Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 579 - Municipal Worker

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Chapter 579: Municipal Worker

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In the dark night, torrential rain fell on the heads of the residents who were hurrying home.

Leather Shoe tugged his raincoat. As a Venice government official in such bad weather, he had to patrol the dungeon instead of resting at home. Behind him were two newly registered temporary workers who were helping him with municipal work.

There were green symbols above their heads, like those tramps who were crowding the temporary shelter.

Leather Shoe finally realized that they were from Eternal Kingdom.

“Starting from here, we have to travel around Venice, as this huge area is under our care. If you see tramps who are lying on the ground and are able to get up, direct them to the nearest temporary shelter. If they can’t get up, help them to the shelter. Don’t let them lie down on the streets.”

The Goblins behind Leather Shoe nodded and said, “We understand. Don’t worry. Leave it to us.”

It was the first time that Leather Shoe had employed the Goblins. He was still worried about the Goblins, so he followed them.

It was done discreetly. Otherwise, how would Leather Shoe know that the Goblins could accomplish their task?

The two Goblins chatted with each other while they wandered around the streets. Leather Shoe followed them secretly. Their work performance had been satisfactory so far. Chatting during work was allowed. If not, were they supposed to keep quiet while they checked the streets?

Soon, they encountered an Orc who had green symbols above his head on the streets.

The Orc was reading a newspaper, which depicted recruitment information. The two Goblins walked up to him.

Leather Shoe frowned. These two temporary workers were wearing municipal uniforms. Why did they look for ordinary folks instead of tramps who fainted or were sleeping on the streets?

Did the Orc look like a tramp?

While Leather Shoe was feeling perplexed, the two temporary workers said to the Orc, “When you go offline later, don’t sleep on the streets. Find a discreet place to go offline. Don’t let others know about our job. Please cooperate with us.”

The Orc was taken aback.

In the Underworld, Orcs could work alongside Goblins.

However, Goblins weren’t of the same status as Orcs. The Orc race was considered superior in the highly mechanized society, but the two Goblins were ignorant.

Leather Shoe could imagine the Orc beating up the two Goblins.

He was about to go out and help the two Goblins when things turned out differently.

The Orc didn’t become angry or show signs of anger. He looked at the two Goblins subserviently and said, “I understand. What’s happening in the Guild? Are we gathering tomorrow to challenge the Instance Dungeon? Did the team leader say anything, administrator?”

“Beats me. The team leader is addicted to logging, so he has no time to care about us. As you know, the Pioneer Alliance Guild requires a lot of wood for the guild lands. Arthur is offering a high price for the wood. If I wasn’t busy with guild administration, I’d be cutting down trees.”

One of the Goblins complained. The Orc suddenly laughed and replied, “Are you messing with me, administrator? With your knowledge, are you able to solve the problems? You better go back to mining. Anyway, Arthur is also mining ore with machines. The efficiency is higher.”

The Orc joked with the two Goblins before leaving.

Leather Shoe didn’t expect them to know each other. That was why the Goblins were impolite to the Orc.

It was fortunate that no problems cropped up.

Leather Shoe was relieved to see both Goblins working hard. When he was about to leave, he saw the two Goblins approaching a Gnome who had green symbols above his head.

The Gnome was wearing full-body armor while wielding a Greatsword. He looked strong and powerful.

Leather Shoe could discern where this adventurer came from.

Such an adventurer lived by the sword. Leather Shoe would never think of offending him, but the two Goblins weren’t afraid when they approached the Gnome.

“Are you going offline? We noticed your dazed look from afar,” one of the Goblins said to the Gnome.

The dazed Gnome stood at his location and didn’t reply.

The other Goblin walked to the side of the Gnome and poked him with his finger.

Leather Shoe almost died of fright. The Goblins didn’t think twice before touching the adventurer. What if the adventurer flew into a rage and killed the two Goblins? What should Leather Shoe do?

Leather Shoe only wanted to find two temporary workers to do his work while earning some money. He didn’t expect his temporary workers to do such a thing. He wanted to stop the two Goblins before a tragedy occurred.

Before he made a move, the Gnome, who was wielding a weapon, recovered.

“Gosh! Both of you gave me a shock. I was browsing the official forum. What are both of you doing? Are you buying things?”

“Don’t make so much noise. Are you selling things here?” one of the uniformed Goblins asked the Gnome.

“I’m left with no choice. The Commercial Area is still under construction, so I don’t have anywhere to sell my goods.”

“But you’re unable to sell your things here, as this place is under the charge of the municipal authority.”

“Wah, bro, we’re from the same faction. Can you give me some leeway?”

“Well, we’ll charge you an hourly rate.”

“Gosh, this is Venice!”

“What’s so surprising? Do you see my uniform?”

The Goblin lifted his arm and said, “I’ve received a mission. From tonight until tomorrow morning, I’m Venice’s municipal worker!”