Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 565 - General Chocolate

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Chapter 565: General Chocolate

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Chocolate was a Devil from Hades.

His rank wasn’t as high as a superior Devil, but Chocolate felt that his capability was on par with other superior Devils.

However, there was a rank system in Hades, so he didn’t receive the treatment he deserved.

As a powerful Devil commander, he could only lead a small vanguard unit and fight at the frontline.

His Devil unit was more than sufficient to deal with these common Underworld creatures, so he was indignant.

With his capability, he could lead an army instead of just a vanguard unit.

The superior Devils in Mammon’s army looked down on him.

When he returned, he was going to teach those generals a lesson.

He thought that Eternal Kingdom would cut off the Mana source of the Teleport Portal outside the construction site, but it didn’t happen. Instead, the Teleport Portal was well maintained, and an endless stream of Goblins came out from it.

That was correct, they were Goblins.

Eternal Kingdom was a Dungeon that had mostly Goblins as its mainstay.

What? Was Chocolate leading his troops to fight against those lowly Goblins?

Chocolate felt furious when he got to know that his enemies were the Goblins.

He ordered his subordinates, “I’ll give you an hour to shred these Goblins to pieces! I want you to overrun Eternal Kingdom by tomorrow morning and retrieve Lord Mammon’s treasure.”

It had been an hour since General Chocolate gave his order.

“General Chocolate, one of our Devils was wounded!”

What? It had been more than an hour, but the Goblins weren’t defeated. Instead, one of the Devils was injured?

General Chocolate couldn’t understand. Even if a Devil were to stand and let the Goblins attack him, he wouldn’t be wounded. Perhaps the Goblins were armed by Magic Cannons?

With the low intellect of Goblins, could they operate the complex Magic Cannons? Would they have the Mana to fire the shots?

General Chocolate was infuriated.

He stood up, wanting to execute the injured Devil to serve as a warning to his subordinates. He couldn’t tolerate his troops being injured by Goblins.

It wasn’t difficult to find the injured Devil, as he was removed from the frontline and treated at a special location in the construction site.

He was shocked when he saw the fatally wounded Devil. The wounds were grotesque…

They were caused by the Power of Sacred Light.

By the grace of Satan, how did the Goblins of Eternal Kingdom have the Power of Sacred Light? Who had used the Sacred Light to injure his subordinate?

Chocolate couldn’t figure it out, but he didn’t care if Eternal Kingdom had Grand Priests who wielded Sacred Light. He wanted to overrun Eternal Kingdom and capture the audacious Sherlock, who killed Mammon’s assistant. Then he would interrogate Sherlock properly.

General Chocolate didn’t know why the superior Devil, Sherlock, wanted to go against Mammon when he had a high social status.

Anyway, Sherlock was going to be dead.

“I’ll give you three hours to take over the Teleport Portal before using it to overrun Eternal Kingdom. I want to see a kneeling Sherlock before me by tomorrow morning.”

His subordinates coordinated another round of attack.

General Chocolate only had 1,000 Devil warriors, and they were more than sufficient to overrun a small Dungeon like Eternal Kingdom.

Especially when Eternal Kingdom consisted mainly of Goblins. Three hours later…

“General, we… we are being besieged by the Goblins.”

“What? Besieged?”

General Chocolate stood up. Could Eternal Kingdom have a powerful army? Like a Werewolf army or a Vampire army?

General Chocolate went to the boundary of the construction site and climbed on top of some tall scaffolding before surveying the battle.

Black masses of densely packed Goblins surrounded the boundary of the construction site. If not for the barriers and fortified walls protecting the construction site, the Goblins would have charged in. The Goblins were now gathering at the opening in the wall that was created by Mana explosions.

His Devil Warriors braced themselves with Great Shields at the opening, which was being bombarded by explosions. Rocks were flung from catapults from a distance. The enemy didn’t consider whether the explosions and rocks would injure the Goblins or not. The projectiles were blindly thrown.

The large siege weapons were deployed at a nearby location.

“Why haven’t we formed a unit to destroy the siege equipment?”

General Chocolate was very displeased, so he grabbed a nearby adjutant and questioned him fiercely.

He didn’t believe that the Goblins could defeat his Devil warriors. However, the siege weapons had prevented his warriors from taking over the Teleport Portal.

The indignant adjutant said to General Chocolate, “General, we deployed an assault group, but the endless stream of Goblins manifested like fleas. We’re outnumbered and can’t kill all of them.”

“When we were in battle, the siege weapons pummeled both friendlies and enemies. The attacked Goblins didn’t have any intention to retreat. They charged as though they were suicidal.”

The Goblins were unable to harm the Devils, but the siege weapons were different. The rocks flung by the catapults were devastating. However, the explosions were more terrifying. Nobody knew if the Goblins were strapped with those strange bombs.

General Chocolate frowned and unsheathed the great weapon from his waist.

He was going to lead the fight personally.