine rock greedily into his body. He was pleased and shouted, “Ah, the taste of knowledge!”

After the Sludge Monster left, Eggface said warily, “It was really unintentional.”

He was worried about destroying the crystal.

If Lord Sherlock were to punish him with work and computer game prohibition… then life would be unbearable!

Sherlock had accomplished his task, so he left with his pets.

However, the area outside the cafe was full of gamers.

The Sludge Monster was having a hard time squeezing through the crowd.

He ended up dragging a few gamers with him.

“Is there a Strange Encounter Mission for me?”

“Please give me a Strange Encounter Mission!”


However, there were more gamers who wanted to enter the cafe.

Lord Sherlock appeared in a cafe in the distant Venice.

Once the information was posted on the forum, numerous gamers rushed to Venice.

If Lord Sherlock appeared at a Dungeon, there must be a Special Mission!

But it wasn’t easy for the gamers to get close to Lord Sherlock.

“Lord Sherlock, since the gamers are here, aren’t you going to give a Hidden Plot monologue?” Bru asked Sherlock.

That was what Sherlock intended to do.

When Sherlock was speaking to the Sludge Monster, the gamers had been capturing videos of their conversation.

The gamers gained access to the roof and ceiling, so they were able to do that.

Sherlock knew about it, but he didn’t stop them. After all, it was related to what he was going to do later.

While the gamers were gathering outside Cat’s Urine Cafe, waiting for missions, Sherlock grabbed his windbreaker and went out. Then he muttered to himself in a loud voice, “It seems pertinent to send someone to investigate Dungeon Lord Alexandria.”

After that, Sherlock vanished in the streets.

That was all Sherlock needed to do. The gamers would take care of the rest.

Leather Shoe had been living a good life for the past few days.

After recruiting the gamers to work for him, his personal income had been increasing at an astonishing rate.

Whoever wanted to peddle their goods at the spacious plaza had to pay fees, and a portion of the fees was given to Leather Shoe.

Leather Shoe thought that the higher management would step in to take control, but after a few days, there was no reaction.

Leather Shoe used a portion of his income to bribe his superior. However, his superior refused to accept his Magic Stones.

He scolded Leather Shoe as a despicable scoundrel!

He almost sacked Leather Shoe on the spot.

Later, the gamers came to help Leather Shoe out of the crisis.

It was a dark and stormy night.

A creature who was wearing a large windbreaker and holding a round Adamantine rock walked over. The creature’s face was covered, and he looked around warily. Then he said in a small voice, “Bro, do you wish to learn? It’s affordable.”

Leather Shoe declined at first.

Learning was very addictive. Once someone was addicted, they wouldn’t be able to stop.

Leather Shoe had seen many of his friends fall to learning. They started out as good creatures, but after they started to learn, they became corrupted.

They would groom their greasy hair and wear neat clothing. Previously, they bathed once a year. Now, they bathed daily. They even tried to explain it. “Before learning, I have to bathe and change clothing. Then I can learn earnestly.”

It was too decadent!

However, decadent things were incredibly tempting.

For example, the item that the creature had offered.

It was broad daylight. Leather Shoe declined, but… who could resist the temptation?

Leather Shoe purchased a round Adamantine rock that was full of learning materials with his Magic Stones.

The criminal gamer with green words above his head left happily after he took the Magic Stones.

Before long, there were police sirens and people shouting.

“Stand right there! We’re Venice’s Garrison Guard! We suspect you of selling contraband items! We’re going to search you!”

Darting Birds were closing in from a distance, and the armored Orc guards looked very fierce and intimidating.

Leather Shoe panicked. He hid in an alleyway and heard the creature being captured.

“Wait, I’m innocent! I don’t like learning! I’ve always failed my examinations!”

Though the creature claimed he was innocent, he was taken away by the guards.

After the close shave, Leather Shoe learned earnestly for the entire night.

The next day, he was feeling tired, but he was also feeling blissful.

Learning was such a joy.

Then he had an idea. He could use the learning materials to bribe his superior!

He secretly placed the round Adamantine rock into his superior’s pouch.

The next day, Leather Shoe wasn’t sacked. Instead, he was promoted.

The entire west park came under the purview of Leather Shoe.

Leather Shoe was going to have a good life!

But it ended abruptly.

Because the gamers started to create trouble.

“Did you go to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall yesterday?”

“No, the security was too tight!”

“It’s alright, we’ll try again tonight!”

“Good, bring more Magic Stones to bribe the guards.”

Leather Shoe overheard the gamers talking when he was at the bazaar.

The gamers were intending to sneak into the Dungeon Lord Main Hall!

What should Leather Shoe do?

Leather Shoe decided to inform the Dungeon Lord even though he could kill off his golden goose.

Compared to the golden goose, his life was more important. Who knew what the gamers were up to?

If he didn’t inform the Dungeon Lord, when he was discovered, he would suffer unspeakable consequences!

The response from the Dungeon Lord Main Hall was, “Oh? You’re informing us of attempted intrusion? They are here every day. Please queue up if you want to make a complaint.”