Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 567 - The Nobles’ Game of Marriage Connections

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Chapter 567: The Nobles’ Game of Marriage Connections

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Sherlock didn’t fight with Mammon’s Hades Devil army directly. He wasn’t in a hurry. The gamers had besieged the farm, but they didn’t charge in. If the Devils wanted to hold their defenses, the gamers had no way to enter the farm. Moreover, Sherlock hadn’t deployed his killer weapons, such as the Airship with Magic Cannons and the Gundam.

Sherlock contacted the Labor Union and the Merchant Alliance.

He could reap the maximum benefits.

Dealing with these bureaucratic channels meant that he had to spend more time, but it wasn’t a problem for Sherlock. When the gamers were fighting at the frontline, every death was recorded, and there was video evidence. Sherlock didn’t feel that it was troublesome.

Every death would be compensated with Magic Stones.

The gamers of Eternal Kingdom wouldn’t sacrifice themselves for nothing. If the Hades Devils were to damage Venice, it would be a considerable loss to the Merchant Alliance.

Mammon wanted to win badly. Even if he antagonized the Merchant Alliance, he would still attack Eternal Kingdom and retrieve the Dungeon Core from Sherlock.

Even if the Merchant Alliance and the Labor Union were both pressuring Mammon, he had no intention to yield.

It was just a matter of time.

Mammon wasn’t Michelangelo. He was unable to rule the Underworld like Michelangelo.

It was a tricky situation to deal with the Level 4 Dungeon Core that was retrieved by Sherlock.

“Lord Sherlock, if the Underworld learns that you stole the Ancient Gods’ Dungeon Core from Mammon, I can guarantee that the Merchant Alliance and the Labor Union won’t cooperate with you, meow,” Polio said as he squatted in front of Sherlock and gazed at the shimmering Dungeon Core.

“Lord Sherlock, what the kitten has said makes sense,” Phoenix said in agreement.

“I understand what you’re saying, but this Dungeon Core is very useful to me.”

Sherlock stroked his chin and looked at his Dungeon’s Dungeon Core, Bru.

“What will happen if I let you assimilate this Dungeon Core?”

“Lord Sherlock, stop joking. Do you really want to do that? Will I become an Ancient God? That’s my guess.”

Bru said excitedly, “Lord Sherlock, you’re finally enlightened. There’s no future in playing games with the Underworld creatures. You have the world’s most fearless warriors and a brave and intelligent assistant. There’s no reason not to be the second Michelangelo!”

Sherlock nodded to show his understanding.

“We have to handle this matter with care,” Sherlock muttered to himself.

At Victoria City.

“What is Sherlock doing? I heard that Mammon is battling Eternal Kingdom. What makes Mammon so daring?” Miss Lilo asked the three Hamsters as she sat on her throne and gazed at them.

“Maybe Lord Sherlock has done something crazy?”

“Shall we get in touch with Lord Mammon?”

“Is it mealtime yet?”

Big Boss Hamster slapped Fat Otaku on the back of the head and said sternly, “Small Bro, haven’t I told you before? Don’t mention eating before Miss Lilo. Otherwise, she’ll become hungry.”

“But I’m hungry…”

“What the heck…”

When the two Hamsters were about to bicker, Miss Lilo hammered the table and said, “It’s not the time to bicker. It’s dangerous for Sherlock. His enemy isn’t a small fry, it’s Devil King Mammon!”

“Lord Sherlock has told us not to be rash. He doesn’t want us to look for Lord Mammon,” Second Boss said after some hesitation.

However, Lilo slammed the table and shouted, “Don’t call him a Lord!”

“Lord Sherlock or Lord Mammon?” Second Boss was taken aback and thus asked Big Boss softly.

“It’s Mammon, of course. He’s our enemy and a hindrance to our master!”

Big Boss Hamster had a sharp analytical mind.

“What is Sherlock going to do?” Lilo was angry, but she calmed down and asked the three Hamsters, who shook their heads. They didn’t know Sherlock’s intention.

“But Lady, I feel we should be more concerned about the Humans who just joined us. They are doing a lot of unnecessary things,” Big Boss said with concern.

Lilo frowned and asked, “What happened?”

“They are helping the villagers construct houses and roads every day so that their territories can accommodate more Human residents. They even fought with each other. There were many fights that occurred at the boundary of Victoria Forest, and casualties were sustained. But that’s not the important point.”

Big Boss inhaled deeply and said, “They started to secure marriage connections with the surrounding nobles!”

“Marriage connections?” Lilo asked bewilderedly.

Big Boss nodded and said, “Yes, marriage connections. The gamers of Victoria City capitalized on their handsome appearances to seduce the Nobles’ daughters. Of course, they claim that they are handsome.”

“The important point is, after marrying the daughters, they try to assassinate the successors to the Nobles’ clans until their wives become the last rightful successor.”

“Isn’t this good? This is an effective way to usurp territories!” Second Boss said excitedly as he raised his brow. He was proud that these Victorians could actually think of such a scheme.

“It’s good if we aren’t affected. However, they will make use of the name of Victoria City for their schemes. Their actions have caused the deterioration of our relations with the surrounding Nobles,” Big Boss said with concern.