Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 566 - Protest of the Labor Union

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Chapter 566: Protest of the Labor Union

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General Chocolate didn’t know that when he walked out of the construction site with his weapon, he had become a small BOSS in the eyes of the gamers. They received an in-game notification that said:

[Monster Name: Commander of the Vanguard Devil unit]

Monster Introduction: A Devil that lives in Hades. He is different from the Underworld Devils. He is a Devil who has undergone rigorous training and is far superior to the Underworld Devils.

Level: 10–20

Possible loot: The pieces of equipment that he’s using.

Notes: The commander is very powerful. Don’t fight the commander in a duel.

The gamers were excited when they saw the system notice.

It was the first time most of the Open Beta Gamers would be meeting a world BOSS!

The Instance Dungeon also had BOSSES, but they could be defeated by a five-member group. Even the Troops Training Grounds at Specter College had an upper limit of 15 gamers.

The gamers of the Second and Third Beta had posted information about previous battles against world BOSSES in the discussion forum. The Open Beta Testing had just commenced, and most of the gamers were Goblins. Yet, they had the chance to meet a world BOSS!

“Dungeon” was famous for its high degree of freedom. The gamers could invent and create items at will.

Even Goblins could have a powerful impact inside the game!

The gamers weren’t lacking in talents or various skills. Nobody should make the mistake of thinking that the gamers were pure Otakus.

Some gamers were highly-skilled Otakus!

Making Bows and Slingshots were just elementary skills.

What the big Guilds required were the awesome gamers who could construct large siege weapons, such as a Catapult!

“Dungeon” was a highly social game that was almost like a real world.

Lone gamers didn’t fare better than those who were community-based, except for lone rangers who wanted to go for a masochistic playing style. Lone rangers faced extreme difficulties in the game, but they enjoyed the challenges.

The power of a lone gamer could never be greater than a group. The only exception was the rich gamer, Arthur.

Even a lowly Goblin operating a war machine was more powerful than a hundred Orcs combined.

Every large Guild came up with their best plans to occupy the farm. They had to do their best to obtain the Guild Territory.

They used newly constructed Catapults, Ballistas, and countless self-detonating Goblins. Everyone wanted to be the first one to charge into the farm and defeat the Hades Devils so that they could obtain the large farm as a reward.

This was the first free Guild Territory of the Underworld. If they lost this opportunity to obtain territory, who knew when they could earn enough Magic Stones to buy one!

General Chocolate didn’t know that the Goblins were in a battle-crazed state. He only wanted to end this comedic fiasco.

He wanted the sieging Goblins to pay with their blood!

When General Chocolate walked out of the farm, he was bombarded by countless war machines.

He was attacked by many huge rocks and large arrows.

At his feet were howling Goblins, who were only as tall as the base of his thighs.

They were strapped to strange bombs that exploded continuously between his legs.

It would be tolerable if they were normal explosions, but they occurred near his sensitive area.

General Chocolate was frustrated. Though the explosions were unable to do physical harm to him, the itch was unbearable!

General Chocolate braced himself against the various attacks and swung his weapon to kill the pests before him. He didn’t care if there were some occasional Orcs.

The situation was strange. Groups of Goblins charged continuously while they were massacred by the Hades Devils. The Hades Devils wanted to overrun Eternal Kingdom but were hindered by the endless waves of Goblins.

The images of the massacre of the Goblins attracted the attention and sympathy of the Merchant Alliance and other Dungeons.

The most important point was that the management of the Goblins Labor Union was deeply concerned.

“Take a look. This is the battle that took place outside Venice. Devil King Mammon of Hades is massacring the Goblins. We don’t know why the Goblins are fighting in a battle that they shouldn’t be involved in, but the Hades Devils have no intention of showing any mercy,” Sherlock said to the representative of the Merchant Alliance, the Orc and Gnome management, and the important complainants of the Goblin management.

“Lord Sherlock, are you saying that you didn’t send these Goblins to their deaths?” a Goblin asked as he adjusted his spectacles.

“Of course not, my friend. You may ask around in my Dungeon. There are many Goblins who will tell you the truth. I ordered them to avoid danger, but they wanted to protect Eternal Kingdom. They weren’t afraid of fighting and dying,” Sherlock said as a matter of fact.

A Gnome asked, “Lord Sherlock, according to Lord Mammon’s complaint, you stole property from his territory. Is that true? He sent his Hades Devils to attack you because of this reason.”

“I believe that the Devil Management Committee will make a judgment. I have submitted a detailed report to the Devil Management Committee, so you don’t have to worry about this point. I’m doing all of this to safeguard the peace of the Underworld!” Sherlock replied righteously.

The crowd nodded in agreement with Sherlock. Then an Orc said, “Lord Sherlock, the Merchant Alliance sympathizes with your predicament. We have protested to Lord Mammon. Whatever the reasons, the large scale invasion outside Venice has caused the residents to panic. We will also compensate you for protecting the interests of the Merchant Alliance. We hope that you can hold off the Hades Devils’ attack.”

“Of course, but we require some material compensation to be sent to my Dungeon. The Hades Devils are formidable enemies.”

Sherlock said indignantly, “The evidence will prove that Mammon’s behavior is abhorrent. I, Sherlock, as well as the citizens of Eternal Kingdom, will have our deserved compensation for our sacrifices!”