Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 577 - Nice

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Chapter 577: Nice

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The gamers didn’t know that Alexandria had become the Dungeon Lord of Venice.

Since the farm was awarded to the Pioneer Alliance of Eternal Kingdom, the other gamers were eyeing the lands in Venice.

The Pioneer Alliance was extremely strong. Most of the First Beta Gamers were in this Guild.

Moreover, the chairman was the top rich gamer, Arthur.

Construction at the Guild’s land was proceeding at a rapid pace.

Within ten days, the Dungeon Lord Main Hall was constructed from scratch. It was used to let the gamers rest.

The gamers referred to the members of the Pioneer Alliance.

The building was spacious enough to cater to 5,000 members.

It was tens of stories high, and a large portion of the construction went underground.

It was common knowledge in the Underworld. How could the building be constructed too high? Especially when there was a height limit to the roof. Hence, most of the development went underground.

After the large Dungeon Lord Main Hall was completed, Arthur opened up his Guild lands to most of the other gamers.

This was restricted to other allied Guild members and unaffiliated gamers.

The members of the opposing Changan Guild were excluded.

Though the Guild lands were opened up, very few gamers were able to gain access since they had to be verified by the Pioneer Alliance. After all, the farmland was limited in size.

At most, it could accommodate 10,000 members. However, the capacity could be increased with the construction of more buildings.

During this time, Lord Sherlock, who was the superior of the Pioneer Alliance, arrived at the farmland to do an inspection.

He gave encouragement to the gamers at the site.

The frozen gamers were unable to respond since they were in Plot Animation Mode. They could only stare helplessly at Sherlock, who talked for some time before leaving.

The gamers managed to record and upload the video to the forum. It created a huge reaction.

This was the first time that a Guild had triggered a plot. Though there wasn’t much effect, the gamers felt it was refreshing.

The Guilds on the Surface World obtained their lands in a much easier way, but there was no Plot. The gold coins that were paid by the Human residents living off the Guild lands weren’t important to the gamers.

The gamers wanted Magic Stones.

If the Surface World gamers wanted to purchase enchanted, rare, or powerful equipment, they had to use Magic Stones for the transaction.

Normal weapons could be bought using gold coins.

The gamers were envious of the Pioneer Alliance, as it was powerful and wealthy.

Though “Dungeon” was a free game, there was no way to buy powerful equipment or skills using Renminbi.

Normal gamers weren’t trained in combat, so their fighting skills were inferior. As such, Renminbi was used to exchange for Magic Stones in order to purchase powerful weapons.

However, the rich gamers weren’t that different from normal gamers. Only Arthur was an exception. He was an unexpectedly powerful and wealthy gamer.

Only Hoodlum and Dragonborn were on par with the capability of Arthur.

The three gamers were the epitome of powerful warriors in the game.

While the gamers were busy doing construction on their first Guild land, there was a piece of news from the Dungeon.

Lord Sherlock gave a new order, telling them to go to Venice, where they would set up a new Adventurer’s Guild.

He had spent a huge sum of money and bought a small piece of land for the gamers to construct the Guild.

The gamers weren’t enthusiastic, as Venice was too far. And most importantly, they had to pay to use the Teleport Portal.

There were many Daily Missions available. Why did they have to perform the Daily Missions in Venice? The gamers thought that it would be better working in the factories than doing the Daily Missions.

Even challenging an Instance Dungeon was better than doing Daily Missions. Moreover, the gamers could trade their loot with other gamers. There was no need to waste time and effort traveling all the way to Venice.

That was what the gamers thought until Lord Sherlock posted a new announcement.

The gamers who completed Daily Missions in Venice would receive special points that could be exchanged for Guild lands. The more points they had, the larger the Guild land.

When the announcement was posted, all of the gamers stopped what they were doing and flooded to Venice.

Besides those gamers who were waiting to enter the game, the active gamers numbered a few million. Even if only 50% of the gamers went to Venice, the number was an astonishing 500,000.

Venice was overwhelmed with gamers all of a sudden.

Sherlock didn’t suffer many losses. He only carved out a piece of land for the gamers. All he had to do was circle out a desolate area outside Eternal Kingdom. The gamers had to deal with the wild animals and monsters at the designated land.

It was a barren and desolate land that was devoid of resources, so Sherlock didn’t feel the pinch.

Moreover, the land didn’t belong to Eternal Kingdom in the first place, so he didn’t feel the pain.

After spending a lot of money to arrive at Venice, the gamers weren’t content to just perform Daily Missions.

They carried out the glorious tradition of their predecessors. After gaining the experience of gamers making money in Winterfell on the forum, the strategies were used in Venice for the same purpose.

Besides performing the Daily Mission of constructing the new Adventurer’s Guild, the gamers used the rest of their time to do odd jobs in Venice. For example, they worked as waiters in restaurants and helped to clear the sewers.

As for the problem of finding a place to rest, it was easily solved. The gamers didn’t bring along their valuable belongings. They gave their belongings to the Guild attendants for safekeeping before finding a place to rest.

It was safe in the Dungeon. Perhaps, they might even wake up in the Venice prison and obtain free breakfasts.