Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 57 - The Extremely Responsible Lord Sherlock

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Chapter 57: The Extremely Responsible Lord Sherlock

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After Sherlock’s command, none of the gamers moved.

They were restrained by Sherlock’s dominance, and they focused on watching the Plot Animation.

As the dark rays collided with the magical barrier and created multi-colored sparks and realistic sound effects, the tall, cloaked Ba.Mannoroth.Con advanced towards Sherlock and spoke in a deep, eerie devilish voice, “Sherlock? Just as I thought. You were here. I detected your odor long ago.”

Sherlock was in agony as he shouted dramatically, “No—! My power is being drained!”

The magical barrier became weaker and weaker. The dark magical beam penetrated the barrier and pounded Sherlock.

“Die! Sherlock, you can’t stop me this time!”

The dark magical beam from Ba.Mannoroth.Con’s hand pounded Sherlock continuously. The brilliance from the magical contact almost engulfed Sherlock.

“Ah—!” Sherlock howled in agony as he knelt on one knee and supported himself with a hand on the ground. He looked extremely vulnerable, and he shouted to the gamers, “Help me! Citizens of the Eternal Kingdom, stop him! Stop Ba.Mannoroth.Con!”

The gamers realized that they were able to move. It wasn’t known who shouted, “For Sherlie! For Eternal Kingdom!”

However, the other gamers began shouting as well.

“For Noko!”

“For the equipment!”

“For the world!”

“For Azeroth!”

“For Madoka Kaname!”


“D*mn! It’s only a plot BOSS, could you stop yelling? There’s no loot for fighting a plot BOSS! Haven’t you played online games before?”

The gamers screamed at the top of their lungs as they charged at Ba.Mannoroth.Con.

Ba.Mannoroth.Con was dumbstruck and backed up. He had lots of experience, but he hadn’t seen a bunch of fearless Goblins charging at him.

He composed himself and shouted, “Pathetic Goblins, do you think you can stop me? I came from the Void, I am—Ba.Mannoroth.Con!

Once the word Con was uttered, a gust of magical wind blew from Ba.Mannoroth.Con’s body and made them fall all over the place.

The gamers steadied themselves and charged nosily at Ba.Mannoroth.Con. The one hundred Goblins were armed with Short Swords as they charged wildly.

Though Ba.Mannoroth.Con was tall, he wasn’t as tall as Sherlock. The gamers were at the height of his thigh, which created a serious problem. The gamers who were on the outer rim were unable to slash at Ba.Mannoroth.Con.

If Ba.Mannoroth.Con was tens of meters tall and tens of meters wide, then the gamers would be able to form a circle and slash at him. However, only six to seven gamers were able to surround him. The second ring of gamers had to stab at his knees or thighs through the first ring.

The third ring of gamers could only stab at the first ring of gamers through the second ring of gamers.

Each stab drew fresh blood all over the place, and the gamers wailed.

“Sh*t! Who are you stabbing? Could you look where you’re stabbing?”

“You’ve stabbed your allies! D*mn it!”

“Stop stabbing! The BOSS didn’t attack us. We’ve killed a few of our allies!”

“D*mn! Did you stab me?”

“Could you attack the BOSS? Why did you attack your own people?”

“He stabbed me first!”

“Idiot, didn’t we vow to be united?”

“Why are you bickering? If you continue bickering, I’ll hang all of you on the tallest tree on top of the Yellow Mountain!”

“Those who killed allies should die first!”

“Yes, why are you creating trouble out of nothing?”

“Yes? KKP.”

“This is hilarious! What the heck! I’m not fighting anymore! D*mn, hahaha! It’s so hilarious that I can’t hold my sword properly. Hahaha!”

Before Ba.Mannoroth.Con, tens of Goblins were in chaos. A few Goblins were stabbed to death. A gamer at the back laid on the ground and laughed while tossing around. A few Goblins at the front threw their swords away and wrestled with each other… Every Goblin was shouting and screaming. Ba.Mannoroth.Con’s ears were filled with incessant noise.

Ba.Mannoroth.Con felt someone cutting his toe. He lowered his head and saw a Goblin whose head showed the strange words BurningChestHair. The Goblin was holding a broken dagger as he sprawled on the ground with one hand acting as a support. He was trimming Ba.Mannoroth.Con’s toenails.

Another Goblin stepped on BurningChestHair’s back in the chaos, but he didn’t move at all. He was focused on trimming Ba.Mannoroth.Con’s toenails. As he trimmed, he shouted, “Horizontal slash, berserker strike, horizontal slash, berserker strike…”

Ba.Mannoroth.Con stood dumbfounded while lifting his hand to create the magical beam that shot at Sherlock’s body. Though the gamers slashed at him, there was no damage. The gamers couldn’t even damage his cloak that was protected by magical defenses.

The gamers slashed for a period of time while Sherlock encouraged them.

A minute later, Ba.Mannoroth.Con conjured a magical wind that blew away the gamers surrounding him. Sherlock exerted his dominance, and the gamers were unable to move or speak.

To the gamers, they had entered another Plot Animation.

“Thank you for your help, citizens of the Eternal Kingdom. My power… has come back!”

Sherlock stood up as his black Mana expanded and dispersed Ba.Mannoroth.Con’s dark beam.

Ba.Mannoroth.Con backed up and shouted, “No! This is impossible!”

“Ba.Mannoroth.Con, you won’t be successful!” Sherlock walked towards Ba.Mannoroth.Con and said, “The citizens of Eternal Kingdom will stop you!”

Sherlock jumped high up and transformed into a black magical block that smashed on Ba.Mannoroth.Con. There were bright lights and loud banging sounds.

Under Sherlock’s magical attack, the ground formed a pit.

When everything was quiet, the thick Mana became small particles that floated in the air like black snowflakes that scattered down.

Ba.Mannoroth.Con stood beside the pit and was unharmed. He trembled, and he said in a trembling voice, “Sherlock… I’ll be back. Nobody could stop us. You can’t stop us…”

His body became blurred, and he vanished.

The Skeleton Soldiers behind him fled back into the Spiders’ Lair.

When the ruckus ended, Sherlock revived the gamers’ corpses and said exhausted, “Thank you, citizens of the Eternal Kingdom. No, you’re all heroes. Without your support, I won’t be able to stop Ba.Mannoroth.Con.”

Sherlock walked out of the pit and said, “I know you have a lot of questions, but I need to rest. Once I’ve recovered, find me in Eternal Kingdom. I’ll tell you the details.”

After speaking, Sherlock stood up and walked towards Eternal Kingdom. His body became blurred before he vanished.

“Gosh! What is this?”

“I suppose it’s the new Main Plot.”

“Let’s return to Eternal Kingdom. The plot’s too exciting!”

“I’m going to make a post on the forum. It’s a good chance to gain experience points!”

The gamers left the Spiders’ Lair entrance and walked in the direction of the Eternal Kingdom.

Sherlock made himself invisible as he and Bacon watched the gamers leave. Sherlock said to Professor Bacon, “It was hard on you, Professor Bacon. Here, this is another Winterfell gathering place for pretty and poor female students. The address is on this piece of paper.”

Sherlock handed Bacon a piece of paper.

“Aiya, Lord Sherlock, you are extremely responsible towards the poor female students. Don’t worry, I’ll help these poor female students.”

Bacon wiped his invisible tears and kept the piece of paper.